Top 9 Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

Welcome to the world of feeding and nurturing your priceless infant. Making sure your child has the best start in life, starting with nutrition, is of utmost importance. Given the abundance of alternatives available, we recognize that choosing the ideal milk powder for your child can be a challenging undertaking. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a detailed guide to Singapore’s top milk powders for newborns.

Every parent wants to give their baby the best, and choosing the proper milk powder is essential to achieving this goal. We are aware of the significance of this choice, given that a baby’s first few months are so important for their growth and development. As a result, we carefully investigated and assembled a list of milk powders that adhere to the greatest criteria of nutrition, safety, and quality.

We will walk you through the best options in Singapore in this guide, taking into account things like nutritional value, ingredients, compatibility for people with sensitive stomachs, and adherence to stringent health laws. We are aware that each infant is different and that they may have different dietary requirements. Our objective is to arm you with the knowledge you need to make a choice that is in line with the needs of your infant.

Our list includes a variety of milk powders to accommodate various preferences and needs, from globally recognized brands to locally dependable solutions. We are aware that you and we both place the highest priority on the health and welfare of your infant. To provide you with options that have been praised by both parents and professionals, we have dug extensively into the field of newborn nutrition.

Navigating the world of milk powders for infants shouldn’t be difficult; rather, it should be a rewarding step towards guaranteeing the well-being and health of your child. Join us as we investigate the top milk powders for babies in Singapore, where quality meets caring and your transition into motherhood is supported with the highest commitment to your child’s nutritional needs.

Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

In order to maintain their kids’ healthy growth, preterm newborns would require all the extra nutrients they can receive. Enfamil developed this A+ Stage 1 Post-discharge Infant Formula as a result, and it includes a greater concentration of a particular nutrient that is ideal for preterm newborns.

The supplement contains additional calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Calcium encourages healthy bone formation while protein provides strong tissue muscles. Vitamin D aids in greater food absorption to reduce the chance of inadequacies in bone formation.

This delicate yet thorough formula, specially designed for preterm newborns migrating from the hospital to their new homes, provides parents peace of mind in preserving the healthy growth and development of their tiny ones. The formula assures that your newborn’s eye, brain, and bone development will expand healthily along with that of other babies by including essential nutrients like DHA and ARA.

Parents who frequently use this formula have observed that the formula is not thick and is easily absorbed by their newborns. They also remarked that their children had gained weight in a healthy manner.


  • Easy to digest
  • Easy to dissolve
  • Observed to have helped with healthy weight gain
Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

Concerned about your baby’s stomach having too much acid? Make Similac’s Total Comfort Stage 1 your go-to option for minimizing your baby’s reflux. When required, hospital nurses have been observed using this formula to feed neonates. The formula’s wealth of nutrients, which are crucial for nourishing a healthy, developing infant, is the key to its success.

To begin with, this formula can help a baby’s stomach stop acid reflux. Being lactose-free and made with prebiotics (FOS), the recipe is simple to digest. This yields a mixture that will promote the development of healthy beneficial bacteria to keep your baby’s digestive tract in excellent shape.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lactose-free
  • EyeQ Plus ensures rapid, healthy growth for the eyes
Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

This formula is for infants who are born early or who have infrequent feedings because they are fussy. In this context, encouraging weight gain in infants is crucial, making Kendamil Stage 1 First Infant Milk a favorite among parents for this problem. The formula makes sure that no fish oils, palm oil, or genetically modified organisms are used to feed your baby and help them acquire a few kilograms safely.

The key ingredient in the formula is full cream milk from grass-fed cows, which provides more calories to sustain newborns who are underweight. In addition, it contains prebiotics, Omega-6 ARA for a baby’s brain, neurological, and ocular development, and DHA (Omega-3 LCPs), which originates from botanical plants instead. You can be confident that your baby is receiving the ideal vegetarian formula for their healthy growth as a result.

Parents testified to the fact that even fussy babies did not object to this rich, flavorful formula. They typically suggest this as a replacement for formulas that give babies gas.


  • Great smell
  • Organic
  • No palm oil
  • Vegetarian-friendly
Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

Organic milk is milk from cows who are allowed to roam freely and consume only organic food. In actuality, studies didn’t find much evidence to back up the claim that feeding your infant organic milk is better for them. For individuals who care about the environment, they are unquestionably a superior option.

According to certain studies, organic milk frequently includes higher omega-3 fatty acids, which may aid in the baby’s development of coordination abilities. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids have been demonstrated to lessen the consequences of inflammation.

Kendamil Organic Stage 1 is a British-made formula with 100% organic whole milk that is appropriate for infants up to 6 months old. Parents may provide their infants with the natural benefits of full cream nourishment by using Kendamil Organic. This premium first infant milk is free of palm oil and is stocked with all the nutrients a baby needs to be healthy.

Many parents have gushed over how well-liked the formula is by fussy, underweight, and colicky newborns alike. They discover that their infants are developing into a healthy weight.


  • Made of whole milk
  • No palm oil
  • Best for combination feeding
Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

Most medical professionals would advise using a hydrolyzed formula because they are both hypoallergenic and considerably simpler to stomach. And all of that may be found in the formula that many doctors, even those in the area, advise as being appropriate as a replacement for infants.

Almost everything you require to provide your infant with the proper nutrients is included in the formula. It really consists of a protein blend that has been optimized, called OPTIPRO H.A, in which the protein has been partly hydrolyzed and broken down into smaller, more readily digestible bits. This mixture also contains high-quality 100% whey protein, making it suitable for newborns who may be lactose intolerant.

DHA and ARA, two additional nutrients in the formula, serve as important substitutes for breast milk and support the development of the immune system and other bodily systems. Probiotics are another ingredient in the formula that is crucial for helping your child develop a healthy digestive tract. For optimal blood cell development and formation, the recipe has been reinforced with iron and zinc.


  • Recommended by pediatricians
  • Safe for babies with (sensitive) skin rashes
  • Most soluble
Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

Is your infant crying excessively? It’s possible that your infant is feeling sick to their stomach. Or, if they cry excessively (more than three hours per day), infants could have colic, which can result in uncomfortable symptoms like wind or intestinal blockage.

The formula, which is appropriate for newborns between 0 and 12 months old, is made to gently relieve colicky infants’ abdominal pain. You shouldn’t be concerned that the milk won’t fulfill the baby’s needs because it still has the recommended 17 mg DHA and 34 mg ARA per 100 kcal.

Pediatricians have suggested this formula, and parents can attest to its gentleness. One customer even claimed that the formula contains less oil than others and that it helped their baby eat more easily.


  • Less oil than other formulas
  • Better pricing compared to competitors
  • Recommended by doctors
Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

Unsurprisingly, Enfamil is a well-known manufacturer of infant milk powders. The Enfamil A+ Stage 1 Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder is one of its range of precisely crafted formulas, and it is suitable for the majority of newborn newborns. Additionally, it applies to children from the moment of birth until a year later, not only those who are a few months old.

Vital building blocks DHA (17 mg2) and ARA (34 mg) are added to the formula for every 100 calories; the former supports your baby’s brain development while ARA is for the eyes. The formula also includes a special mixture of polydextrose (PDX) and prebiotic GOS to support a healthy digestive tract in your baby.


  • Easy to dissolve – lessen the need to swirl
  • Easy to digest
  • Overall, good results
Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

Rarely are babies lactose intolerant from birth. However, a newborn with a lactose allergy typically has trouble digesting cow’s milk, which is the primary ingredient in most formulas. Additionally, it’s possible that your infant is just breathing in too much air while being fed or while screaming. As a result, take careful to get your child examined. Read on if they have a lactose intolerance diagnosis from a doctor.

Wyeth Nutrition S-26 GOLD NurSoy Stage 1 is formulated with high-quality soy protein isolate to support and calm your baby’s digestive tract. It is completely healthy for a vegetarian diet or as a component of a weaning diet because it doesn’t include substances like animal fats, sugar, or lactose.

This recipe was developed in Ireland and supplemented with nutrients to support your child’s natural defenses and growth while reducing bowel irregularities. Lutein for the eyes, Choline for brain function, Taurine for both mental and physical development, and Calcium for strong bones and teeth are all included in the formula, which also takes into account your baby’s growth.


  • Trusted-brand for generations
  • Concentrated formula – can last long
  • Helps with weight gain
Best Milk Powders for Newborns in Singapore

One of the possible causes of your baby’s gassiness is that you are shaking or spinning the bottled formula excessively in an attempt to dissolve the contents. As a result, you should really change the formula your kid is using to one that is more soluble or that has digestive advantages.

For infants who experience stomach gas discomfort, Frisolac Gold Stage 1 Infant Formula has been carefully developed. In addition to having minerals that can benefit your baby’s digestive system, it is also simple to dissolve, according to reviews from a number of parents.

The prebiotic (GOS), Selenium, Taurine, Choline, DHA, and AA ingredients included in this formula will aid in the growth of your newborn’s general development in addition to stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria like the Bifidus bacteria. Additionally, the formula is created using cutting-edge process technology called LockNutriTM, which maintains the protein structure of milk and prevents milk nutrients from overheating. As a result, your baby will benefit from the advantages of whole milk and find it simpler to digest.


  • Good results in general
  • Helps baby to gain weight
  • Promotes growth of good bacteria

Making the best decision for your baby is crucial when it comes to newborn feeding. Our investigation into the top milk powders for babies in Singapore has revealed a choice that satisfies the highest requirements for care and quality. Each choice, from well-known brands to specialist formulas, offers a particular set of advantages catered to your baby’s needs.

You may rest easy knowing that these milk powders have been carefully chosen to provide your baby with the nutrition they need as you start this amazing parenting adventure. Our advice is centered on the health and well-being of your baby, and we believe that any path you take will help your child have a healthy and happy start in life.

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