Top 5 Best Baby Gates in Singapore

When your infant begins to crawl and move around the house, being a parent can be both an exhilarating and apprehensive experience. However, most parents experience anxiety attacks when their children are allowed to explore the house. Safety can be a major issue for protective parents who want to limit any harm their child may experience because there are hot appliances and electrical plug points all over the place.

Baby safety gates come to the rescue in this situation! Below is a list of the best baby gates, including pressure mounted and hardware options. So, super parents, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Best Baby Gates in Singapore

Particularly if your youngster enjoys outside playdates, the Cardinal Gates set is excellent for outdoor use. Its aluminum composition makes it durable, and its powder-coated finish eliminates your worries about rust and water. It may be fitted in veranda railings or banisters.


  • Gate width is adjustable from 27″ to 42 ½”
  • Completely weatherproof – Perfect for outdoors
  • Bar Spacing 2 ½”
  • Hardware mounted for maximum strength
  • Includes all necessary hardware
Best Baby Gates in Singapore

Although it may appear frail, this baby gate is one of the best in Singapore. This odd gate does not swing open and shut like conventional gates, nor does it have a door. However, keep in mind that it is more of a separator than a gate and should not be used in situations with a wide spread. It is sturdy, trustworthy, and easy to install without the use of any equipment.


  • Completely Assembled for Immediate Use. No Tools Required
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • This Baby Gate is 27″ Tall, Expands From 38″ to 60″ Wide
  • Gate is Constructed of Metal and Cloth
Best Baby Gates in Singapore

This gate is great for travel because it is portable, lightweight, swings both ways, and locks automatically when the handle is released. Additionally, it complies with all safety requirements and includes every part required for installation. Since you can open the Bonbijou Auto-Close Safety Gate with one hand while holding your child or anything else you’re carrying, it’s a great baby gate for doors that you pass through regularly. There are three more extensions: 6 cm, 12 cm, and 18 cm.


  • Complies with Standard EN 1930:2011
  • Designed for children aged 24 months and under 
  • For openings of width (minimum-maximum): 73-79cm 
  • This safety gate is designed to be installed in openings such as door frames, the top and bottom of stairs. 
Best Baby Gates in Singapore

This portable baby gate has its own closing mechanism, so your curious child won’t ever leave it open. The two-way locking buttons are lighted at night, so if you switch on the bright room lights, the child won’t be awakened. You may put it wherever since it works for both stairwells and doors!


  • Double action Locking Buttons unique feature; they glow in the dark
  • Suitable for both Stairs and doorways with a width between 75cm to 82cm
  • Extensions are available
  • Can be fitted without tools
Best Baby Gates in Singapore

The baby gates sold by Munchkin are among the best in Singapore. They can be swiftly put up and opened while being held up in one arm by a toddler. This baby gate has six width options and swings in both directions. If the 35″ width is insufficient, this baby gate also comes with add-on extensions that can be bought on Amazon.


  • Measures: 29.5″ to 51.6″ Wide and 36″ Tall
  • Fits up to 54″ Wide with added extensions
  • Suitable for children 6 to 24 Months
  • 1 year limited warranty

And with that, our ranking of Singapore’s top baby gates comes to an end. We hope this list was useful to you in your hunting for a baby gate!

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