Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 – September 29

The Mid-Autumn Festival 2023, sometimes referred to as the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival, is a customary Chinese holiday. Similar holidays are observed in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and other East and Southeast Asian nations.

Chinese-speaking residents of Singapore enjoy celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. Despite the fact that it is not a public holiday, malls decorate and sell seasonal foods throughout this time of year. This day is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival both here and abroad.

The Chinese lunar calendar’s eighth month’s fifteenth day, which falls on a full moon day, is when the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated. This always occurs in the middle of the fall, maybe in late September or early October.

The preferred cuisine for this festival is moon cakes. These cakes have a sweet bean paste, lotus seeds, or another filling within. The Festival’s early history was intricately entwined with making sacrifices to the moon deity in order to obtain a plentiful harvest. Even though most people nowadays do not worship the moon, the cake is nevertheless in the form of the moon for this reason.

Numerous families go to Singapore during the festival night to view the numerous Chinese lantern and other light shows. Children like the Mid-Autumn Festival because, in addition to enjoying delicious mooncakes, they may wander around town with their parents while holding the strings of floating, fully illuminated lanterns.

Lanterns were traditionally made of vibrant Chinese paper and lighted with wax candles. Today, however, you will also come across battery-lit, store-bought lanterns styled like well-known cartoon characters, as well as homemade lanterns constructed of cellophane bags and hanger wires.

DateFriday, September 29, 2023
Also CalledMoon Festival, Mooncake Festival

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