10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Singapore

Burritos and tacos are generally the first things that come to mind when someone mentions Mexican food (I know I do). However, Mexican cuisine is much more than that. Because of all the flavorful spices used in Mexican cuisine, each meal generally has an explosion of tastes. When I was going by a Mexican restaurant, the enticing aromas from within struck me like a ton of bricks! With Mexican food, it’s like having a party in your mouth.

Here are some Mexican eateries that you’ll definitely appreciate if you like rich tastes and full dishes:

PS. This list is in no particular order.


Papi’s Tacos

ServicesMexican Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6238 0701
Address39 Seah Street, #01-01 Singapore 188395

Papi’s Tacos, one of Singapore’s most popular neighbourhood taquerias, transports you to the heart of Lion City’s authentic, hassle-free Mexican cuisine. You’re in for a treat if you’re a fan of tacos as much as we are. Papi’s Tacos serves a variety of tacos, including carnitas, pescados, and even a vegan version. The portions are very generous, and the atmosphere is lively as if you were in Mexico. Of course, no taqueria would be complete without a selection of high-quality tequilas and cool margaritas to accompany the delectable tacos. You can have a much-needed drink on a Monday midday because the restaurant is open every day of the week. Their opinions are unrestricted.


Guzman Y Gomez

ServicesAuthentic Mexican Food: Burrito Bowls, Burritos, Tacos, Nachos, Quesadillas & Churros
Price RangeStarts from S$8 – S$14
Contact Details+65 6220 2707
AddressSingapore HQ – 24 Peck Seah St #06-01 S079314

At GYG, our passion is creating delicious food out of real ingredients. Up to 24-hour marinades, chip-tasting sessions and chillies really get us going! We don’t take shortcuts in our restaurants – we use fresh ingredients and authentic techniques. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. ¡Buen provecho! Our restaurants, like our menu items, channel Mexico’s urban streets. Bursts of colour from our Mexican tiles and street art contribute to a warm and energetic vibe, inviting you to settle in and savour every bite. Latin playlists keep the mood saucy.


El Mero Mero

ServicesContemporary Mexican Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 8289 7860
Address30 Victoria St, #01-19 Chijmes Singapore 187996

Mexican food does not end with tortilla-based meals, as much as they love tacos and nachos. They recommend El Mero Mero if you want a more refreshing take on Mexican cuisine. In most cases, they eat their Mexican food in a more relaxed setting, with live music and of course, a few cocktails on the side. The setting at El Mero Mero, on the other hand, is more sophisticated than typical, so expect a little more opulence in the meals. Don’t worry, the dishes are reasonably priced, so don’t hesitate to make a reservation as soon as possible!


Vatos Urban Tacos

ServicesKorean Mexican Food
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6385 6010
Address36 Beach Road, #01-03 South Beach Quarter Singapore 189766
281 Holland Avenue Singapore 278996

They’ve all heard of Tex-Mex cuisine, but Vatos Urban Tacos’ Ko-Mex cuisine is something they’ve never heard of before. This restaurant introduces novel yet tasty concoctions like kimchi carnitas fries, galbi tacos, and spicy chicken quesadillas by combining the best of Mexican food with Korean ingredients. Order a mug (or two) of Vatos Urban’s special ice-cold draft beer to beat the heat. Both cuisines are known for their spicy flavour profiles. Vatos Urban now has three locations in Singapore, and everything on their menu is extremely delicious.


Cafe Iguana

ServicesMexican Cuisine
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6884 6884
Address30 Merchant Road #01-03 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282

Cafe Iguana is the place to go if you want to eat delicious Mexican food with a stunning view of the Singapore River. Cafe Iguana, which opened in 2000, serves some of the best chilli con queso and nachos in town, but their chimichangas are our favourite. It’s also excellent since they provide a wide range of plant-based options, so you don’t have to eat meat to enjoy Mexican food. In addition, Cafe Iguana offers a wide range of Happy Hour cocktails to complement your meal. For example, try their premium tequila El Destilador. The choice is yours: on the rocks or in a cocktail of your choice.


Lucha Loco

ServicesMexican Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 3158 3677
Address15 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089598

Lucha Loco is the clear winner when it comes to ambience. This Mexican restaurant is essentially a bright and casual Mexican garden cocina with a bar, making it a great place to catch up with friends after a long time has passed. Don’t worry, you can go directly to the restaurant after taking a break from work because day drinking is very much accepted. Wait until it gets dark, though, because, with fairy lights draped all over the garden, the mood is even better at night.

The menu at Lucha Loco varies depending on the day and time of your visit, so make sure to check the menu before making a reservation. Otherwise, prepare to be taken aback. On Taco Tuesdays, Lucha Loco allows guests to create their own tacos using a homemade platter.

Finest Mexican Restaurant in Singapore


ServicesTex-Mex Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6471 3228
AddressBlk 11 Dempsey Hill Road Singapore 249673

There’s nothing we don’t like about Margarita’s in Dempsey Hill more than the pleasant atmosphere, delicious food, and kind employees. This restaurant also offers up some really outstanding margaritas, as you might assume from the name. Anything from a Mexican Bulldog to a traditional lime margarita! Not to mention the cocktails that have been particularly curated for you, as well as a variety of delicacies produced with unique ingredients that you can try.

Because Margarita’s has been around since 1988, it’s a well-known place for casual eaters looking for a quick fix of Mexican food. The restaurant also has a cosy feel to it, which is enhanced by the presence of live music on occasion. You can eat your lunch while watching the world go by on the outdoor terrace if you don’t have somebody to sit with.



ServicesMexican Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6293 3314
Address36 Dunlop St, Singapore 209364

It’s unsurprising to find a Mexican restaurant in the heart of Singapore’s Little India, but Chimichanga proves that it’s in a league of its own. The most appealing aspect of this restaurant is the fact that every dish on the menu is reasonably priced. When it comes to Mexican comfort cuisine, they have it all, from tacos to burritos to dessert churros. For less than $10, you can get freshly shucked oysters at Chimichanga, and the restaurant’s trademark margaritas are also cheaply priced. They frequently have drink deals on Wednesdays, so make sure you plan your ladies’ night out ahead of time!


Cha Cha Cha

ServicesMexican Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6462 1650
Address32 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277690

Cha Cha Cha is a Mexican restaurant in Singapore that has been around for 30 years and has a lot of experience. They’ve got all the delicious Mexican food you’d expect, as well as a few new twists on the classics. Dessert nachos, for example, are essentially deep-fried tortillas covered with chocolate and mango sauce at Cha Cha Cha. They have to admit that it is a very unique mix, but they all know that when it comes to flavours, Cha Cha Cha can make anything work. In case a single burrito roll isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger, they also provide burrito bowls.



ServicesMexican Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6223 1553
Address18 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088390

Alegria is a brand-new restaurant that focuses on Latin-inspired dishes on its menu. Not only Mexican flavors are used in tacos, but you’ll also find a delightful mix of international flavors in tacos like the Koreana (S$10), which is spiced up with kimchi and ssamjang aioli, as well as the Sisig (S$8), which uses the Filipino-style Pork classic.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Mexican Food?

Mexican cuisine is made up of the cuisines and customs of Mexico’s current country. Its origins may be traced back to Mesoamerican cuisine.

How would you describe Mexican food?

Authentic Mexican cuisine is lively, flavorful, fresh, and entertaining. A variety of chillies (fresh, dried, smoked, and pickled), oregano, coriander (known as cilantro in North America), cinnamon, and chocolate are among the herbs and spices that give Mexican cookery its particular bite.

What is Mexico’s famous food?

7 Delectable Foods to Try While in Mexico
Tacos al pastor (pork tacos). This famous taco recipe is nothing like the tacos you might have had elsewhere.
Chilaquiles. Breakfast is a major event in Mexico, and it’s generally the most important meal of the day.
Nogada de chiles This recipe is both patriotic and delicious.

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