The Finest Homemade Ice Cream in Singapore

Many Singaporeans find homemade ice cream to be a delicious delicacy. Homemade ice cream has a distinctive flavor and texture that distinguish it different from ice cream that is created in a factory using processed components. It is understandable why so many Singaporeans like creating ice cream at home.

You may make your own ice cream to suit your tastes, whether you want traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate or more unusual ones like green tea and durian. Making homemade ice cream has never been simpler thanks to Singapore’s access to premium ice cream machines and supplies.

Homemade ice cream is a terrific option whether you’re searching for an enjoyable family activity or just want to treat yourself to a tasty dessert. So instead of putting it off, why not give it a shot and discover the delight of creating and enjoying your own handmade ice cream in Singapore?

Best Homemade Ice Cream in Singapore


Tom’s Palette

The Finest Homemade Ice Cream in Singapore
Tom’s Palette – Homemade Ice Cream Singapore
ServicesHomemade Ice Cream
Operating HoursMondays to Thursdays: 12 PM to 9.30 PM
Fridays & Saturdays: 12 PM to 10 PM
Sundays: 1 PM to 7 PM
Contact Details+65 6977 9749
Address51 Middle Road #01-01 Singapore 188959

The place to go if you want your ice cream in wacky and unique flavors is here. They combine a wide variety of intriguing components to make wild, delectable flavors that are just awesome. Along with the standard flavors, unique and unconventional concoctions like mango sticky rice, green tea, durian, salted egg, tropical cocktail, and Luo Han really express Tom’s Palette’s creative spirit.

Every month, this shop introduces a new ice cream flavor. Innovation? It is the objective in this situation. No of the size of the cup, you may purchase ice cream from Tom’s Palette with two flavors in it. You won’t ever grow tired of eating a single flavor at a time if you do it this way.


  • Unique, exotic flavors with interesting ingredients
  • New flavor every month
  • More than one flavor in your cup
  • Learn the trade secrets
Customer Reviews

Nice little ice cream store nested in a corner of the middle road that serves chocolate sorbet! They also sell waffles, parfait, and gourmet coffee and tea. Lots of seats and ice cream flavors. Suggest you look at the price of 2 scoops before you order. – David Poon

Absolute, ABSOLUTE favorite place to come for good quality gelato with very unique flavors that are executed well. I don’t think I have tried anything bad so far! We can never ever stop at just 1 serving cause it’s just sooooooo good. – Priscilla

My favorite ice cream place. They always have great unique flavors all year round, although some of them are hit or miss. However, you can sample their flavors beforehand to find out what’s good. My favorite is their white chocolate nori, do try it! Other recommendations are their yuzu, hojicha, and Oreo cheesecake. – Calvin Tan



The Finest Homemade Ice Cream in Singapore
Creamier – Homemade Ice Cream Singapore
ServicesHomemade Ice Cream
Operating HoursWeekdays: 12–10 PM
Weekends: 12 PM–12 AM
AddressBlk 131 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #01-02 Singapore 310131

5A Lock Road Singapore 108927

78 Yong Siak St, #01-18 Singapore 163078

Blk 418 Northshore Drive, #01-04/05 Northshore Plaza II Singapore 820418

226 East Coast Road, Singapore 428923

One of Singapore’s oldest core estates is home to Creamier, an independent ice cream and coffee lifestyle café.

Our specialty is using our own recipes and distinctive manufacturing methods to make excellent ice creams and sorbets. Quality ingredients, a lot of labor, and profound respect for workmanship and excellence are all it takes to make good ice cream. At Creamier, this is the way we think.


  • Quiet location
Customer Reviews

Hands down the BEST WAFFLES in Singapore. I have been going to ice cream waffle shops in Singapore monthly for a couple of years and Creamier Toa Payoh is the only one that didn’t disappoint for both Waffles and Ice Cream. – JK

I’m sure that Creamier deserves all the praise it has been getting and all I can say is that you won’t be disappointed. The ice cream flavors are great and the waffles are fantastic. The only downside is that it can be really crowded so I highly recommend coming in during non-peak periods. – Dominic Chong

The ice cream, waffles, and coffee were all great. The coffee+choc ice cream was great. I would have loved to try the sorbet but was kinda full. Loved the atmosphere too. Perhaps I have a liking for ice cream and waffles, but this is a place I will come back to again! – Jon Lau



The Finest Homemade Ice Cream in Singapore
UDDERS – Homemade Ice Cream Singapore
ServicesHomemade Ice Cream
Operating HoursDaily: 12–11 PM
Contact Details+65 6662 9410
Address7 Buroh Lane, Commonwealth Capital Building #06-03/04, Singapore 618291

Udders Ice Cream was founded in 2007 by David and Peck Lin out of a little store on a whim and a dream. The goal was to develop alcohol flavors for those who drink alcohol and Asian flavors for Asians. In any case, Alcoholics (!) And to do it all with a lot of caustic humor. Who else would want to base their company name on, well, cow tits?

And so the journey started. In order to bring out the greatest natural (and alcoholic!) components in the ice creams, we had to develop mouthwatering, badass flavors that catered to Asian palates and were lower in sugar and cream.


  • A dazzling selection of liqueur ice creams
  • Late-night ice cream destinations
  • Voting for the potential flavors
  • A fun workshop with an ice cream buffet
Customer Reviews

Went here earlier. (Saturday around lunch). Nice decor. Love that they offer this big waffle cone. No dine-in customers earlier. Most customers that were there were having takeaways. We ordered awesome chocolate and cookies and cream. Both ice creams were great. They also offer local flavored ice cream like chendol. But what struck me more about the place was the decor. It’s quite funny. It was very creative. I’m curious about their other branches now. Found one near me. Might go there soon. – Jo G

Many awesome ice cream flavors. Superb waffles and the iced latte are excellent. Everything we’ve tried here thus far is delicious. Chill atmosphere — a great place for meeting friends and casual business talk. We like coming at off-hours due to less Covid risk. It can get quite busy. – Janice W

The pistachio is probably the best I’ve ever had and I just love the perfect blend of flavors in the orange chocolate bitter. Plus the texture is sublime – velvety smooth and rich like butter. Amazing stuff! – Wei Tan

The Finest Homemade Ice Cream in Singapore

Merely Ice Cream

The Finest Homemade Ice Cream in Singapore
Merely Ice Cream – Homemade Ice Cream Singapore
ServicesHomemade Ice Cream
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours
Address91 Bencoolen Street Bencoolen Street #01-13 Singapore, Singapore 189652

Merely Ice Cream is conveniently placed in Sunshine Plaza, a shopping mall in the city’s center, making it highly accessible to come and taste amazing ice creams. While many local ice cream shops have established themselves in the neighborhood, Merely Ice Cream is one of the more recent additions. The art students from the neighboring NAFA & Lasalle institutes enjoy hanging out there as well.

The creators like experimenting and always create new, intriguing flavors. The flavors change practically every day if you check their Facebook page. Every time you come here, you’ll be met with delicious, fresh flavors.


  • Ever changing flavors
  • French custard style ice-creams
Customer Reviews

Good price and value. Delicious ice cream and waffles. Definitely, a good place to go to. However, it does get a bit crowded after dinner. Good things worth waiting. – Retronala

They have some really cool flavors! Some lean really heavily into childhood nostalgia like the one they had with Hello Panda biscuits mixed in, which is very cute. The ice cream overall is really yummy and I used to stop here all the time when I studied in the area and I still do from time to time when I’m nearby. – Victoria Tham

Excellent ice cream! There were a lot of flavors never-before-seen at other establishments, such as the grape Yakult which we really enjoyed. Be prepared to wait especially if you are coming after dinner. Will definitely return again if we are ever in the area. – Audrey


The Daily Scoop

The Finest Homemade Ice Cream in Singapore
The Daily Scoop – Homemade Ice Cream Singapore
ServicesHomemade Ice Cream
Operating HoursMon – Thur:  11 AM – 10 PM
Fri & Sat: 11 AM – 1030 PM
Sunday: 2 PM – 10 PM
Contact Details+65 6475 3128
Address43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-78 Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278115

The establishment is famed for its aromatic waffles, which are warm and crispy on the exterior and soft and chewy on the inside. However, distinctive, intriguing ice cream flavors are what draw the greatest crowds. The waffles here are so amazing that you can eat them on their own. They are freshly pressed for that additional crunch.

The warm, crumbly brownies topped with chilly scoops of flavorful ice cream give this business an advantage over the waffles that are provided by many neighborhood ice cream shops. Sounds wonderful? It is, indeed. The Daily Scoop is a perfect choice for folks who wish to savor the mouthwatering, refreshing frozen sweets after their delectable meals because Chip Bee Gardens has some truly fantastic eating selections.


  • Delightfully great waffles
  • Amazingly good brownies to go with ice cream
  • Great dessert options in the vicinity
  • Sensitivity to customer’s needs
Customer Reviews

Still one of my favorite places for ice cream. Their waffles are good too. – Mark Ting

Never Fail to always serve up perfect waffles. Over 100 times here and still the same in terms of taste and quality. Had 2 waffles with ice cream and it was blissful. Price suited the serving portion. The waffles were properly cooked so what you are getting is a crisp exterior with a fluffy interior. – Danish Isa B Ahmad

Great ice cream flavors!! The nice quiet ambiance in a spacious store. Good service too, and we could park just outside the store which was perfect because of the heavy rain. We’re going there again for the hazelnut, lychee, and strawberry flavors. – Lynda Rose

Many Singaporeans consider handmade ice cream to be their favorite treat. It’s a creative and entertaining pastime that lets you personalize your ice cream to your tastes, and the end result is an irresistible dessert. Making homemade ice cream is now easier than ever because of Singapore’s access to high-quality ingredients and ice cream machines.

Homemade ice cream offers countless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment, from traditional tastes to distinctive and intriguing ones. So why not give it a shot and enrich your life with some handmade sweetness? Homemade ice cream is sure to make you smile, whether you’re enjoying it with loved ones or by yourself.

Do check out our list of Vegan Ice Cream and have time to try their delicious food.

Frequently Asked Question


What is the secret ingredient to ice cream?

When just egg yolks—and not entire eggs—are used, the ice cream is very creamy. The trick is in this!

Is it worth it to make your own ice cream?

The most crucial justification is this. Everything hinges on the flavor. Homemade ice cream is extremely tasty and genuinely tastes fresh since it doesn’t include artificial additives, phony thickeners, or artificial stabilizers to keep it “fresh” for weeks (or months!) in the grocery store freezer. It is real.

Which ice cream is halal?

Bulla Real Dairy Ice Cream is a premium ice cream that has a beautifully creamy taste and is created with fresh milk and cream. Now that it is prepared without artificial colors or flavors, halal-certified, and gluten-free, more people may enjoy this product.

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