5 Best Handmade Soaps In Singapore

You might wish to choose handmade soaps if you’re considering switching from commercial chemicals to more natural bathtime solutions. Fortunately, there are many local companies that promote an organic lifestyle; their products are both environmentally friendly and beneficial to your skin. To get you going, consider these:

How is handmade natural soap better for you and the Earth?

1. Made without synthetic materials or chemicals.

The majority of commercial soaps aren’t even real soaps. They are comparable to detergents and are frequently made with synthetic components. These substances, which irritate and dry out the skin, may include parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, triclosan, and phosphorous. Even some of these substances are linked by scientists to cancer and hormone disruption.

2. It’s not harmful to waterways

The majority of handcrafted soaps use biodegradable natural components. In the meanwhile, phosphorus and other synthetic compounds included in commercial soaps leach into rivers and lakes, harming fish and other aquatic life.

3. It moisturizes your hands better and longer with glycerin

Glycerin, a kind of lipid that occurs naturally in plants, organically moisturizes and keeps the skin calm. To extend the shelf life of their goods, many commercial soap manufacturers eliminate glycerin. It may be a detergent if the soap label states body washes or body bar.

4. It’s palm oil-free or only contains sustainably-harvested palm oil

Palm oil sourced from deforested regions is used by several commercial soap manufacturers.

5. It’s often vegan and not tested on animals

Many handcrafted soaps are suitable for vegans since they don’t include any dairy, honey, or animal fats. They are almost certainly cruelty-free since the tiny firms that produce them often don’t test on animals.

6. It comes from small businesses

Supporting neighbourhood shops that sell handcrafted soap helps the local economy. Commercial soap producers frequently manufacture their goods in facilities using machines rather than people.

7. Its packaging is often sustainable

While most commercial soaps come in single-use plastic bottles or glossy, heavily-printed cartons, you’ll typically encounter homemade soap packed without any plastics.

With our list of the 5 best handmade soaps in Singapore, this blog post will help you select which handmade soaps are best for you.

5 Best Handmade Soaps In Singapore
FeaturesHandcrafted soaps

Miya Chong, who thinks that soaps should be used to soothe and quiet the mind, body, and spirit, launched the Zen-inspired soap business in 2017. Its handmade soap bars include crystals and minerals in them that resemble real crystals and minerals.

5 Best Handmade Soaps In Singapore
FeaturesHandmade soap with naturally sourced ingredients
Price$ 10.00

Alletsoap is a handmade soap produced with shea butter, vitamin E, coconut and palm oils, and aromatic oils. The soaps have bright, breezy aromas despite not containing any fragrances when they are made. Swirl Lemongrass Lavender and Goat Milk Honey are two of their best-selling items.

5 Best Handmade Soaps In Singapore
FeaturesNatural Skincare for All Skin Types
PriceFrom $14.00

It is one of the most well-liked bar soaps in Singapore, which is a dream come true for people with dry skin. Rich emollients, vitamins, and minerals in their milk soap nurture your skin without destroying its protective layer! Additionally, they sell handmade soaps that contain mint oil, which has antibacterial properties and can help with itching by cooling the skin. Your senses can be totally awakened by it.

5 Best Handmade Soaps In Singapore
Features100% Organic Skincare
PriceFrom $28.00

The products produced by Frank Skincare are made entirely of natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. Every effort is made to use recycled packaging whenever it is practical. Face mists, sponge masks, oils, and infant products are available. For pregnant ladies with delicate skin, they also provide a special Radiant Preg Luxury Face Oil.

5 Best Handmade Soaps In Singapore
FeaturesPurely Clean
Unscented Vegan Handmade Soap

By utilizing minimal packaging and all-natural ingredients, MANTRA FRIDAY seeks to limit damage to the environment and the skin. They also sell body scrubs, shampoo bars, and shower gels, but their most well-known items are the Moringa, Creamy Oatmeal, and Apricot Morning soaps.

All the handmade soaps mentioned above are high-quality soaps that provide several benefits. The handmade soaps on this list were chosen based on user feedback, quality assurance, and other characteristics, so you know you’re getting a soap that works.

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