Singapore celebrates Halloween every year on October 31. Although it isn’t a recognized holiday, it is a growingly well-liked celebration. Although Halloween has roots in American popular culture today, its genuine roots are in centuries-old Christian and Celtic customs.

Halloween in 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026:

2023October 31TuesdayHalloween
2024October 31ThursdayHalloween
2025October 31FridayHalloween
2026October 31SaturdayHalloween

These dates are estimated. We will update this page once the official announcement is out.

Although Halloween is unquestionably present in Singapore, it has had to make a few adaptations to fit in with the country’s culture and environment. The following list highlights some of Singapore’s most distinctive Halloween traditions.

You will see a lot of plastic Jack-o-lanterns because, to start with, carving pumpkins is pricey and difficult to get. Some supermarket shops import them during this time of year if you are in dire need of a real carving pumpkin.

Second, while costumes have become increasingly popular, trick-or-treating hasn’t fully taken off on a wide scale. Additionally, there is a strong propensity to dress up like cartoon characters and TV personalities.

Third, a lot of events are organized by eateries, resorts, and places associated with popular culture, such as Universal Studios. For instance, major participants in the business world host pumpkin runs, Halloween buffets, horror stores, community events, and more. Here, less emphasis is placed on domestic festivities and fanfare.

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