10 Best Fresh Hairy Crab in Singapore

The Chinese Mitten Crab, also known as the Hairy Crab, is a popular fall delicacy in Singapore. The season for hairy crabs runs from late September to the beginning of early December. The crabs began as a Shanghainese delicacy, but they have now acquired appeal in Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Chinese areas. The most valuable crabs are those captured at Yang Cheng Lake. Despite not having a very large percentage of flesh, the crustaceans are known for their golden roe. They’re usually served with a dash of vinegar.

The crabs are plainly alive all year, but they are considered an autumn delicacy since the hairy crabs undergo their sexual awakening in late August and reproduce during the fall season. The amount of golden roe in their bodies will be at its highest at this period.

That’s why we listed down the top company that can provide you your crabby cravings, whether you are at home or finding a fancy restaurant.


Hairy Crab @ Home

ProductsPremium Fresh Hairy Crab, Scarlet Prawns, Jumbo River Big Head Prawns
Price RangeStarts from $198
Contact Details+65 8939 9502

For the past several years, Hairy Crab At Home has been supplying hairy crabs to a number of well-known restaurants in Singapore. This is their eighth year delivering this quality delicacy to your doorstep, letting you to indulge in this decadent treat in the privacy of your own home.

Their packages were displayed in a Facebook post. The prices on the bundles are NETT and include free delivery. Customers should submit their purchases two days before the intended delivery date to minimize disappointment. Last-minute urgent orders will be delivered according to their timetable.


Mamago Sg

ProductsLive Hairy Crab, Live Jumbo Hairy Crab, Frozen Abalone, Vannamei Premium Quality, Canadian Wild Arctic Shrimp,
Price RangeStarts from $22.50 – $42, Free delivery with minimum order of S$60
Contact DetailsInstagram

Mamago is a Singapore-based corporation that specializes in the distribution of Hairy Crabs and Frozen Seafood. Their Hairy Crabs are air-freighted straight from China and hand-picked to guarantee that only the freshest and tastiest are sent to your home!

Hairy crab season extends from early September through mid-December on the Gregorian calendar, which corresponds to the eighth, ninth, and tenth lunar months. So place your purchase right now! Before the end of the season.

ProductsCrabs, Hairy Crab (Certified from Yang Cheng Lake), Lobster, Crawfish (Xiao Long Xia), Prawns, Fish, Lala Clams, Scallops, Squid
Price RangePrice Starts from $79.90
Contact Details+65 87250725

8 Crabs is an award-winning crab and seafood delivery business that serves Singaporeans all over the island.

They began as the sole premium seafood exporters from Sri Lanka, specializing in wild catch crabs, sea cucumber, prawns, grouper, and tilapia.

In Sri Lanka, they now have their own processing facilities. They can always guarantee you crabs that are superior than the rest since they are the sole provider of wild catch crabs.


Keng Eng Kee (KEK) Seafood

ProductsHairy Crab, Lobster, Soft Shell Crab, Prawns, Squid,
Price RangeStarts from $218
Contact Details+65 6272 1038
Address124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-136, Singapore, 150124

For three generations, a neighborhood Chinese cafe has been wok-king out hot delicacies. In the 1970s, it began as a modest hawker booth on Old Havelock Road and is now located in Alexandra Village.

Chilli & Black Pepper Crabs, Handmade Hei-Chor (Prawn Rolls), specially produced Mingzhu Rolls, Wok-toss Moonlight Horfun, and Coffee Pork Ribs are just a few of their top rated meals from their menu.

KEK received a Michelin Plate from 2016 to 2018, was ranked 28th in the Top 50 World Street Food Masters in 2017, and was named a 2018 Ctrip Gourmet List Destination!


Le Petit Butchery

ProductsHairy Crabs, Cold Roe Crabs, Bordier Butter, Seafood, Poultry, Beef
Pork, Carbs
Price RangeHairy crab packages start from $228 onwards for 6 crabs. Free delivery for orders above $120.
Contact Details+65 9159 3328

Established in 2020 by a couple that has scoured the globe for delicious food, Le Petit Butchery is a small local company that prides themselves in being able to provide premium quality products at reasonable prices.

Featured on The Straits Times and 8 Days for their Cold Roe Crabs, Hairy Crabs and seafood, customers can expect excellence from their products.

Customer service being a trait they value as well, Le Petit Butchery aims to provide customers with the best experience when having their Hairy Crabs at home. From the packaging to their self-designed instruction cards and crab tool packages, careful thought has been put in to ensure a comprehensive and seamless process from box to table.

Simple, delicious and fuss-free!

Finest Fresh Hairy Crab in Singapore

Season’s Best

ProductsHairy Crab (NEW), Freshly Shucked Oysters, Uni Ikura and others, Oysters & Seafood Platters, Whole Lobsters, Sake & Champagne
Price RangeStarts from $220
Contact Details+65 8787 6714

Tuck Lee Ice Company has created Season’s Greatest with the goal of providing everyone the best present of the season. Season’s Greatest works with a variety of chefs and restaurants from all across Singapore to offer you the best cuisine and presents for the season.

Their Managing Director, Jeremy HAUW, is a foodie who wants to share his passion for food with everyone in Singapore, and he decided that Season’s Greatest would be the best method to do so!


Imperial Treasure

Products Hairy Crab, Peking Duck, Shanghai Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine,
Price RangeStarts from $98
Contact Detailssg.restaurants@imperialtreasure.com
Address36 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City Singapore 573956

Imperial Treasure has become synonymous with real quality Chinese food thanks to its large choice of renowned Chinese specialties and devotion to great service. Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group has earned the hearts of gourmands and casual customers alike since opening their first restaurant in 2004.


Kun Hai Shop

Products Premium Fresh Hairy Crab, Frozen Shrimp,
Price RangeStarts from $180
Contact Details+65 9647 7868

Kun Hai is a local seller specializing in various items from China. These include snack items, instant noodles, beverages, condiments, etc. For hairy crab season, they are selling crabs in bulk in sets of 10, 12 or 16 pieces. You can also choose bundles with half male/half female crabs. Fortunately, – Kun Hai Shop makes it simple to plan meals and stock up on tasty, nutritious, and economical food.



Products Providing a wide range of live, chilled, frozen & ready-to-cook seafood from all over the world
Price RangeEveryday use product from $4.90 to premium bundles worth over $150 in value.
Contact Details+65 6288 1411
AddressNo.4 Defu Lane 9 Singapore, Singapore 539246

Fresh, pocket-friendly and delightful to the palate! That’s Seaco. 

Their passion for seafood is influenced by TheSeafoodCompany and has inspired us to scour the sea for its wonderfully tasty treasures. They are all about finding new ways for you to indulge in high quality seafood together with your family and friends. Together with their multi-level inspections, strict criteria and trusted network of suppliers, they make sure that only the freshest and finest seafood get to make its way to you. 

At Seaco, they offer a broad selection of commonly sought-after seafood such as fish, prawns, salmon, scallops and much more — at a reasonable price. To meet the growing demands of the modern-day seafood consumer, they have also developed three distinct collections designed to provide convenience. 

Introducing their ‘Easy Plate’ range of fuss-free meals that only needs three steps to prepare. It’s perfect for quick meals and can satisfy seafood cravings too. Skip the steps, not the taste

There’s also their ‘Everyday’ series for Asian home-cooked staples. Serve up delicious and hearty spreads as midweek meals with these easily accessible ingredients. 

Finally, ‘Washoku’ is their unique collection of authentic Japanese seafood flavours, exclusive to Seaco. Discover high quality Japanese seafood that promises to please your taste buds. 

Find them on their very own e-commerce store, Seaco Online, where they bring delectable seafood from the ocean to your table. After all, you deserve to enjoy the incredible treasures of the sea! 


Tuck Shop

More Than Just a Shop
Products Hairy Crab Starter, Hairy Crab Premium, Freshly Shucked Oysters,
Fish & Seafood
Price RangeStarts from $172 Free delivery above $100
Contact Details1800 222 3777
Address12 Defu Lane 1, #01-02, Singapore 539487

Tuckshop.sg was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing a one-stop shop for all things chilly for events and parties.

Tuckshop.sg has amassed a wide assortment of the top quality fresh and frozen products for the perfect home-cooked supper throughout the years. They strive to deliver your things fresh and on schedule using their own refrigerated trucks that drive islandwide seven days a week.

You can be confident that your order will be packed with the utmost care and delivered to your door with pinpoint precision.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a hairy crab?

The Shanghai hairy crab, commonly known as the Chinese mitten crab, is a medium-sized burrowing crab with fuzzy claws that resemble mittens. It is found in East Asia’s rivers, estuaries, and other coastal environments from Korea to Fujian, China in the south.

Why is hairy crab so expensive?

What is the price of a premium crab? Yangcheng Lake in Jiangsu Province produces the most sought-after crabs, which are sent to Shanghai and Hong Kong. … The demand for hairy crab is so high that “fake” crabs masquerading as Yangcheng Lake crabs have become an annual problem for the business.

What is special about hairy crab?

Unlike traditional crabs, which are appreciated for their meat, hairy crabs are prized for their creamy golden roe. It’s finest served steamed with vinegar and ginger to bring out the subtle flavors, and it’s best paired with Chinese yellow wine.

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