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It’s crucial to pick a suitable hair dryer that suits your hair’s demands to avoid hair damage like over-drying and split ends. Which hair dryer is the best in Singapore, given the wide range of options available on the market? Check out our most recent list of the 5 Best Hair Dryers in Singapore, depending on your requirements and price range.

Check out our top selected hair dryer in Singapore.

With the GHD Helios Professional hairdryer, take your blow-dry to a whole new level and get a professional look at home. Stylists who wish to accomplish a nice hair day at home with the aid of high-quality style tools have a devoted following for the GHD brand. This hairdryer uses ionic technology to lessen frizz and flyaways, making hair lustrous and sleek. It guarantees up to 30% more shine while maintaining glossy, straight, and smooth hair.

This professional hairdryer is lightweight and has a sleek, ergonomically balanced design. It also offers many of style possibilities. This hair dryer allows you complete control with temperature and speed settings that are flexible and offer style setting possibilities, regardless of your hair type or the style you want to achieve.


  • Aeroprecis technology enables intuitive styling control
  • Brushless DC motor delivers a 120kmh airflow for a quick salon-worthy blow dry
  • Leaves hair sleek and shiny while minimizing frizz
  • Lightweight and ergonomically balanced for styling comfort
  • Temperature controls: Cold air, medium heat, maximum heat
  • Two speeds: medium speed, maximum speed.
  • Offers total flexibility – cold air function can be used to set  in place
  • Acoustic system technology dries quietly
  • Contoured nozzle focuses airflow

The IONTEC technology used to create the Braun Satin Hair blowdryer releases millions of active ions into your hair to increase shine, combat frizz, and leave hair looking and feeling silky and smooth (like satin, as the name suggests). Because a thermo sensor can examine the air and adjust the temperature for the best temperature management, this dryer is known as a sensoDryer. If you want a high-quality hair dryer at a reasonable price, this is the blow drier to choose. Based on user ratings, this product normally has a 4.5 star rating, earning it high honors.


  • Infrared heating system offers fast drying
  • Ion technology infuses ions into your hair to reduce frizz and restore shine
  • 3 power settings
  • 4 heat settings
  • Includes styling nozzle and diffuser attachments

What if your hair drier hydrated your scalp and hair while it dried your hair? That’s what this incredible Panasonic hair dryer does! It has moisture-rich nanoeTM, which hydrates hair and scalp while also shielding from UV rays and brush damage. The reason Panasonic is the best hair dryer in Singapore is because of its distinctive ultra-fine nanoe technology. Nanoe holds 1000 times more moisture than ions do. Your hair’s cuticles are tightened as the moisture permeates them, leaving your hair hydrated. When a result, as you dry your hair, moisture is being applied to both your hair and scalp, giving you lustrous, smooth hair that feels and looks healthy.


  • 1800 w
  • Panasonic’s nanoeâ„¢ technology provides instant hydration
  • Adds minerals to your hair as it dries
  • Built-in quick dry nozzle and set nozzle
  • Easy clean filter
  • Folds in half making it compact and great for travel
  • Four modes: Hot/Cold Alternating, Scalp Care, Skin Care, Intelligent Temperature Control

The Dyson name is a byword for excellence and innovation. The features of this hair dryer are fantastic. With less frizz, defined curls, or waves, it uses better diffusion innovation to dry hair smoothly. It includes four styling add-ons that magnetically attach to the hair dryer nozzle. Despite the pricetag, you get what you pay for from a reliable company known for its quality and innovation.


  • Super lightweight
  • Dries smoothly and quickly
  • Gentle on the scalp
  • 3 speed settings and 4 heat settings
  • Smart heat control feature prevents extreme heat damage

The Nobby Collagen Ion Hair Dryer from Tescom uses cutting-edge collagen, platinum nano-sized mist (CPN) technology to maintain your hair shiny, smooth, and vibrantly colored after use. The hair is shielded from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays by the triangle negative ions, platinum nanoparticle mist, and collagen that this hair drier releases, minimizing hair damage from the roots to the tips.


  • Collagen, platinum nano-sized mist, & negative ion particles
  • 1st hairdryer in Singapore with a replaceable collagen cartridge
  • 4 operation modes – hot, cool, scalp, and facial modes
  • 3 hood attachments – moisture hood, concentrator, and diffuser
  • 1-year warranty

Sometimes, all it takes to have that nice, shiny hair is using the correct hair care products and tools.

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