5 Best Gaming Mouse in Singapore

A gaming mouse, unlike a regular computer mouse, offers high-performance features and specs. This equipment should be able to adapt to the needs of a dedicated player. Button customizations, macro settings, and fast reaction times are just a few of the features that constitute a superb gaming mouse.

Gamers are always on the search for newer, better gaming mice to help them enhance their performance. The brand, kind, weight, and, most importantly, the price are all things they keep an eye on. To find out which gaming mouse will best suit your gaming style and ensure optimal game performance, read our Buying Guide, then utilize our Top 5 list to narrow down your choices.

How to Choose a Gaming Mouse

Purchasing a gaming mouse from an online site is difficult due to the lack of a shop employee to assist you. As a result, you must compare the device’s performance using due diligence. To do so, you’ll need to be familiar with the words that will assist you to understand what sets them different from the competition.

Calculate the Lift-Off Length

You’ll see a light emanating from below your mouse if you look closely. This is the sensor used by optical mice to detect movement and send it to your computer via light or laser. The lift-off distance is the distance between the mouse and the surface at which it reacts. The less distance between you and your destination, the better.

When your mouse “floats” or is lifted off your mouse pad or any flat surface, it will begin to move. This activity may result in blunders, and it may even result in a significant loss in your games. Optical mice have become the standard for gaming computer peripherals. You may also alter the lift-off distance by sticking tape on the sensor region on some versions.

Check the Speed of Tracking

The tracking speed, which is expressed in inches per second (IPS), indicates how quickly the gaming mouse can detect movement. Computer mice with a low IPS don’t respond quickly enough to a movement; on the other hand, mice with a high IPS allow the pointer to travel smoothly and freely even when the device is moved about randomly.

High IPS gaming mouse are required for gaming, especially in first-person shooter (FPS) games, where quick reflexes are required. Keep in mind that a mouse’s tracking speed has a limit, and moving the mouse beyond that limit will not increase its performance.

Find out if the mouse sensitivity may be changed

The amount of dots a mouse can detect, measured in dots per linear inch (DPI), is the tracking sensitivity. On their laptops, users may change the DPI of their gaming mouse. As a result, several manufacturers include specific buttons or switches on their peripherals to allow gamers to alter the DPI quickly.

Your computer’s resolution, on the other hand, should be able to handle the mouse’s movement in order to display the right cursor track. Different sorts of games necessitate different DPI settings for your mouse. In video games, changing the numerical value of the peripheral’s DPI might mean victory or loss.

It’s ideal to have a high polling rate

The number of times information is transferred to your computer every second, measured in Hertz, is known as mouse polling rate (Hz). This simply indicates that the faster the process, the greater the polling rate. In other words, there is no noticeable latency between when you click the mouse button to shoot and when your character starts shooting.

A 500Hz gaming mouse, for example, simply implies that the mouse reports its location to the computer every 2 milliseconds. Computer mice with fast report rates and short input latency are required for first-person shooter (FPS) games. Because opponents move about constantly, timing your mouse click is crucial; miss one millisecond and you’ll be eliminated or lose the game.

Now that you have the tips for buying a gaming mouse, selecting the proper gaming mouse for you will be no sweat, let’s go to Singapore’s finest gaming mouse.

The Best Brands of Gaming Mouse in Singapore



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Up to 80 hours of wireless gaming with a power-efficient sensor
Lightweight design for speedy glide, precise control, and portability
Pivoted button mechanism for fast response and accurate performance
Ambidextrous lightweight wireless gaming mouse
16,000 dpi optical sensor
7 programmable buttons

The ASUS ROG Pugio II is a gaming mouse designed for those with a lot of cash. This gaming mouse costs twice as much as comparable mice on the market, but given the features it offers, you can rest assured that the price is well worth it. It’s a little mouse with excellent control and movement. Bluetooth, WiFi, or an internal USB connection can all be used to connect it to your computer.

Product Review: Comfortable, symmetrical shape with a pair of side buttons on either side.



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Right-Handed Symmetrical Design
Raised Cable Connector
Perfect Lift-Off Distance (LOD)
Adjustable Setting
16 Notch Optical Mouse Wheel
Symmetrical gaming mouse for esports
Shorter overall design
Driverless; plug and play
3360 sensor

To make it easier to grab and hold, the S Series features a reduced overall length. The S Series has been developed with movement in mind as well. For gamers, it’s a nimble and comfortable FPS mouse. When executing vertical movements, there is adequate space between the palm and the back edge of the mouse for users to move freely.

Product review: Fast delivery, good mouse, lightweight (for me), anyone reading this should get the S1. Even though it has no RGB (what I presume everyone would want) just give this a try. By the way, this mouse is for people with a claw grip, so I would not advise palm or fingertip users to get this. But you should give it a shot anyway.


Steelseries Rival 5

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TrueMove Air Sensor
9 Programmable Buttons
85g Competitive Weight
Universal Ergonomic Shape
Designed for Maximum Durability
Brilliant PrismSync Lighting

SteelSeries’ newest addition to the gaming mouse family is a capable contender in the hunt for the best gaming mouse, inheriting the Rival 600’s best features while keeping its price reasonable. The SteelSeries Rival 5’s superiority can be seen in both its appearance and capabilities and its execution.

Product Review: Feels well-built, Somewhat lightweight & Good click latency.


Razer Viper Mini Chroma

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61g Ultra-Lightweight Design
Optical Mouse Switch
RGB Underglow
Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse
Razer™ Chroma RGB

The Razer Viper Mini Chroma is also known for its lightweight design, which prevents the device from feeling heavy and dragging when gaming. It’s also recommended for gamers with medium to small hands. It boasts a soft palm coating and excellent weight distribution for superior control. Because it gives outstanding grip styles, it’s suitable for claw or fingertip players.

Product Review: Superb sensor performance. Great cable with minimal kinks and drag.


Redragon Impact Elite M913

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Connectivity technology: 2.4Ghz Wireless, USB-C
Brand: Redragon
Model name: Impact Elite
Movement detection technology: Optical
Colour: Black Wireless
Number of buttons: 18
Item dimensions LxWxH: 64 x 64 x 19.3 centimetres
Item weight: 132 Grams
Hand orientation: Right
Hardware platform: PC, PC/Mac/Linux/Unix
Wireless Gaming Mouse
16000 DPI Wired/Wireless
16 Programmable Buttons
45 Hr Battery
Pro Optical Sensor
12 Side ButtonsStay Power-On Day to Night

The Redragon Impact Elite M913 can be wirelessly or wired connection to your computer. It’s a gaming mouse with 12 customizable side buttons and a comfortable ergonomic design that suits most hands. It also comes with a waterproof surface and non-slip rubber feet. It’s also a wireless, programmable mouse that’ll serve you well if you’re willing to overlook its faults.

Product Review: This product is excellent for gamers on a budget. This works exceptionally well in a variety of game modes, including FPS games.

Precision and macroinstructions may be the difference between sweet success and painful failure in professional gaming. While the greatest gaming mouse models won’t ensure victory in a first-person shooter or while directing several units in a real-time strategy game, they will give you an advantage.

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