The Finest Food Spots in Upper Thomson

 There is no need to search further for the best food spots in Upper Thomson in Singapore. The top seven restaurants in this thriving neighborhood are listed below. In Upper Thomson, you may find everything from hawker centers to hip restaurants.

Best Food Spots in Upper Thomson in Singapore


Stellar Kitchen Bar

The Finest Food Spots in Upper Thomson
Stellar Kitchen Bar – Food Spots in Upper Thomson
ServicesBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Pastries, Desserts
Location15 Science Centre Road, Singapore
Contact+65 9278 1310

It is a cafe in the daytime. The area transforms into a trendy bistro bar at night. PizzaFace and Les Patisseries have teamed up to create this charming establishment, which offers a wide selection of pizzas, pastries, coffees, and alcoholic beverages. Keep room aside for the crisp, airy waffles, though, which you may have with rich scoops of ice cream.


  • Modern & Beautiful
  • Great Food
Customer Reviews

Definitely will be back again. Tasty food with friendly service staff. Duck confit is very tender. – Alen Heng


One Man Coffee

The Finest Food Spots in Upper Thomson
One Man Coffee – Food Spots in Upper Thomson
ServicesCoffee Shop
Location215R Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574349
Contact+65 9658 1685

This cafe serves excellent coffee in the form of cold brews, lattes, and cappuccinos and is close to the Singapore River and Esplanade Park. For a filling late-morning meal, order the all-in brekkie, scrambled eggs on a croissant, grilled ham and cheese, tom yum prawn spaghetti, and more. The gashouse eggs, though, have to be a favorite of ours. You can spread your own homemade bacon jam on top of the runny egg, melting cheese, and toasted bread.


  • Good Food
  • Friendly Staff
Customer Reviews

Overall, I just think it’s fantastic service and food quality. I 100% recommend this awesome place. Kudos to Cindy! You are a valued staff! – Yuyan Peng


Hello Arigato

The Finest Food Spots in Upper Thomson
Hello Arigato – Food Spots in Upper Thomson
Location227 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574359
Contact+65 8772 3778

A restaurant called Arigato blends Japanese and Kinfolk styles. Donburi bowls and substantial Sandos are available on the menu. Choose the gyu sando or katsu sando (pork katsu, grilled pineapple, and tonkatsu sauce) (Angus beef striploin and caramelized sweet onion jam). The miso buta don, which comes with Hokkaido pig belly and Japanese rice on top, is substantial enough to satisfy your hunger.


  • Japanese-inspired comfort food
  • honest hospitality
Customer Reviews

A simple basic cafe that offers food beyond the usual cafe menu. Decent location. – Marco Wong


Molten Diners

The Finest Food Spots in Upper Thomson
Molten Diners – Food Spots in Upper Thomson
Location246 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370
Contact+65 6802 4082

Animal-eaters, turn away. The meat is the star at Molten Diners. For breakfast, options include French toast, steak and eggs, and eggs Benedict. Buttermilk waffles, bangers & mash, and the restaurant’s signature big breakfast are served with chicken cutlets (chicken cheese sausage, turkey bacon, mac and cheese, and more). Burgers, pasta, and steak are the main attractions if you stop by for lunch or dinner.


  • Halal Certified
  • 30% off your pick up
  • Free Delivery Islandwide
Customer Reviews

Reasonable price, and a chill place to dine at your own pace. – Misha Mishary

Finest Food Spots in Upper Thomson in Singapore

Thus Coffee

The Finest Food Spots in Upper Thomson
Thus Coffee – Food Spots in Upper Thomson
ServicesCoffee, All Day Breakfast, Pasta
Location4 Jln Kuras, Singapore 577723
Contact+65 8411 7565

Visit this small, rather off-the-beaten-path cafe for your fill of coffee. But since the coffee is freshly roasted on-site, it will be worthwhile. Take a break from the Upper Thomson Corridor and visit this tranquil eatery for delectable food and a laid-back atmosphere.


  • Delicious meals
  • Chill vibes
Customer Reviews

Good cheap and fast and healthy. – Fion Toh



The Finest Food Spots in Upper Thomson
Udders – Food Spots in Upper Thomson
ServicesIce Cream, Gifts, Catering
Location17 Lor Kilat, #01-09 Kilat Court, Singapore 598139
Contact+65 6466 1055

So you enjoy odd ice cream flavors? Pop by Udders to indulge in frozen sweets and scrumptious waffles for dessert (or an afternoon indulgence) (or an afternoon delight). Some of their delectable flavors include Horlicks, peanut butter crunch, salted speculoos, chendol, Baileys and bourbon, mango sorbet, and orange choc bitters. Oh, and did we mention the ice cream made with mao shan wang? It’s magnificent.


  • Honest
  • Cheeky
  • Creative
  • Occasionally Mad
  • Innovative
  • Curious
Customer Reviews

Love that they have a variety of flavors! The crew is always friendly and gives good service whenever I visit. – Chengrui Low


Woodlands Sourdough

The Finest Food Spots in Upper Thomson
Woodlands Sourdough – Food Spots in Upper Thomson
ServicesPizzas, Sandwiches, Donuts, and Cakes for a Carb-tastic Meal
Location183 Upper Thomson Rd, #01-03, Singapore 574332

The employees of Woodlands Sourdough believe that bread is essential to life. The bakery’s specialty is sourdough bread, as suggested by its name, along with brownies. For a dinner that is carb-tastic, try the pizzas, sandwiches, doughnuts, and cakes. Make the most of your bakery visits while you can, but keep in mind that everything runs out soon.


  • Best Sourdough
Customer Reviews

Bring a bag with you for your goods, they give you a little discount for that! Also, try their cold brews and definitely, definitely the iced chocolate, it’s every chocolate lover’s dream. – Wooden Roller

As we wrap up our journey through the delectable delights of Upper Thomson’s food scene, we hope you’ve discovered new favorites and exciting flavors that make this neighborhood a true culinary gem. From cozy cafes to vibrant eateries, each spot we’ve highlighted adds a unique touch to the gastronomic tapestry of Upper Thomson.

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