10 Best Bubble Teas In Singapore

Without bubble tea and tapioca pearls, what would life be like? The Best Bubble Teas in Singapore is here to make your life a little sweeter. There are so many different bubble tea companies that it seems like the bubble tea mania never ended. From cheese tea to brown sugar bubble tea, Singapore’s bubble tea business offers a broad variety of flavors that you can’t get enough of. Get a cup of bubble tea from one of Singapore’s Finest Bubble Tea.

Best Bubble Teas In Singapore


Gong Cha

Best Bubble Teas In Singapore
Gong Cha – Bubble Teas Singapore
ProductsBubble tea
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6200 2288
Address11 Sims Drive, SCN Centre #03-01, Singapore 387385

The origins of Gong Cha, or Tribute Tea, may be traced back to the Emperor of China receiving the finest and most refined teas. It reflects the greatest level of beverage quality and expectation. Gong Cha, which first opened its doors in Taiwan in 2006, has gained worldwide acclaim through word of mouth and a particularly customized service.

Today, there are about 1,500 Gong Cha stores throughout the world, and the concept has created a phenomenon among a wide range of consumers. Gong Cha has a long and illustrious history as one of the world’s most dependable tea producers.

Customer Reviews

My wife and I really love Gong Cha! As a tea lover myself, I feel that Gong Cha is really underrated. Their tea is really very high quality, much higher than a lot of other bubble tea shops who claimed that their teas are on par with Gong Cha. I especially love their Alishan Milk Foam and Earl Grey with 3J. – Desmond Lim


The Whale Tea

Best Bubble Teas In Singapore
The Whale Tea – Bubble Teas Singapore
ServicesBubble Tea Shop, Coconut Shakes, Smoothie & Juice Bar
Price RangeFrom $3++ to $8++
Contact Details+65 8799 8336
AddressLot one Shoppers Mall, Jurong Point, Rivervale Mall, Toa Payoh central, Amk ave 10

This is, indeed, a bubble tea brand. However, the Nanjing-based company’s broad menu in Singapore includes coconut smoothies in addition to brown sugar beverages and brewed teas. To appreciate the fruit’s natural flavors, try the original, or amp it up with Oreo, mango, and avocado blends. Honey pearls and aloe vera are among the toppings.

Customer Reviews

Very good quality milk tea, a milk tea shop that makes me willing to wait and try it every day. Whether it is online ordering or walk-in orders, I have never been disappointed. The new flavors that have been introduced are also very pleasant. It’s so diverse that people can always try different flavors. The packaging and every cup that come with the free cookies every time are also very considerate. – Bell Lim


Tiger Sugar

Best Bubble Teas In Singapore
Tiger Sugar – Bubble Teas Singapore
ProductsBubble Tea
Contact Detailsaskme@tigersugar.sg
AddressMultiple locations Islandwide

Brown Sugar Fresh Milk from Taiwan. Internationally Recognized! And it’s finally here in Singapore! Fresh milk has a thicker viscosity, and when combined with the creamy mousse, it has a richer flavor and taste than other bubble teas.

Brown sugar pearls added sweetness to basic fresh milk and accentuated the drink’s taste.

Customer Reviews

Went to the outlet at Blk 510 Bishan around 7.30 pm today. Was well served by a Chinese male staff, he greeted me and was very polite and pleasant! Staff like him are hard to come by nowadays… really appreciated the way he served me. The man deserves a raise for real. – Sher


HEYTEA Singapore

Best Bubble Teas In Singapore
HEYTEA Singapore – Bubble Teas Singapore
ProductsBubble Tea
Contact Detailsheyteasg@heytea.com

The firm was founded in Jiangmen, China, in 2012 (originally as RoyalTea) and has been operating in Singapore since November 2018. It sells traditional Chinese teas as well as modern twists on the classic Chinese tea culture, such as bubble teas.

Fresh fruits and brown sugar bobo have been added to the teas, and they are also behind the famous HeyTea Original Cheese Tea and Light Cheezo Tea, which feature imported New Zealand cheese.

Customer Reviews

Good tea with a variety of options from cheese tea, milk tea, and taro to fruit teas. Love all their beverages. Waiting time can be a while as they are popular but worth a try if you have not tried! – Grace F


Chi Cha San Chen

Best Bubble Teas In Singapore
Chi Cha San Chen – Bubble Teas Singapore
ProductsBubble Tea
Contact Detailsinfo@ykgi.com.sg

Chi Cha San Chen takes its tea seriously, and it shows in the handcrafted trademark brews made by Taiwanese tea masters with more than two decades of cultivating, roasting, and tasting tea experience. The award-winning Ding Dong Oolong milk tea ($4.70), which we dare to claim is one of the best in Singapore, is without a doubt the highlight of its basic bubble milk tea ($4.20), which is created with a black tea base and cream. The Cassia black tea with mousse ($4.70) and a revitalizing High Mountain Pouchong tea with lemon juice ($4.20) are further choices.

Customer Reviews

The freshly brewed tea makes a huge difference to the overall quality. Used to be one of the busiest branches but nowadays there isn’t much of a queue which is great. They don’t have an extensive menu but what they have is very well done. Prefer this to any of the other brands. – Teck Boon

Best Bubble Teas In Singapore

BaWangChaJi SG

ProductsBubble Tea
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8899 7675
AddressMultiple locations Islandwide

Shenzhen Taste Perception Catering Culture Management Co. created the premium tea beverage brand BAWANGCHAJI. Ltd. was founded in China, the origin of tea.

Tea is one of the world’s oldest cultural assets, having a long history dating back thousands of years. Recognizing that cultural heritages are always in risk of being lost in the face of increasing modernization, we made it our duty to resurrect and restore Chinese tea culture to the globe.

Customer Reviews

Was looking through the selection and everything is so creative. From design, naming of the drinks, the methods you use and even the HydroFlux Water Machine. I must say the brand has invested alot of effort and money and customers are in a treat. – Sam Toh


Koi Thé Singapore

ProductsBubble tea
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6440 5845
AddressMultiple locations Islandwide

There’s always a cause to gather together around a cup of KOI tea, whether it’s for a celebration, a date, or just a quiet break in the day. KOI makes the world a happier place. The secret to KOI’s original taste is freshly brewed tea and tasty ingredients made with enthusiasm, which is why customers return again and again.

Every employee at a KOI shop is eager to share their joy and passion for tea with you. Every day, they give it their all to make your stay unforgettable. Hear the brewing of tea, the crushing of ice, and the laughing.

Customer Reviews

The first time to try this, was when i got the opportunity to visit my fiancé here in sg. The best is the grapefruit flavor with aloe vera toppings. Love it! – John Miko Ventayen


R&B Tea Singapore

ProductsBubble Tea
Price Range
Contact Detailshello@rbtea.com.sg
AddressMultiple locations Islandwide

R&B Tea was formed in 2006 and hails from Taiwan. It’s a tea idea aimed at modernizing the tea experience. There are over 30 tea-based creations ranging from the fruit-loaded brew, macchiato tea topped with oolong tea-infused milk foam or cheese cream, to their distinctive Brown Sugar Boba series, all made with fresh fruits and all-natural ingredients.

They put a lot of focus on the tea leaves origins and devote a lot of time to preparing the right tea mix.

Customer Reviews

For just reasonable prices of $4-5 you can get fresh and authentic tea in large cups. The staff are friendly and my Devil’s Booster was served with a whole orange. It was unexpectedly good. Right above Courts. – Rlovespudding


Xing Fu Tang

ProductsBubble Tea
Price Range
Contact Details+65 82923458
AddressMultiple locations Islandwide

Xing Fu Tang recognized for manufacturing the greatest hand-crafted brown sugar boba in Taiwan, has finally arrived in Singapore, with an open kitchen approach that allows all diners to view what goes into their cups. Xing Fu Tang takes pleasure in providing high-quality goods to all of its customers by avoiding the use of artificial syrups and preservatives in favor of complete, natural ingredients.

At Xing Fu Tang, all drinks and sweets are created to order with high-quality Taiwanese ingredients, locally fresh fruit, and organic milk. Brown Sugar Boba Milk is their signature item, consisting of freshly caramelized brown sugar boba created in-house with natural ingredients, organic milk, creamy milk froth, and brown sugar boba.

Customer Reviews

Tried the favorite menu: brown sugar boba milk. Honestly exceeded my expectation, milk is so creamy.. not so foamy or too sweet.. and the boba didn’t get hard after a couple of minutes in ice.. excellent! – Bonia


Wanpo Tea

ProductsBubble Tea
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8847 1557
Address2 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-03 Singapore 188091

A traditional tea beverage produced in the community of Taiwanese military dependents.

We all have our own special manner of easing the pain of nostalgia. They try to alleviate their homesickness by replicating the original flavor with local items in a new country. Wanpo also hopes to reach a higher dimension where a new passion may be discovered, with a resonance that can be heard throughout the region.

Customer Reviews

I like the Mango Pomelo Sago drink a lot. It’s slightly heavy, and it’s dense and full of contents. If you like the lighter version, probably safe to go with the tea series with no milk/custard.. I’m glad to see that they offer oat milk as a substitute for their latte series. Will be back to try out another flavour. Their staff are also very friendly and smiley, always ready to answer your questions. Great job. – Veg-lycious

The city is clearly home to a variety of excellent bubble teas after a comprehensive investigation of Singapore’s bubble tea sector. The greatest bubble teas in Singapore offer a perfect fusion of tastes and textures that leave tea connoisseurs yearning for more, from time-honored classics to cutting-edge concoctions. Singapore continues to be a bubble tea lover’s heaven with a wide variety of tea shops and inventive concoctions, providing a pleasurable and refreshing experience with each drink.

Do check out our list of Kombucha Teas and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a tea-based beverage that dates back to the early 1980s in Taiwan. It’s usually made with tea and chewy tapioca balls, but it may also be created with different toppings like grass jelly, aloe vera, red bean, and so on.

What does bubble tea taste like?

Bubble tea is a well-balanced, sweet milky beverage with a little boba pearls touch. Teas balance out the richness and creaminess of the boba tastes, so it’s not too sweet. In most cases, boba cafés prepare a tea concentrate and utilize it as the foundation for their milk teas.

What’s the difference between bubble tea and milk tea?

Bubble tea is normally created with a tea base and then flavored with milk and tapioca pearls. Although not all bubble teas are milk teas, several of the more popular variants do. Honeydew, strawberry, passionfruit, and mango are some of the most popular bubble tea flavors.

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