D2M CHARITY RUN 2023: Designed to Move

This event, which Diabetes Singapore organized, represents their constant dedication to fighting diabetes, one of the chronic diseases with the fastest rate of worldwide growth. The D2M Charity Run 2023 brings their community together to raise awareness of diabetes, encourage healthier lifestyles, and dispel myths and misconceptions about living an active physical lifestyle for people with diabetes. Diabetes calls for collective action. They work diligently to rethink the course of diabetes in Singapore and to promote a culture of optimism and well-being. Join us in this inspiring endeavor to become a catalyst for change.

About The D2M Charity Run

Recognizing the urgent need for change is crucial in a society where diabetes is quickly overtaking heart disease as the chronic disease with the highest rate of growth. One in three Singaporeans is at lifelong risk of having diabetes, and surprisingly, as of 2021, 50.4% of those who already had the disease were still undiagnosed, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). It is clear that they need to take action to change this trend as they anticipate that there might be a million individuals with diabetes by 2050.

The D2M (Designed to Move) Charity Run emerges as a potent image of togetherness and optimism, representing their shared will to change the world. It symbolizes a strong faith in their ability to create a way for all Singaporeans to adopt healthier lifestyles and ways of managing their health. After successfully holding their first run in 2021, they are starting their third annual run with even more grit and purpose.


Diabetes 2 Mellitus, the most common kind of disease, is at the center of the D2M Charity Run. Cardiovascular illnesses are brought on by this condition, but it also results in consequences that have a substantial influence on other physical systems. Is it really true that they are enjoying a life of quality and vitality as they live longer? The solution is in the decisions they make each day.

They stress the critical need of a good diet and frequent exercise, and they declare that their bodies are in fact built for movement. This event invites everyone to take part and support a good cause, whether you are a skilled runner, a jogging enthusiast, or a casual walker. Each step you take becomes a symbol of your resolve to adopt a healthy lifestyle while helping a charity cause. It is not only a physical effort.

OCBC Square, Singapore

Joining the D2M Charity Run makes you a force for transformation and a glimmer of hope in the midst of a deteriorating medical situation. Your participation represents a philosophical journey of self-awareness and civic duty that goes beyond the limitations of a charity race. Together, they can change the course of diabetes in Singapore and work toward a time where happiness and health go hand in hand.

Let your presence ignite the spark of transformation, your steps resound with significance, and your strides reverberate with purpose. Join us for this momentous occasion as we move forward to a world that is brighter, healthier, and more rewarding. Power comes from unity, and the moment is now. Together, we will rethink what it means to have a vibrant life—one that really progresses toward a purpose.

Date10 Sep 2023, Sunday
AddressOCBC Square
1 Stadium Place, Singapore 397628
Opening Hours8:00 AM

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