The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore

Welcome the spirit of abundance and joy as you usher in the Chinese New Year in Singapore! As the city comes alive with vibrant celebrations, indulge in the rich flavours and cultural traditions that define this auspicious occasion. To enhance your festive experience, we’ve curated a list of Singapore’s best Chinese New Year dinner restaurants, where culinary excellence meets the warmth of tradition. Whether you’re seeking sumptuous reunion feasts or intimate gatherings with loved ones, our carefully selected venues promise an unforgettable celebration.

Join us on a gastronomic journey through the heart of Singapore’s Chinese New Year festivities, where every dish tells a story, and each restaurant is a gateway to a memorable dining experience.

Best Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore


Azur at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
Azur at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6823 5354
Address75 Airport Blvd, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel, Terminal 3 Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819664

Enjoy a stylish reunion at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. Azur’s all-you-can-eat reunion buffet offers celebratory dining selections for a successful start. Use the Crowne Prosperity yusheng toss for luck. Seafood on ice, including fresh oysters, lobster, snow crab, tiger prawns, baby crayfish, pig stomach soup with abalone, organic chicken, cordyceps flower in collagen broth, and other dishes can be served after.

You may also enjoy an eight-course reunion dinner in the hotel’s Chengal ballroom while celebrating. Highlights include stir-fried Australian barramundi with lavender glaze, roselle lychee mayo sea prawn with tobiko, and even a dessert buffet.

The runway view rooms are just the best! Such splendid views for aviation lovers and families with kids. – Malcolm Lu


5 ON 25 at Andaz Singapore

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
5 ON 25 at Andaz Singapore – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6408 1234
Address5 Fraser Street Singapore, Singapore, 189354

Enjoy a Cantonese feast at 5 ON 25 at the Andaz Singapore to welcome the lucky season. Enjoy holiday treats in a magnificent environment that features interiors created by renowned Hong Kong architect André Fu. Start the dinner with the prosperity yusheng ($98), which includes pricey toppings like abalone, Norwegian salmon, bird’s nest, and Australian lobster (market price). There isn’t a better way to begin a family reunion meal!

New dishes include braised Hokkaido scallops with springy ee-fu noodles and flavorful truffle sauce ($38), deep-fried lobster served with apple and honey sauce ($58), and dang gui crispy roasted duck ($45 for half, $90 for full) are among the highlights of the Lunar New Year menu. With the set menus for both lunch and supper (starting at $98 per person), you may eliminate the bother of choosing specific meals.

Customer Reviews

Great hotel. The room was wonderful and modern. The breakfast selection in the morning was great. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Was able to get a suite upgrade and as a Globalist I will definitely stay again in the future. The location is great Bugis Junction Station is below the hotel and offers quick service to the central downtown areas and the hotel had plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby as well. Check out the Mosque and Arab town as well. – Tim Sellman


Yun Nans

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
Yun Nans – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6908 3677

Yun Nans is offering six CNY set dinners for the Year of the Rabbit, starting at $338 for four people. What remains the restaurant’s top attraction? The prosperity treasure hot pot uses items such as roast pork belly, sea cucumber, abalone, scallops, prawns, fish maw, and yam, and the soup is cooked for six hours.

The well-liked “bi Feng tang” style pork ribs with truffle are a must-try, as are fresh meals like crispy roast chicken and sautéed tiger prawns with superb soy sauce. Naturally, each package also includes the brand-new prosperity abalone yusheng, which is shaped like a cuddly bunny with a white shredded carrot flair.

Customer Reviews

The food is really good and fresh, so many dishes are pleasantly surprising to the tastebud, such as the poached porcini, mango salad, spicy beef stew, Yunnan rice noodles, etc. My family enjoyed it very much! The steamed pot chicken soup is the best I’ve ever had, top recommend it! – Stacy Z


Paradox Singapore Merchant Court at Clarke Quay

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
Paradox Singapore Merchant Court at Clarke Quay – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6337 2288
Address20 Merchant Road Singapore, Singapore 058281

Here, you may choose between a delectable buffet and a special supper served in a private dining room. Don’t miss the DIY prosperity yu sheng at Ellenborough Market Cafe’s buffet, which is paired with zesty yuzu chia seed dressing and delicious salmon pieces. Fresh treats like golden coin bai ye salad, golden salted egg prawns, braised pork in Nyonya style, BBQ honey char siew, and others should be served after. To finish the dinner on a sweet note, indulge in sweets like mandarin orange gateau and lemon-burned cheesecake!

Happiness set meal ($1288 for 10 pax), the centerpiece of the auspicious menu for private dining, features prosperity yu sheng, crispy golden red grouper, and poached live prawns. Fortune yu sheng, pen cai (with abalone, oyster, pork belly, scallops, and more), and pan-fried nian gao are included in the Prosperity set meal ($1888 for 10 pax).

Customer Reviews

Generally, a pleasant and restful stay. Location is excellent with many amenities, shopping center, supermarket & restaurants nearby. The staff is helpful and friendly too. – Kelvin Lim


Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
Four Seasons Hotel Singapore – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6734 1110
Address190 Orchard Blvd, Singapore 248646

At Jiang-Nan Chun, you’ll begin the dinner with the prosperity yusheng. Raise a glass to good health and a prosperous new year. The expensive combination of lobster, abalone, and salmon is what we’re referring about here. It also includes root vegetables, pumpkin, melon, and sunflower seeds. Choose from eight dinners (starting at $188 per person), which include anything from roasted spiny lobster to double-boiled chicken soup. While Nobu highlights its own rendition of Japanese-Peruvian yusheng, a buffet of quality ingredients and vegetables, starting at $118.

Customer Reviews

Attended a private dinner function at the ballroom. Excellent service for the 8-course dinner. The food was served individually so there was no sharing of utensils or dishes. At the end of dinner, each guest received a tiny box with two chocolate pieces inside. Sweet memory! – Seven Oceans

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore

With Chinese New Year around the corner, our list of the best Chinese New Year dinner spots in Singapore is here to help you enjoy this festive time with fantastic food. Whether you prefer traditional dishes or a modern twist, these restaurants have something for everyone. If you’re up for a unique dining experience, check out our list of Singapore’s best steamboat buffet restaurants. They’re great for getting together with family and friends, where you can cook your food. By trying both, you can celebrate the New Year with delicious Chinese dishes and have fun at the steamboat buffet. So, welcome the New Year with good food and great company at these top dining spot.


Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 3138 2531
Address317 Outram Rd, Singapore 169075

At the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant is celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with seven distinct set dinners. For amazing meals like a baked lobster in excellent stock, double-boiled cordyceps flower with flower mushrooms, baby abalone, salmon yu sheng, and more, check out the Prosperous Celebrations menu ($1,588 for 10 pax).

The five-course Auspicious Times menu ($198 for two pax) will thrill you with delicacies like braised king prawn ee-fu noodles, abalone, sea cucumber, and bai ling mushrooms in supreme stock, as well as salmon yu sheng for an intimate celebration.

Customer Reviews

A lovely afternoon was spent at Xin Cuisine! Tried the Dong Po meat (seasonal menu) and it was done perfectly, esp paired with the man you. Please consider keeping it as a regular item. The black swan dessert recommended gave the great experience a nice ending. Special mention to the friendly staff, esp May who was tending to us at our table. Highly recommended! – Edwin Chen


Orchid Live Seafood

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
Orchid Live Seafood – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6756 0311
Address2 Yishun Walk #03-01 HometeamNS Khatib, Yishun, Singapore, Singapore

Two Chinese New Year dinners (starting at $428 for four people) are available at this seafood restaurant to help you usher in a year of health and prosperity. These can accommodate parties of four to ten people and provide foods such as HK steamed soon hock, Furong steamed southern Australian lobster, scallops, lotus leaf rice, and a plate of abalone, chicken, and ngoh hiang.

Platters for your yusheng activity include abalone ($68), geoduck ($88), and lobster ($198) sashimi. For additional components including three-headed abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, kampung chicken, live prawns, and more, ask pen cai to be added to the feast.

Customer Reviews

They serve up the freshest Teochew-style seafood at down-to-earth prices as one of the direct importers of lobsters in Singapore. – Food Queen



The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
Yan – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6384 5585
Address1 St Andrew’s Road, #05-02, National Gallery Singapore Singapore, Singapore 178957

The Year of the Rabbit is here! After 2023, the CNY celebrations begin at Yan. Gather your closest family and friends to experience one of the restaurant’s six dine-in set meals, starting with the lo hei toss (from $128 per person). A tower of fried vermicelli, shredded purple and yellow sweet potatoes, crispy conpoy, and gold flakes is presented as the Kaleidoscope of Prosperity yusheng (starting at $92), which is flanked by vibrant vegetables, yellowtail fish, and cherry tomatoes shaped like bunnies.

The Yan Harvest pen cai (starting at $325) is a sizable pot of 18 ingredients that include live prawns, sea cucumber, and 6-head entire abalone while boiling in braised duck sauce. Steamed ham hock with preserved veggies and the house specialty of roasting entire suckling pig are other standout dishes on the menu. Steamed red date cake or cold peach gum with little glutinous rice balls are two delightful ways to finish.

Customer Reviews

Excellent service. Quality food and great wine! We all enjoyed the dinner! – Klara P Ahava


Joyden Canton Kitchen

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
Joyden Canton Kitchen – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6446 8488
Address5 Stadium Walk, Leisure Park, Kallang, #02-42, Singapore 397693

Make a reservation at Joyden Canton Kitchen for a Cantonese feast this Chinese New Year to welcome the Year of the Rabbit. Star delicacies created with yam and duck are included in reunion set dinners, which start at $288. Choose from dishes like the crispy yam and salmon yusheng ($68) or the crispy yam with salmon and abalone yusheng ($78) to start the dinner with a toss to wealth.

The $108 classic braised eight treasure duck, which is packed with roast pork, ginkgo, water chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms, and lotus seeds, is the center of attention. The crispy Szechuan duck ($76) is a delicate meal that has been marinated with ingredients including cinnamon, bay leaf, and star anise. Other dishes include double-boiled superior fish maw with ginseng and chicken soup, steaming glutinous rice with yam and Chinese sausage, and yam puree with pumpkin and ginkgo nuts. Seasonal teas like hong guan yin, a beverage with notes of honey and Chinese orchid, are a great way to wash it all down.

Customer Reviews

Nice restaurant with good food. Pretty crowded on weekends. Friendly service and the floor staff are working hard to accommodate every guest despite being short-handed. Please be patient with them 🙂 – Wen S


Crystal Jade

The Finest Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants in Singapore
Crystal Jade – Chinese New Year Dinner Restaurants Singapore
ServicesDinner Restaurant
Contact Details+65 63390998

Crystal Jade is consistently at the top of the list when it comes to Chinese New Year cuisine. The island is home to several restaurants, ranging from casual to exquisite dining. Visit Crystal Jade Golden Palace for Teochew specialties and Cantonese food (set dinners start at $138 per person); choose delicacies like steamed Boston lobster and crispy spring chicken seasoned in fermented bean curd.

With set dinners starting at $138 per person, the recently opened Crystal Jade Pavilion in VivoCity offers waterfront vistas as you savor double-boiled eight-head abalone soup and crispy pork rib. Don’t pass up the opportunity to try the magnificent new Golden Harvest sea cucumber yusheng, which costs $138 and is constructed of Australian sea cucumber, greens, jellyfish head, dried persimmon, and pomelo.

Customer Reviews

Excellent food and great service. Expect to pay more than Crystal Jade kitchen. The 5 dishes below cost $199 but more than enough for 4 pax. – Raj M

And that’s not all! In addition to our Chinese New Year dining recommendations, don’t miss the chance to explore our comprehensive list of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore. We’ve scoured the city to bring you a selection of eateries that showcase the diverse and delectable offerings of Chinese cuisine.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the festive season. If you have any outstanding dining experiences that you believe deserve a spot on our list, please share them with us. Your input helps us maintain the highest standards in our rankings.

Make sure to also explore our compilation of Unique Restaurants, where culinary innovation meets impeccable service. Take the time to discover the distinct offerings of these establishments, adding an extra layer of excitement to your culinary adventures in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Chinese New Year is 2023?

The “Year of the Wood Rabbit” returns in 2023 after a 60-year absence. 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011 are recent “Rabbit” years.

When should I have Chinese New Year dinner?

The entire family gathers for this feast, also known as Tuen Neen Fan () or reunion supper, the night before the first day of the Chinese New Year, to wrap up the year together before a new one begins.

What should you not wear to a Chinese New Year party?

For the Lunar New Year, people dress in a vivid hue because they want to carry luck into the shifting seasons. However, in Chinese culture, two hues—black and white, which are typically worn on sad occasions—should be avoided.

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