5 Best Smart Watches in Singapore

Nowadays, the world is digitizing and gadgets are becoming an essential part of our lives. The evolution in technology introduced an excellent smartwatch option for the users. Smartwatches are considered the best replacement for mobile phones and give you complete cellular support.

A smartwatch is a compact gadget that is intended to be worn on a wrist. Like cell phones, you can use touchscreens and get multiple digital applications on your arm. The working frameworks include Apple Watch OS, Samsung’s Tizen, Fitbit OS, and Google Wear etc. Smartwatches accompany a variety of options i.e. fun, entertainment, study, sports and health highlights. The watch permits you to follow pulse, oxygen, blood, rest and stress levels and keeps you active.

Same as the feature of cell phones, the internet access enables a smartwatch with a whole world of potential capabilities, like message notifications, GPS navigation and calendar synchronization. A bluetooth association with your telephone implies the smartwatch assisting you with setting calls or sending and receiving messages.

Smart watches come in all shapes, sizes and prices, among all the options the best one is confined to suit you. There are numerous features and quality but we’ve tried to shrink the list of most important characteristics that a smart buyer should consider before purchase.


In choosing the best rice cooker, you must consider the following factors.

  • Compatibility: Apple Watches just work with iPhones, while Wear OS gadgets get along with iOS and Android. Smartwatches made by Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit and others are likewise viable with both Android and iOS, but you’ll have to install a companion app. The smartwatch OS will likewise direct the sort and number of on-watch applications you’ll approach.
  • Price: Smartwatch prices can range from very affordable to pretty expensive. Paying more will give you more health and fitness tracking with optimum quality. Expensive devices have advanced fitness, music and communications features. They will often also have perks like onboard GPS, music storage and NFC, which budget devices generally do not have.
  • Battery Life: Battery life is probably the main problem with smartwatches. Most smartwatches last around two days, if that’s not enough for you, opt for brands like Huawei, Fitbit or Garmin, which offer slightly impaired functionality for vastly improved battery life.
  • Fitness Tracking: Over the past couple of years, health tracking has become more advanced on most smartwatches as well. Activity tracking is a big reason why people turn to smartwatches. An all-purpose timepiece should log your steps, calories and workouts, and most of today’s wearables have a heart rate monitor as well.
  • NFC: Many smartwatches have NFC, letting you pay for things without your wallet. After saving your credit or debit card information, you can hold your smartwatch up to an NFC reader to pay for a cup of coffee on your way home from a run. Keep in mind that different watches use different payment systems: Apple Watches use Apple Pay, Wear OS devices use Google Pay, Samsung devices use Samsung Pay and so forth. Fitbit and Garmin even have their own versions called — you guessed it — Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay.
  • Music: Your watch can not only track your morning runs but also play your jogging jams. Many smartwatches let you save your music locally, so you can connect wireless earbuds and listen to tunes without bringing your phone.
  • Communication: All smartwatches have bluetooth, that’s how they connect to your smartphone. Some have a 4G/Cellular connection as well, which means you can stream music, receive messages and calls, even if you’ve left your phone at home. It costs extra, and probably isn’t worth it for most.
  • Size: Size is an important feature. If you’ve got slender wrists you’re going to want a smaller smartwatch, this is not due to looks, but due to comfort.

We have shortlisted the best smartwatches in Singapore that you can purchase at this moment. Regardless of whether you need to buy an Apple Watch to suit your iPhone, the best Android smartwatch for your Android cell phone, or simply a moderate smartwatch for following your wellness, we have picked something for everybody.

Thus, with no further ado, let us examine the best smartwatches to purchase in Singapore at the present time. We will keep this article refreshed habitually so it generally contains the best items.

The Best Smart Watches in Singapore


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE

Photo from Samsung.com
Size: 1.2″ (30.2mm)
Bluetooth: v5.0
CPU Speed: 1.15 GHz
ROM Size: 4GB
RAM Size: 1.5GB
Dimension: H40.0 x W40.0 x D10.9 mm
Weight: 37g
Network/Bearer: SIM Size (Embedded SIM), Infra (3G WCDMA,4G LTE FDD), 4G LTE
Connectivity: Wifi (802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz), NFC (Yes)
OS: Tizen
Display: 360 x 360 Resolution
CPU Type: Dual-Core
Battery: 247 mAh
Better insights to reach your fitness goals
Android or iOS compatible
Seamless integration with your favorite apps
Connected, even on the move
Keep your beat connected
Battery built for endurance
Available in multi colors
Comfortably sleek design for any style

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is designed to help you learn more so you can achieve more. It goes beyond tracking steps and calories to offer actionable insights on everything from your running style to your heart rate. Its advanced sensors track up to 39 distinct activities, keep pace on a jog and help you better achieve your goals. It automatically tracks seven popular activities: walking, running, cycling, rowing, elliptical trainer, dynamic workouts and swimming. The stainless steel Galaxy Watch Active 2 pairs seamlessly with Android devices while the aluminum watch pairs with Android and iOS compatible devices.

The touch bezel allows you to easily navigate with a quick turn, touch or tap. Available in chic aluminum or stylish stainless steel and with a variety of faces, bands and finishes, there’s a Galaxy Watch Active2 for any style. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 long-lasting battery can go for days on a single charge, and you can always get a quick boost from your compatible Galaxy phone with Wireless PowerShare. LTE connectivity on the Stainless Steel Galaxy Watch Active 2, you can leave your phone behind.


Apple Watch Series 6

Photo from Apple.com
OS: WatchOS 7
Compatibility: iOS
Display: 1.78″ OLED
Processor: Apple S6
Band sizes: Varies based on watch size
Onboard storage: 32GB
Battery: 18 hours
Charging method: Wireless
IP rating: Water-resistant to 50m
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE
The eventual fate of wellbeing is on your wrist.
Breakthrough sensors, very powerful
Highly illuminating
ECG on your wrist anytime
Better sleep, better awakening; sleep app to help you schedule your bedtime routine
Fitness, check your workout statics more precisely in gym on road and even in water
More precise metrics as you move
Music and podcasts, more than 75 million songs on apple music
Share your activity with friends

Better than many with regards to monitoring your fitness than any other watch, as the sensors in the ECG app of apple watch series 6 will help you to generate ECG like single-lead electrocardiogram. Electrodes of the watch along with ECG will help you monitor your heart’s electrical signals. Workout goals will help you do your workouts and highly illuminating red, green and infrared lights will shine light into your vessels and reflect the oxygenation of your blood.

Competition motivates us to do better, Apple watch will help you to invite your friends in a seven day activity challenge. Solo loop; Crafted from a soft, stretchable silicone rubber, the Solo Loop is ultra-comfortable, lightweight and surprisingly easy to slip on and off. The always-on retina display will help you see your information even better. Access your information easily by just swipe up to see the control center and swipe down for notifications. The Apple Series 6 watch is one of the best for you if you are both health and time conscious.


Fitbit Versa 2

Photo from fitbit.com
Brand: Fitbit
Model: Versa 2
Battery life: 6+ days
Display : AMOLED
Touch screen : Yes capacitive touchscreen
Memory: 7 days of detailed motion data
Smartphone qualities: Yes
Materials: Aluminium
Band size: Small and large available
Water resistance: Yes
Compatibility: Android, IOs
Bluetooth: Yes v4.0
Wireless protocol:Yes Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n
Syncing range: Upto 30 feet
Notifications: Yes
Sensors: Yes
All day activity tracking
Sleep tracking
Always on display mood
Hi-Res colour touch screen
Customizable clock face
Syncs wirelessly
On screen workouts
Smart track automatic exercise recognition
Personalized reminders
Store and play music
Cardio fitness scores
Amazon alexa built-in

Fitbit as the name suggests that keep you fitter and on track for a longer period of time with upto 6 days battery time and always on screen display mood. It is durable and long lasting its touchscreen has amplified brightness with upto 1000 nits and durable screen made from gorilla glass 3.

Its automatic sleep tracker will help you with your bedtime schedules, moreover it can remind you to move and take extra steps if you are inactive for a longer period of time. With built-in amazon alexa you can easily control your home devices. You can also choose from 20+ exercise modes from biking to swimming. Whatever you want to do just set a goal and let the watch check out your stats during workouts.

Stress is a real issue in these hectic times but Fitbit can also help you manage your stress by using an in app score that tracks physical signs of stress. You can stay on track with personalized reminders and be motivated by listening to 300+ songs, downloading pandora station and deezer playlists. On the run and worried about payments? You don’t need to worry if you have a Fitbit because now you can use your credit and debit cards to save purchases anywhere that accepts tap and pay. With helping you in staying fit and on track, Fitbit can also help you do many of your daily important tasks.


Garmin Vivoactive 4

Photo from garmin.com
Brand: Garmin
Model : vivoactive4
Material : stainless steel
Display : 33.0 mm Diameter, Resolution 260 x 260 pixels
Connectivity: android, IOs
Weight: 50.5 g
Battery life: Smart watch mode: upto 8 days, Gps mode with music: 6 hr, Gps mode without music: 18hr
Water rating: Swim 5 ATM
Sensors: Yes
Clock features: Yes
Daily smart features : Yes
Activity tracking: Yes
Heart rate monitoring: Yes
Body energy tracking
Menstrual cycle monitoring
Hydration tracking
Pulse ox sensor
Respiration tracking
Stress tracking
Wristband heart rate
Animated workout
All the activities you love
Smart notifications

With Garmin vivoactive 4 you can stay active and healthy. It’s more than just a watch, a daily health tracker with so many features like cardiac, respiratory and body energy tracking you can monitor your fitness levels. You can enjoy your workouts by easily downloading your favorite songs from spotify and deezer accounts, connect with wireless headphones and enjoy yourself while workouts.

One of the best features is safety tracking as your phone and watch are connected. You can send your location to your family during outdoor activities. You can also get a personal running coach that will help you achieve your running goals. With Garmin vivoactive4 watch both your time and health.


Huawei Watch GT2 Smartwatch

Photo from consumer.huawei.com
Brand: Huawei
Model: GT2
Size: 2 available, 46mm, 42mm
Battery: 14 days for 46mm watch, 7 days for 42mm watch
Weight: 41 g for 46 mm watch, 29g for 42mm watch
Display: For 46 mm; 1.39 inch AMOLED 454 x 454 HD, the AMOLED touchscreen supports slide and touch gestures. For 42 mm; 1.2 inch AMOLED 390 x 390 HD, the AMOLED touchscreen supports slide and touch gestures
Sensors: Yes
Connectivity: Bluetooth: BT5.1, BLE / BR / EDR
System requirement: Android 4.4 or later , iOS 9.0 or later
Water resistance: 5 ATM
Revolutionary power station
Aesthetic design
Sport tracking
Can be used to answer calls
Locate your phone
Notification alert
Vibrating alert
Smart alarm

The Huawei Watch GT2 series is always exploring the limits of smart watch battery life. With HUAWEI’s self-developed wearable chip Kirin A1, the dual-chip design and intelligent power saving technology, it serves you day and night for up to 2 weeks. Inspired by the aesthetic design of minimalism, The Huawei Watch GT2 integrates a high quality 3D glass face to create the bezel-less vision. The fine craftsmanship is captured in the details of the watch case and its classic design style.

A new breakthrough in personal training. The Huawei Watch GT2 tracks your workouts with precise positioning systems and monitors your heart rate with the accurate TruSeen 3.5. It is the professional companion for your indoor and outdoor activities. To make your everyday life easier, the Huawei Watch GT2 supports features like Bluetooth calling 2, in-device Music 3, message notification, TruSleep 2.0 sleep tracking and TruRelax pressure monitoring.

To conclude, we’ve tried the best quality smartwatches available, including contributions from every one of the greatest organizations just as up-and-comers and more modest names in Singapore, permitting us to rank them definitively so you know which to consider for purchase.

After carefully reading this article, we believe you have a choice from any of the smart watches reviewed here. Likewise, we advise you to conduct more research on your choice smart watch.

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