5 Best Rice Cookers in Singapore

Rice is a must-found staple in most Singapore homes. Coking rice seems like a simple routine until normal cooking pots start burning or sticking. Rice cooker is a versatile home appliance. Rice cookers become necessary when you need evenly cooked rice, not mushy or burnt. Rice cooker heats your rice without being overcooked or undercooked. However, most rice cookers you find today can perform different functions. Some of the rice cookers listed in this article can cook your rice perfectly and are used to prepare other meals. Some can steam vegetables and prepare soups.

They also consist of unique features and functions. Nothing is better than having your rice cooked fluffy white with good fragrance retained.

Are you tired of having overcooked, dry, wet, sticky, or mushy rice? Then, purchase any of the rice cookers listed here.


In choosing the best rice cooker, you must consider the following factors.

  • Function: The function of a rice cooker may be standard or multipurpose. By standard, we mean the former old rice cookers. A standard rice cooker will only cook rice. It also has a keep warm feature with a digital countdown. Multipurpose rice cookers have an all-inclusive cooking feature. They are the new sets of rice cookers available these days. They need less supervision once set to correct timing. They are a bit pricey but with added convenience and variety.
  • Capacity: The second factor to consider is the capacity or size of the rice cooker and the amount of food it can cook. Choose the size according to your home cooking. Most common sizes will typically cook about 4-18 cups of coffee rice.
  • Cleaning: It is not enough to pick a rice cooker, checking how to clean is important. Does the rice cooker have easy cleaning features? Check if it comes with removable inner lids because they are easy to clean. Your rice cooker should also be non-stick needing less scrubbing or soaking after use.
  • Types: Surprisingly, rice cookers are not made with the same materials. There is stainless steel, ceramic, etc. Some are more natural than others. Stainless steel is the best choice for health. It is non-reactive and durable. When you use a stainless steel rice cooker, the flavor and nutrient of your food is preserved. Ceramic is non-stick but may flake as usage continues. It is also healthy to use. There are also induction heat rice cookers which are more expensive. It gives even cooking for your food because it uses magnetic fields for heating.
  • Fuzzy logic or Micom technology: New innovative ideas for making rice cookers. It’s an inbuilt logic and artificial intelligence that allows rice to cook on its own without forcing a hard set of parameters. Rice cookers with fuzzy logic or micom will react and adjust the temperature and cooking time accordingly. For instance, if the rice is wet, it adjusts the temperature to cook rice slightly for a longer time. It’s just innovation for the rice cooker to decide how to cook or operates on its own without needing manual adjustments.

You should take note of the accessories, the durability of the rice cooker before purchasing it.

The Best Brands of Rice Cooker in Singapore


Song Cho 1.8L Induction Heating Rice Cooker

Photo from songcho.com.sg
Size: 1.8l (10 cups)
Energy consumption: 1200 Watts
Inner lid: Depth: 23.5cm, Height: 13.8cm
Dimensions (LxWxH): 445mm×320mm×295mm
Net weight: 5.5kg
Gross weight: 7kg
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
No chemical coating
3-ply stainless steel
10 cooking functions
Plastic steamer, measuring cup, rice ladle, rice scoop, soup ladle, and soup scoop
430-grade stainless steel outer layer
304-food grade inner layer
Induction heating technology
18.8 stainless steel inner lid

Are you mindful of bacteria and chemicals entering into your meals? then, this is a rice cooker that you can select. It has no chemical coating, so safe cooking is a priority. The rice cooker functions via induction heating so you can bid bye to hard Chao ta rice. With this, temperature Is evenly distributed to make your eyes have a consistent and smooth texture. It can cook 4 rice textures soft, al dente, standard, and crust.

Song Cho He’s also known for its quality and durability. It makes your rice and hygienic for consumption. Get this Multi-functional and value for your money.


Tefal Pro Induction Spherical Rice Cooker RK8055

Photo from tefal.com
Size: 1.8L (10 cups)
Energy consumption: 1200 Watts
Warranty: 2 years
Bowl color: Silver
Weight: 6.5kg
Width: 432mm
Height: 323mm
Depth: 316 mm
Material: Aluminum (body), Stainless steel (inner)
48 cooking functions.
Steam basket, rice, and soup spoons, measuring cup, and recipe book
Spherical bowl
Fuzzy logic
Induction technology
Non-stick inner pot
Adjustable temperature
Keep warm
Automatic shut-off
Control display

Tefal Pro rice cooker Is a versatile rice cooker. This is the best of all as it exceeds your expectations about the rice cooker. It is durable and has non-stick layers that leave no mess of leftover rice. Also makes consumption of anything it cooks healthy. It is easy to wash and dishwasher safe.

This is the best rice cooker for home chefs because it has DIY functions that allow you to adjust and customize your cooking settings. It uses fuzzy logic, induction technology, and spherical heating. The spherical bowl optimizes heat distribution for even cooking. You can even cook with an open lid.


Tefal Mini Rice Cooker RK50001

Photo from Google
Size: 0.7L
Bowl thickness: 2mm
Warranty: 2 years
Colour: White
Bowl layer: 5
Detachable lid
11 cooking functions
Spherical bowl
Fuzzy logic technology
Multi-layer inner pot
24-hours keep warm
Recipe book, measuring cup, soup spoon, steam basket, and rice spoon
Removable bowl

This 24-hour keep warm and 11 functions rice cooker is perfect for small homes or students. If you need a compact rice cooker, you can buy this because it is space-saving. It can cook porridge and instant noodles. The inner pot is coated with ceramic, which makes it non-stick and easy to wash.

It also uses fuzzy logic technology, induction heat, and spherical cooking for better circulation and excellent cooking performance. It’s one of the best and popular rice cooker in Singapore for small rooms. Work less about food wastage as you can reheat leftover food.


Philips Avance Collection IH Rice Cooker HD4535/62

Photo from Google
Size: 0.5l (8 cups)
Energy consumption: 500 Watts
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Voltage: 220-240V
Cord length: 1.0m
Material: Plastic (body)
Warranty: 2 years
Colour: Black
13 cooking menus
Steam basket/ tray, spatula measuring cup
iSpiralH technology
12-hour keep warm
Detachable inner lid
Bakuhanseki coating

Another top-notch rice cooker that uses its own patented iSpiralH technology and fragrance retaining valve that allows fresh and even cooking. With its 13 cooking functions, you can cook different dishes in slow or fast cooking to meet varieties of cooking needs. There is a digital display where you can see your settings. You are guaranteed healthy eating with the Bakuhanseki coating- a type of stone material with minerals like iron, zinc, calcium that are good for the body.

It has a comfortable and detachable inner for cleaning convenience. The rice cooker also keeps your food warm and fresh for up to 12 hours. Get superb fluffy rice when you use Philips Avance rice cooker.


Panasonic Micom Rice Cooker SR DF101

Photo from Google
Size: 1L (5.5 cups)
Energy consumption: 750 Watts
Colour: White
Dimensions (H × W × D): 199 x 245 x 339 mm
Weight: 2.5kg 
Material (inner lid): Grey Non-stick Coated Aluminum
Micom/ fuzzy technology
6 cooking programs
4 buttonsPush-button lid release
Removable inner lid
5-hour keep warm
Measuring cup, rice scoop, steam basket
Attractive and compact design

Best rice cooker that is easy to use for beginners and the elderly. It can work for steaming and slow cooking. Buy this rice cooker because it has a domed lid that prevents moisture from dripping back onto food and removes mushiness. You can get even cooking with this rice cooker. With the Fuzzy Logic, the cooking temperature is controlled and adjusted according to the amount of rice and water.

It comes with 6 pre-programmed cooking functions to cook brown rice, white rice, porridge, steam, or for quick cooking. A simple and sleek but powerful design. It has no handle but is easy to carry. Panasonic Micom Rice cooker is suitable for small kitchens and is highly budget-friendly.

Any of these rice cookers recommended in this article deserves a space in your kitchen. Make cooking easy and set your meal in a one-pot arrangement by using multipurpose rice cookers.

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