5 Best Mountain Bikes in Singapore

Cycling is an excellent option for a workout, especially for those who are looking for new and exciting methods. Many people have been reluctant to go to gyms since the pandemic began to show evidence of ending. The best mountain bikes allow you to ride through the wild side of off-road as well as cruising through gravel paths.

Mountain bikes distinguish themselves by providing good sturdiness and ruggedness to face any obstructions, whether plowing through steep mountain trails or bracing oneself for downhill mountain biking. A good mountain bike can be controlled with ease. It comes with wide tires for enhanced balance and flat handlebars for more accurate steering.

There isn’t a mountain that is tall enough for these mountain bikes listed in this article. Mountain biking is an alluring adventure full of fun and dare. Since the best mountain bike may mean different things to different people, we have compiled some top 5 mountain bikes in Singapore with features that may entice you.

Choosing the right mountain bike

Choosing your mountain bike demands that you consider some tips. Here are few tips to guide your decision when purchasing your mountain bike.

Types of mountain bike

When choosing your mountain bike in Singapore, you need to be sure of the type of bike you need. The types of mountain bikes are

  • Cross Country Bikes: These are lightweight bikes used for the moderate outdoor experience and are fairly rigid in structure.
  • Hardtail Bikes: Hardtail bikes are the most common for mountain biking. These bikes lack a rear suspension to help you save your biking energy that may otherwise waste in compression.
  • Full Suspension Bikes: These bikes have front and rear suspensions and are used for mountain biking expeditions on highly bumpy trails.
  • Downhill Bikes: Engineered for long slope and downhill trail riding, this type of bike features heavy-duty disc brake assembly and chain guards.
  • Freeride Bikes: They are designed to fit any style of mountain biking expedition and any type of terrain. The weight, brake assembly, and suspension of these bikes are calibrated meticulously to offer you the best biking experience over any trail.

Choose the appropriate size

Everything else takes second place to have the appropriate mountain bike frame size. However, don’t rely on the size stated by the producers. Some companies produce different sizes ranging from small, medium, and big but there is no universal definition for these sizes. The large size of one company may be comparable to the medium size of another.

Rather, choose the mountain bike that is a good fit for you. Look for and compare sizes. Likewise, do more in checking the size of your mountain bike than you would on a road bike.

Resist the urge to buy cheap

With mountain bikes, like almost everything else, you get what you pay for. Buying a cheap mountain bike may end up causing you unhappiness over the long run, even if it was a deal. The bike and the components may not last like they would if you have had gotten a quality model. Ultimately, you’ll be frustrated, and end up spending more money on repairs instead of buying a better bike in the first place. Your budget for a mountain bike can be between $500 to $10,000.

Check a wheel size

There are different diameters of mountain bike tires. For instance, 27.5in or 29in. Each size of the tire has unique functions.

Choose the right weight

Weight is important but off-road, strength is marginally more important. It will be helpful for steering accuracy, cornering, confidence all suffer, and speed It is also better to carry a few extra pounds and keep your bike out of the hedge and out of the workshop, too.

Now that you have an idea on how to choose the right mountain bike, let’s get into the chosen brands of mountain bikes in Singapore

The Best Brands of Mountain Bikes in Singapore


Forever Mountain Bike

Forever Mountain Bike
21-speed, 26″ full adult-size bicycle
ATA 14-28T Indexed cassette
Alloy 6061-T6 bicycle rims
ATA-7 crankset: Weighs ~12kg, suitable for riders of 155cm-185cm height
Wheel diameter size: 26 inch
Dimensions: 26 inches x17 inches
Shimano TX-30 21-speed derailleur
ATA 14-28T
21 speed
Shimano tourny rear derailleur
Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes
Industry-standard Jagwire CFX brake cables
Dual front suspension fork smooths out bumps and shocks
Adjustable seat height

If you are a rough rider or just a generally clumsy person you will need a sturdy mountain bike like Forever Mountain Bike. It’s the most popular durable and strong mountain bike in Singapore

It is designed with the intention for riders to need something durable and comfortable during stressful mountain trips. Forever Mountain Bike comes with plenty of amazing features to assure that worth the price. It’s a 21-speed bicycle with over three front gears and seven rear ones. Enjoy a smooth cruising experience with this mountain bike.


Begasso Foldable mountain bike

Begasso Foldable mountain bike
26 Inch Bicycle
Foldable by frame.
Able to put in car boots, bring to MRT/buses.
Carbon Steel Frame
Bike Frame Size (inches): 26
Number of Speed: 24
Weight: 15kg

Need to manage your space and budget? This cheap mountain bike, Begasso 24 Speeds Foldable Mountain Bike is for you. It is a compact and foldable mountain bike, Begasso bike is certainly worth owning. Space-saving bikes are often a premium choice in Singapore.

Whether you want to store it in a small space in your storeroom or bringing your bike on board public transport, this cheap mountain bike prioritizes your convenience so you’re able to travel with it on the go. Like some best mountain bikes, it comes with Shimano gear shifters and derailleurs that guarantee durability and reliability in the long run.


Giant Talon 4

Giant Talon 4 mountain bike
Sizes: 27.5: XS,S 29: M,L,XL
Colors: Trekking Green, Metallic Black
Frame: ALUXX-Grade Aluminum, disc
Fork: SR Suntour XCE 29 (100mm travel) or SR Suntour XCE 27.5 (80mm of travel)
Rims: Giant GX03V 29 or 27.5, alloy, double-wall, 21mm inner width
Spokes: Stainless
Tires: Maxxis Ikon 27.5 or 29×2.2, wire bead
Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Shimano Altus shifter
MTB Caged pedals
Lightweight and durable

The Giant Talon 4 offers durability and stability in a lightweight frame. It’s a suitable choice for entry-level trail riders who prefer a hardtail model to a full suspension bike.


Volck Marl 2

Volck Marl 2 mountain bike
photo from minimotors sg
Weight: 12.8kg
Elastic Quality: 210 Gpa
Colour: Black grey
Height: 175 ~ 190 cm
Product size: 27.5 * 19 inch
Dimensions: 54.3 × 8.3 × 29.5 inch
100MM hydraulic suspension
Modern style power coating
Toray T700 carbon frame
Shimano Altus M2000 groupset with 3-speed settings at the front and 9 at the rear
Derailleur System
SHIMANO MT200 Hydraulic Brake
 27.5″ * 1.95″ Tires.

Here is one of the most valuable lightweight carbon fiber mountain bikes that is the best choice for intermediate to advanced off-road use. Volck Marl 2 makes it much easier and faster to climb and ride on paved routes. It also lets you catch extra air-time on downhill or trials paths.

To crown it all, you’ll get a generous 100MM of hydraulic suspension for a buttery-smooth ride, along with 27-speed precision shifters to dial in the right gear no matter the terrain.


Polygon Mountain Bike Cascade 2

cascade 2 mountain bike
photo from minimotors sg
Seat Post: Steel Candle Type 27.2mmx300mm
Wheel Size: 27.5”
Color: Black red
Weight: 17kg
Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ31
Shifter: Shimano ST-EF41 3X7 Speed
Height/cm (S, M, L): 152.5-165, 162.5-175, 172.5-185, 182.5-195
27.5-inch wheels
100mm travel suspension fork

Without breaking the bank, you can buy this mountain bike. It’s a versatile mountain bike good for daily mountain trails and daily commutes. Polygon Mountain Bike Cascade 2 is lightweight and durable. The Cascade 2 frame is made solely of AL6 alloy, a lightweight complement to the 27.5” wheels that provides less rolling resistance.

Also, it has a 100mm travel suspension fork that will smooth out any bumps along your way. 

After carefully reading this article, we believe you have a choice from any of the mountain bikes reviewed here. Likewise, we advise you to conduct more research on your choice mountain bike.

Looking for a different type of bicycle? Perhaps the best foldable bikes in Singapore will interest you.

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