The Best Monitor Arms in Singapore

And, of course, proper positing and concentrated work constancy are essential for our productivity. The greatest monitor arms will help us operate more efficiently in the digital world.

Spending time in front of computers is common these days and COVID-19 boosted this trend. Now employees work from home and revolve around the computer all day. The ergonomics of our workplace depends on our working posture and style. And, of course our productivity is totally based on true positing and focused work consistency. The best monitor stands would play a significant role in our digital work efficiency.

If you are looking for the best monitor stands to improve your productivity in daily routines then you are at the right place. Actually, a monitor stand is an equipment designed for computers, desktops, laptops, notebooks and other display screens. It makes your watching, typing, editing, viewing and reading angles easy and comfortable so that you can perform better work on it.

Remember! Don’t spend your time and money on low quality products. These are precious commodities so spend them in the right place. Here, we have summarized a list of 5 best monitor arms in Singapore that are worth buying among customers.

Choosing the right monitor arm

High quality, durability and flexibility of monitor arms are the first priority of every customer. Technically, hole pattern, height adjustability, weight and cable management are the key purchasing factors that need to be evaluated while shopping monitor stands. We will recommend you the best monitor stand that suits your working with its features, specifications, pros and cons so that you’ll easily choose your desired one!


FlightTM Single Ergofly Pro Monitor Arm

Flight ergofly pro single monitor arm
Image from Lazada
SpecificationsManufacturer: Flight TM
Model: L2-202U
ROHS Safety Certificate: Yes
Monitor Rotation: 360° (swivel +90° to -90°, tilting +90° to -90°)
Screen Weight Range: 0.5 Kg to 09 Kg
VESA Brackets: 75 mm and 100 mm
Warranty: 03 years (after sales support)
Laptop Holder: Optional
FeaturesSleek and Slim Design
02 x USB3.0 (fast charging and data transfer)
Double arm stretch support
Double clamp for stability
Neat cable management
Covered with cover to prevent from damage
Non-split mat

VESA 200 x 200mm is adjusted at the four holes at the back of the monitor and makes the height adjustment more suitable for users. Free rotation at 360° for best screen fixation as per your position. It will give you comfort while typing, watching movies, checking documentaries during tea sipping and using it while standing. You can use this Flight™ Single Ergofly Pro Monitor Arm as your body posture requires.

The product maintained a 4.8 stars rating on various online stores. Installation process of Flight™ Single Ergofly Pro Monitor Arm is an easy job and any one can do it without a screwdriver.

Why choose this monitor arm?

  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Provide landscape and portrait monitor adjustment
  • Rust free coating and high grade aluminium used for manufacturing
  • Carry heavy load monitors
  • Customer friendly device
  • Easy installation

iErgo 4 Pole Single Monitor Arm

iErgo monitor arm featured image
Image from Lazada
SpecificationsMonitor Rotation: 360°
Screen Weight Range: 08 Kg
VESA Brackets: 75 mm and 100 mm
Warranty: 03 years (after sales support)
FeaturesSupplied with clamp and grommet parts
Cable management
Single monitor supported
Gas spring technology

The OfficeHub reported 94% positive seller rating for iErgo 4 Pole Single Monitor Arm, which indicates high customer acceptability due to its optimum use friendly features. The arm is recommended for both offices and work from home employees. Just take 15 minutes for complete installation.

Its durability adds value in its purchase rate. Usually, heavy monitors used for gaming, app launching, website designing and software development can easily put loads on this monitor arm. The device adds more freedom and flexibility in your life. You can share data quickly from your computer to USB or hard drive by using its ports. 

Why choose this monitor arm?

  • Aluminium, steel and plastic construction material
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Strong, stable and stunning
  • Excellent flexibility


PRISM ARC 02 Dual Monitor

prism+ arc monitor arm
Image from PRISM+
SpecificationsScreen Rotation: 180°
Swivel, Tilt and Rotate: +90° to -90°
Fit Screen Size: 17 inch to 34 inch
Screen Weight Range: 09 Kg
VESA Brackets: 75 mm and 100 mm
Warranty: 01 year
FeaturesPreset spring tension
USB and audio ports
Heavy duty clamp
Best cable management

Once you buy PRISM ARC 02 Dual Monitor, you wonder why you did not purchase that item before. Awesome and admirable experience of every customer. A highly recommended product for workstation at real estate, office and home. The product makes your room spacious and clean. You can tune the background music while working, using its audio feature. Connect you headsets easily with the PC and enjoy your favorite tracks. It will maximize your focus and increase your work stamina.

The monitor stand allows you to rotate your screen from horizontal to vertical position as per suitability. It depends on your requirements – angle adjustment, flexibility, rotations, posture setting and heavyweight screen replacement – all are doable and take no time for final settings.

Why choose this monitor arm?

  • Easy installation system
  • High versatility
  • Strong arm to uplift your monitor
  • Extra screws supplied on delivery
  • Sturdy and stable grips
  • Quick and easy assembling


Deepcool M-DESK

Deepcool MDesk F2 Model Monitor Arm
Image from DeepCool
SpecificationsData Transmission Rate: USB 3.0 speed
Screen Weight Range: 25 Kg
Efficient Working Posture Distance: 60 cm
Extension Port: Power button, audio, mic, USB
Height Adjustment: 95 mm approx.
Product Dimensions: 584 x 250  x 95 (mm)
FeaturesEasier access to audio and USB ports
Sleek, sturdy and useful
Thick SPCC structure
Aluminum alloy supporting feet
Green, gray, white and black color schemes

Deepcool M-DESK monitor stand gives you a desktop working environment at home. You can work actively as ergonomics needs for a long time and improve your focus and work concentration. The wider workspace allows you to place books, cellphone, keys, stationery and other accessories of your daily routine. Best viewing angle eases your working and enhances employees output.

The green and white designs are high in sales demands, most attractive colors among others. On the right side, multiple port options for USD, mic, audio and power facilitates you to operate them easily and select your targeted commands quickly.

Why choose this monitor arm?

  • Carries heavy loads
  • Sufficient monitor placement space
  • Easy to use
  • Luminant buttons and supports
  • Bigger workplace


Gas-Strut Desktop/Monitor Mount – Single

Gastrout desktop or monitor arm
Image from Gas-Strut
SpecificationsMonitor Rotation: 360°
Swivel: 180°+
Tilt Angle: +35° to °-50
Fit Screen Size: 17 inch to 27 inch
VESA: 75 x 75, 100 x 100 (mm)
Screen Weight Range: 6.5 Kg
Upright Lift Distance: 250 mm
Color Availability: Black
FeaturesClamp and grommet hole mounting options
Cable management
Universal VESA
Aluminum and steel metals used for manufacturing
Powder coating for outer surface protection

Gas-Strut Desktop/Monitor Mount – Single is considered as an ideal monitor arm for offices. It provides spinal relaxation and healthy postures to employees for better work efficiency and amazing output. The strong assembly of the product gives more strength, durability and long term usability of the product.

Although, its screws required good attention for fixing. However, once fixed, ensures strength and rigid standing position where set. The 360° angle of rotation gives customized response to every customer for better use in the office hours. The product is getting more value among Singapore employees and corporate offices. Besides, it looks bulky before installation but when it’s started, it finishes within 15-20 minutes.

Why choose this monitor arm?

  • Low price
  • Easy installation from key holes
  • Equal balancing at table top
  • No tools required for adjustment
  • Ergonomics adjustable spring desk

To summarize, a monitor arm is an essential component of monitor screens since it offers several benefits in today’s world of home offices. No one can deny the value of these monitors in terms of increasing job outputs, employee growth, and spinal health. In this list, we’ve included all of the most popular monitor arms.

This article will assist you in selecting the best monitor stand for your needs. Of course, we want to see you succeed in your everyday responsibilities. One of the monitor arms listed above will significantly improve your competitive performance. Have a fantastic shopping experience!

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