5 Best Electric Bikes in Singapore

Electric bikes are the new and independent way of travelling from your home to office. E-bikes provide the best eco-friendly, convenient and affordable alternative to public transport, expensive cars and traditional motor bikes.

You can travel anywhere or anytime in Singapore by driving your electric bike. It gives you freedom, satisfaction and self-dependency in your personal life.

There is no need to set alarms for public transport, boring travelling routines and tired rides. Just start your e-bike and choose a different journey as per your mode and weather conditions. You can stay at any public café for coffee or snakes after office timing and spend your personal time there. You are no more bound to spend time at set stations, here, you are your own travel planner.

Choosing the right Electric Bike

E-bikes are designed for faster travelling than manual bikes and have integrated electric motors. The bikes are powered by efficient batteries that assist in fast riding and pedaling. E-bikes offer clean, quiet and peaceful travelling. Purchasing e-bike will save your time, money, energy and environment. No more waiting for local buses, refilling of fuels or gas stations while riding. Keep your journey easy and enjoyable!

To determine which one is suitable for you and fulfill your needs is a big question mark. Purchasing an e-bike is sometimes overwhelming and it comes in different designs. Key parameters that define its quality are battery efficiency, motor strength, parts alignments, locations and torque. Here, we have summarized the best 5 bikes in Singapore. The list will make your decision easy and quick!


Venom 2+ Electric Bike

venom plus 2 electric bike LTA approved
Image from Minimotors SG
Maximum Range: 75 km
Load Capacity: 100 kg
Frame: Aluminium alloy
Charging Time: 03 hours approx.
Battery Specifications: Samsung 35E 3500 maH,36V 10Ah Detachable
Brake: Dual disk
Tube Tyres: 14″ x 2.125″
Motor: 250W brushless
Headlight: LED front
  • Fast battery charge timing
  • Multi-color availability i.e. orange, gray, white
  • Easy foldable and lightweight
  • No suspension

E – Bike Highlights

  • Built-in seat suspension
  • Rear LED brake light
  • Bright LCD display meter
  • Slick aesthetics
  • LTA approved
  • EN15194 certified
  • 01 year warranty

Venom 2+ electric bike is made of high quality material with an affordable price. A minimal effort is required for powerful pedal assistance and fast driving. You have endless options for adds-on as per suitability. The bike possesses 02-steps battery packs for easy replacement on demands.

Your journey will remain chill by using drinking water – bottle holder and front basket. Customize your e-bike with your preferences like child seat, rear basket and color selection. The built-in horn helps you in busy areas of the city. Its braking clippers are strong and powerful as compared to traditional ones. Moreover, the one step folding of venom 2+ electric bike makes it easy to handle.


Tornado Aqua Electric Bicycle

tornado electric bike in red singapore
Image from Ekolife Asia
Maximum Range: 50 km
Weight: 20 kg
Load Capacity: 120 kg
Max. Speed: 25 km/hour
Charging Time: 05 hours approx.
Battery Specifications: 36V 9Ah Detachable
Brake: Tektro V
Tyres: 24″ x 1.5 pneumatic
Motor: 36V 250W
Headlight: LED front
  • Easy to drive with single gear mechanism
  • Comfortable and smooth drive
  • Durable design
  • Axle integrated sensor
  • 05 mode selections available
  • Not foldable
  • Only 01 gear

E – Bike Highlights

  • LCD display and kick stand
  • LTA compliant
  • Singapore safety mark
  • 06 months warranty

The Tornado brand designed an Aqua electric bike for the ease of Singapore citizens. The brand assembled the bike at the national level despite relying on imports. The bike displays 05 running commands at the fingertips like battery level, trip, speed and odometer. The rider calculates how much distance travelled and what the current condition of the battery for remaining travel is. Set their route preferences as per bike capacity.

Stable, comfortable, upright and enjoyable riding position is available for Aqua electric bike users. The Axle integrated sensors ensure the efficient response from wheels while moving on straight roads or hilly areas. Its 45 nm torque makes it slope friendly on zig zag roads.


Apollo Smart 1S Electric Bike

Apollo Smart 1S Electric Bike in grey
Image from Ekolife Asia
Weight: 19 kg
Load Capacity: 120 kg
Max. Speed: 25 km/hour
Charging Time: 04-06 hours approx.
Battery Specifications: 36V 7.8Ah Detachable
Brake: Tektro disk brake, 160mm rotor
Tyres: 20″ pneumatic
Motor: 36V 250W brushless
Headlight: LED front
Side Stand: Yes
Warranty: 06 months
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • High quality battery and motor
  • Lockable battery casing
  • Ergonomic grip
  • LED lights – front and rear
  • Only gray color availability
  • No suspension
  • Multiple gears – difficult to handle

E – Bike Highlights

  • 7-speed Shimano system
  • 5 modes power setting
  • LTA approved
  • EN15194 certified
  • Rear luggage rack
  • Pedal assist e-bicycle
  • Read disk e-brake

The Apollo smart and compact design makes your drive smooth and easy at the subway. You can easily put the bicycle into your car or taxi whenever needed. Its compact and small height also adjust it under the table. So, customers face no parking issues at all.

Light, speed, distance, battery life and remaining power displayed on the front unit so one can easily access the travel and route confirmations. Its rear driver motor provides safe travel and smooth acceleration. The small, integrated, silent and light-weight motor keeps your journey calm without any irritations. The aluminum body makes the Apollo electric bike stronger to carry 120 kg load capacity to achieve maximum durability.


JI MOVE LC Electric Bicycle

ji move electric bike singapore
Image from Ji Move website
Maximum Range: 60 km
Weight: 19.7 kg
Max. Speed: 25 km/hour
Charging Time: 03-04 hours approx.
Battery Specifications: 36V 9.9Ah Detachable
Tyres: 14″ pneumatic
Handle: Foldable
Motor: 36V 250W brushless
Headlight: White LED
  • Special designed frame
  • Easiest battery detaching
  • Controllable speed limit
  • Front and brake light
  • Suitable for easy and rough tracks
  • No suspension
  • Less compatible for long distance travel
  • Accessories limitations
  • Difficult to carry in MRT

E – Bike Highlights

  • Smallest wheel e-bike
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Free number plate included
  • Free LTA registration

One of the best e-bike for daily commuting purposes. Especially designed for single people going to work and back. Its aluminum alloy quality makes it water resistant. No need to worry while travelling in rain as commonly occurred in Singapore.

In addition, the solid metal mudguards, sports tyres and disc brakes make it easy and durable to use. Those persons having small heights should prefer the JIMOVE LC electric bike while purchasing e-bikes.


VeeBike F7

veebike f7 electric bike in black
Image from Ekolife website
Maximum Range: up to 180 km
Weight: 19.2 kg
Max. Speed: 25 km/hour
Charging Time: 02-04 hours approx.
Battery Specifications: 36V 7.5Ah Detachable
Tyres: Kenda 20″
Motor: 36V 250W brushless rear hub
Headlight: White LED
  • Lightweight
  • 5 speed power mode
  • Foldable features
  • Limited color options

E – Bike Highlights

  • LTA registered
  • Allu alloy – 6061 aircraft material
  • 07 speeds Shimano
  • Customized LCD display options

Veebike ensures class and convenient travel for its users. The easy foldable option for this electric bike gives access to carry it at any place as it covers less space. Having excellent water resistant options to keep the bike rust free.

20 inches Tiwan Kenda tyres ensures wheel balancing and road grip while riding in smooth or hilly areas. You can purchase a separate battery if want to go on a long drive. However, bike maximum range is up to 180 km as per road conditions. The battery gives fast charging facility to facilitate the customer’s ride.

To conclude, let’s make your journey convenient, independent, smooth and enjoyable with extraordinary features of e-bikes. I hope you have selected the one which suits your daily commutes. Just think about the future, its eco-friendly, noise and pollution free. To put your role in sustainable development, must choose the one which is in your budget range.

Looking for foldable bikes instead? Check out our range of foldable bicycles in Singapore list. Have a fantastic ride ahead!

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