5 Best Bike Lights and Reflectors in Singapore

Over the previous decade, brands have revamped in escalating the output by adding more advancement of bike lights and reflectors manufacturing. The best bike lights won’t just assist you when you are going on the road in the dark but also be used as indicators or reflectors. Many brands suggest utilizing lights during the day just as in the evening, especially in fog, low light and rainfall, to advance more secure riding just as to further develop awareness among bikers.

Bike lights or reflectors are a legal requirement in Singapore, especially at night, and using one that’s brighter than the legal minimum seems like a sensible way of helping drivers see you. Rear lights or reflectors help others to see your bike or bicycle on the road. A great bicycle light for road riding (with the occasional off-road jaunt) not only gives more visibility to cars but also has enough lumens to illuminate the road ahead. It should also have solid battery life so you don’t end up in the dark after only an hour of journey.

Great quality bike lights ought to be one of the main accessories on your list. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best one. Lets have some overview on some of the most important features regarding bike lights.

Choosing the right Bike Light and Reflectors

Regardless of whether you ride day or night, the best bicycle lights can assure your safety on the road. On the off chance that you consider that most cycling crashes happen during the day, it’s likely worth putting resources into a daytime running light (DRL) with numerous modes that can likewise fill in as a night light. Most contemporary bicycle lights offer shifting levels of splendor, battery life and glimmer designs, and have an underlying DRL work, the yield of which is estimated in lumens.

Practically every model accessible has LED lights with numerous splendor settings and a battery-powered lithium battery. As you assess your alternatives, focus on the number of lumens a light has, just as its guaranteed battery life and waterproof rating. This guide will help you to buy bike lights with enlisting essential features you need.


Lumens are a proportion of how much light streams through a space each second. For the most part, the more lumens a bicycle light has, the more splendid it will be, yet brilliance is likewise affected by the light’s shaft design. In case you’re riding on sufficiently bright roads or ways, a front light in the neighborhood of 100 to 200 lumens is generally enough, though mountain bikers should search for headlights with something like 1,000 lumens. Most taillights are under 100 lumens and have streak modes or different settings that make them more splendid as vehicles approach.


Li-ion batteries are the most popular type found in bicycle lights (and consumer electronics) because they boast one of the best energy-to-weight ratios, low maintenance, and no memory effect. Even better, they offer a higher power density, which means longer run times from a super-light battery (lithium is the lightest of all metals).
Another great advantage is that Li-ion batteries cannot be overcharged. Plus, they lose only 5% of their charge a month, so they’re ready to go when you (or your buddies) are.

Battery Life

Bicycle light batteries regularly last, at least, for a couple of hours. They channel quicker on lights with more lumens or when you’re utilizing a light on its most brightness setting. To monitor power, utilize those brilliant settings just when you truly need them. Notice your light’s low battery marker so you realize when it’s an ideal opportunity to re-energize and can try not to be left in obscurity.


Most bicycle lights are water-resistant and some are even waterproof. Brands rate their items on the Ingress Protection scale, which surveys molecule and water-obstruction. In the event that you routinely cycle in the downpour, ensure your lights have an IPX rating of five or higher (where X is a placeholder, and in some cases filled by a number, for the item’s molecule obstruction). Lower appraisals show water-safe, not completely waterproof, items.

Now that you have an idea on how to choose the right bike lights and reflectors, let’s get to the list of the most recommended lights and reflectors.

The Best Models of Bike Lights and Reflectors in Singapore


WEST BIKING Bicycle Tail Light with Horn

WEST BIKING Bicycle Tail  bike Light with Horn
Brand Name: West Biking
Certification: None
Origin: CN (Origin)
Model Number: YP0701301
Mounting Placement: Seatpost
Power Supply: Battery
Product weight: 54g (light + strap)
Battery capacity: 900 mAh
Charging time: about 3h
Voltage: 3.7V
Brightness lamp beads: High brightness
Set your own light mode: 5 light mode options
USB rechargeable : The turn signal tail light is USB rechargeable
Tweeter: 120 decibel loudspeaker
Waterproof bicycle tail light: The tail light is made of waterproof material
Remote control indicator light: lightweight and durable bicycle tail

The brightness of 12 red light SMDS and 18 yellow light SMDS on the left and right side is high, which can effectively remind the rear road. You can change different modes according to your needs and occasions to get the best lighting experience and protect you. The tail light is made of waterproof material to ensure safe use on rainy days.

The turn signal tail light is USB rechargeable The wireless remote control can easily replace the CR2032 battery. When you are riding you can turn on and turn off the corresponding according to the road conditions via wireless remote control system. It can also be used as helmet light, backpack light, warning light, etc.


Meilan X5 Remote Control Signal

Meilan X5 Remote Control Signal bike light and reflector
Light source: 29LEDs SMT (Everlight chips)
Light color: Red light + Yellow Light
Output: 85 lumens
Main Mode: 3 modes (Flash, steady, cross-flash)
Turning mode: 2 modes (Turn right, turn left)
Laser: 2 red lights, safety distance 5M, 2 modes: steady and flashing
Switch: Remote control (controller mounted at handlebar)
Auto light sensor: on/off by ambient light brightness
Lamp Battery: Lithium battery 2000mAH
Charge: USB port (Android type), about 3-5 hours to full charge
Input: 5V 1A Max
Controller Battery: Button Cell CR2032 3V 310mAH, replaceable, not chargeable
Indication: Red light when charging, auto turns off when fully charged
Burning: subject to mode in use, mainly, work 4-8 hours .
Ingress protection: Rain water proof
Mount: Fits tube dia. 20-40mm
Casing: Mainly black color
Material: Mainly ABS, PC, silicon & electronic devices
Working Life: 1000 times charging, 5000 service hours
Working Temperature: -20-60°C
Lamp size: 110×45×30mm, weight 130g
Controller size: 35×42×20mm weight 17g

Wireless remote control and bright LED: Tail light are combined perfectly together to get drivers attention from blocks away, due to its turn signal and various flashing modes.
Weather Resistant IPX4: To make lights protected from rainfall the water proof resistant is very useful.
Laser: To allow drivers to keep a safe distance from getting too close, the mode is a big help, it protects you by providing a safety range with others.
A 2000mAh USB rechargeable battery: Allows the rear light to work continuously for up to 8 hours in flashing mode.
The light detection system: Turn off the lights automatically during the day and turn on at night.
Flash Modes: There are three flashing modes, flashing, constant and cross-flash.
Two ways to fix the rear light: The saddle bottom or the standpipe above.

There is a rear light for bike riders to make them safe at night. It has three flashing modes to catch people’s attention, and the function of remote control makes the use convenient. As the outside light is strong and weak it automatically adjusts the luminance of the tail-light. It has a lithium battery of 2000mAh which helps the lights last for a longer period of time when you are on the way.

Its installation is very simple: it contains seat tube installation mode having fit tubes and bike side bottom installation can be adjusted at 180 degree. The remote control on the front handle has the function of controlling the rear light. It is suitable for E-bikes, Bicycles, E-scooters with seats.


ROCKBROS Bike Tail Light

rockbros tail bike light

Name: Bicycle smart brake tail light
Size: 4.8cm x 4.5cm x 3.8cm
Weight: 26g
Material: ABS+PC
Light Type: Three type; single flash, burst flash, breathing flash
Waterproof level: IPX6
Mode: 3 Types
ABS Resin: Smart and wear resistant
Tail light: Rechargeable LED
Smart Sensor: Vibration Wake, Highlight brake Tail-light
Easy To Master: real time battery display
IPx6 Waterproof: No fear of rain and wind
No Tools: Portable Installation
Damping: Rubber damping gasket
Installation: Easy to install

Rockbros bike tail lights have a stylish and amazing design. Its rear light has three types of flash that makes you different in the crowd and improves your safety on the road. Seat Bracket and Seat Post two sections offered to mount on the seat rail or the seatpost meet your distinctive need. No additional tools are required, unscrews from the mount effectively to take with you so it doesn’t get taken.

IPX6 waterproof and dustproof configuration make the bicycle back light function admirably even if you get trapped in the abrupt rain that is very common in Singapore. It meets every day cycling needs, so don’t be soaked in water. USB rechargeable design for long use, the back bicycle light can work as long as 50 hours after fully charging various modes and has diverse battery life. It tends to be effectively charged by means of computers or power banks.


WEST BIKING Bike Light 2 XML LED Headlight

WEST BIKING Bike Light 2 XML LED Headlight
Product Name: USB Highlight Bicycle Headlight
Product Size: About 10.5×6×2 CM
Weight: About 244g (Only Light); About 383g (With Package)
Brightness: Max 2000 Lumens
Battery: 18650 Built-in Battery×2; Max 6000mAh
Lifetime: Strong Light About 4 Hours
Light Bead: XML-T6 Bulb
Waterproof: IP-65 Waterproof
Range: About 200-300m
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Modes: Low / Mid / Highlight / Flash ( Long Press)
Fixed Method: Two Bracket for Selection
Light Design: Owl Double Head
Brightness: High
Modes: 4 Lighting
Design: Dual Core
Floodlight: 150 deg Large
Fit for: Night Riding, Outdoor Lighting
Waterproof: Silica Gel Button
USB Charging Interface: USB Fast Charging
Charging Time: 3 Hours

It is made of aluminum alloy with a center pillar bracket. You can rotate the bracket at 360 degree angle. It has real time monitoring of lamp body temperature, when internal temperature is too high, it will automatically downshift. It consists of a powerful battery which shows indication for battery percentage.

It has a sufficient amount of electricity as it is built in two 18650 batteries, enough for endurance. You can enjoy your ride on a rainy day because it has water resistant material. Its circuit protection design, overcharge protection and prolonging service life make this product worth buying.


WEST BIKING Bicycle Light With Horn

WEST BIKING bike Light With Horn
Item Name: 4 In 1 Bicycle Light
Model Number: YP0701307
Lumens: 500 Lumens
Speaker Decibel: 120 Decibels
Colour: Black, Red, Blue, Orange
Net Weight: About 200g
Size: About 120×50×31mm
Lamp Beads: L2 Lighting
Mode: Strong Light(5H)-Weak Light(10H)- Flash(12H)
Battery Capacity: 4000mah Lithium Battery
Charging Time: 5 Hours
Output Current: 0.8A
Multifunctional: Power bank, Bike Light, Mobile Phone Holder, Bike Horn
Lumens: 500 Lumens
USB Charging: Yes
Waterproof: Resistant to Rainfall
Horn Wire: Controlled Switch
Width: Adjustable about 4mm
Bracket Angle: Adjustable
Bicycle Lamp: Rechargeable

West Biking specialized in developing, manufacturing and trading bicycle accessories and cycle equipment. Having exclusive design and top quality which are popular among cyclists. West Biking Bicycle multifunctional lights make it unique. You can use it as a bike light, power bank, mobile phone holder and bike horn. Its shock absorbing gasket does not hurt the phone. It has 500 lumens for safer riding especially at night.

It has a 120 DB wire control speaker, you can easily switch over sound effects with 5 sound modes by pressing for 4 seconds. Three light modes: strong light mode (5h), weak light mode (10h) and flash mode (12h) can be changed according to your operation needs. Its build in spring design, easy to pick and place elastic clip can not be shaken-off.

In pursuing the bicycle lights or reflectors, we tried our best to maintain the trust of our readers by recommending the top bicycle lights. We hope you make a wise decision and select the best of the bunch of bicycle lights in Singapore.

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