10 Best Bak Kwa Shops In Singapore

Singapore is well known for its dynamic and diversified culinary scene, which offers a wide variety of tastes and meals to suit any palette. Bak Kwa is one among the numerous mouthwatering foods that line the city’s culinary landscape, and it is a favorite among both locals and tourists.

A classic Singaporean delicacy, these mouthwatering slices of grilled beef are expertly marinated and imbued with sweet and salty tastes. In this introduction, we’ll dig into the world of Singapore’s Bak Kwa stores and examine the background, tastes, and cultural importance of this delectable treat. Join us as we go to the Lion City to uncover Bak Kwa’s seductive charm.

Best Bak Kwa Shops In Singapore


Bee Kim Heng

Best Bak Kwa Shops In Singapore
Bee Kim Heng – Bak Kwa Shops Singapore
ProductsCharcoal Grilled Bak Kwa
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8852 9921
Address32 New Market Rd, #01-1010 People’s Park Food Centre, Singapore 050032

Bee Kim Heng has been selling traditional and delicious bak kwa to both locals and tourists since 1951. They believe in selling the highest quality products, thus all of the bak kwas they offer are 100% charcoal-grilled, giving you a unique flavor.


  • Free Shipping for Orders Above $100
Customer Review

Smokey charcoal grilled bak kwa, not too sweet, and not tough. Yummy! Ate 4 slices at one go! – Rach Q

Tried one sample which was very chewy and had that smoky barbecued fragrance… The lady seller is very friendly and this could be my regular haunt in the years to come if my relatives give the thumbs-up too!! – Sean Lee

Compared to many bak kwa stalls, this one fares better in terms of the smoky charcoal fragrance. Most bak kwas are charred and contain added color, this one’s just nicely done. – Yuka Leong


Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa Pte. Ltd

Best Bak Kwa Shops In Singapore
Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa Pte. Ltd – Bak Kwa Shops Singapore
ProductsBak Kwa
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6969 1531
Address8A Admiralty St, #05-31 Food Xchange @ Admiralty, Singapore 757437

Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa was launched in 2018 with the goal of allowing newer generations to enjoy Freshly Grilled Bak Kwa in the same way that the founders did as children. Bak Kwa has been perfected by the aging of its recipe over more than 40 years, much like excellent wine. The flavor, softness, and unique charcoal scent are just what you’d expect from a superb Bak Kwa. In an industry where the last “new” flavor was invented decades ago, Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa is continuously pushing the boundaries. Experimenting to create exciting items that appeal to the younger generation and current flavor trends is a constant effort.


  • Freshly Grilled Bak Kwa
  • 40 Years of Perfection
  • Guilt-Free
  • Fat-Free
Customer Review

Probably the best bakwa in SG. The fact that it is a healthier bakwa makes eating eat feels less sinful too! would order again! – Rizky Budiyanto

Everything about Golden Gourmet is great! We tried the signature bak kwa few weeks back and it was pretty unforgettable… Tasty , yet not a single bit of the usual oily after taste or sore throat feeling after eating so much! 😅Try it everyone! – Cris Lim

FYI, your chilli bak kwa is the most tender & best flavoured… my Hubby’s impressed that your items are delivered in good condition i.e. well-packed & well-presented too! He commented “Good Admin” – Belinda Tan


Fragrance Bakkwa

Best Bak Kwa Shops In Singapore
Fragrance Bakkwa – Bak Kwa Shops Singapore
ProductsBak Kwa
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6219 3397
Address301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza, #01-105, Singapore 574408

Madam Ong opened her first bak kwa shop in 1969, inspired by the fervor and optimism of the newly formed Singapore. She established winning formulas through hard labor, and the heavenly aroma of her barbecued meat drew Singaporeans from all walks of life to partake in this tradition. After the natural aroma of the barbecued meat, the brand was dubbed “Fragrance” in Chinese.

With its tempting barbecued options as well as traditional Singaporean delicacies, Madam Ong’s heirs, the Tan family, have continued to champion the indomitable spirit of a post-independent Singapore. Fragrance has grown to become one of the region’s fastest-growing chains and a leader in barbecued meats thanks to every Singaporean’s pride in their gastronomic traditions.


  • Highest Quality of Ingredients
  • Trust
  • Progress
  • Customer Satisfaction
Customer Review

No Reviews Yet as of this Writing


Kim Hock Guan

Best Bak Kwa Shops In Singapore
Kim Hock Guan – Bak Kwa Shops Singapore
ProductsBak Kwa
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6535 2536
Address150 South Bridge Rd, #01-02, Singapore 058727

Mr Lim Chwee Guan (), our great-grandfather, went out from his homeland of Anxi in Fujian, China () in the 1890s to come to Singapore, which was then known as Nanyang. He was an industrious and industrial young guy who worked long hours in several jobs and made ends meet. Nonetheless, his business ability would get the best of him. He was missing a particular dish, a Chinese delicacy that his parents used to prepare throughout the festival seasons.

Mr Lim hoped that the product would help him share a piece of his native culture with his adopted motherland. And thus the concept was formed. Bakkwa, or barbeque sliced pork, is the product they’re familiar with. In 1905, the younger Mr Lim established Kim Hock Guan at No.70 Rochor Road in the Bugis Area with the support of his elder brother, who was managing Law Hock Guan () on Hong Kong Street in Chinatown.


  • Consistent
  • Healthier Variety Offers
  • Uniquely Traditional
Customer Review

Traditional bak kwa (barbecued pork) with a long history. The sliced pork bak kwa is not too oily and not over-caramelized. – Beng Keong Chew

Delicious food and good service. – Megan Lim


New Peng Hiang Pte Ltd

Best Bak Kwa Shops In Singapore
New Peng Hiang Pte Ltd – Bak Kwa Shops Singapore
ProductsBak Kwa
Price Range
Contact Details+656753 7707
Address15 Woodlands Loop #03-35/36 Singapore 738322

New Peng Hiang’s bakkwa are created with premium ingredients and traditional recipes, promising to produce the highest quality products. There are no preservatives, MSG, or artificial flavors added. Every slice of bakkwa has been handcrafted over bamboo sieves for more than 30 years. To bring out the aromatic flavor, the bak kwa is smoked for hours over charcoal.


  • Best Quality Products
  • Premium Ingredients
Customer Review

No Reviews Yet as of this writing

Best Bak Kwa Shops In Singapore

Kim Joo Guan

ProductsBak Kwa
Price RangeRetail of Barbeque Pork Slices and Pork Floss
Products available:
BBQ Premium Pork Belly – $40 per 500g
BBQ Gourmet Traditional Pork Slice – $28.50/500g, $57/kg
BBQ Gourmet Traditional Chilli Pork Slice – $29.50/500g, $59/kg
BBQ Gourmet Gold Coin – $27.50/500g, $55/kg
BBQ Gourmet Traditional Pork Slice (vaccumed pack) – $14.80 for 200g, $37 for 500g
BBQ Gourmet Traditional Chilli Pork Slice (vacuumed pack) – $15.20 for 200g, $38 for 500g
BBQ Gourmet Traditional Mala Pork Slice (vaccuumed pack) – $15.60 for 200g, $39 for 500g
Original Pork Floss – $6.30 for 100g per can, $11.60 for 200g per packet
Chili Pork Floss – $6.60 for 100g per can, $12.20 for 200g per packet
Sesame & Seaweed Pork Floss – $6.80 for 100g per can, $12.60 for 200g per packet
Contact Details+65 6225 5257 or +65 62515748
Address257 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058806

Kim Joo Guan’s traditional recipe has been an integral part of the Ong family spanning  four generations, originating from Fujian, China and dating back to the early 20th century.  

Their recipe retains its traditional taste and remains a heritage that continues to satisfy their valued customers from all over the world.  


Whetting the appetites of three generations of Singaporeans with its traditionally  prepared bak kwa (barbequed pork slices), Kim Joo Guan Pte Ltd has supplied five of  Singapore’s most well-known bak kwa brands for more than 30 years.  

Entering the family business at the young age of 13, Mr Ong Bon Seng began as an  apprentice in his relative’s bak kwa shop. In 1977, beginning with its first set of premises  at Lim Chu Kang, Mr Ong put in many hours to establish a clientele, often handling  deliveries personally on his motorcycle.  

Through gradual effort, Mr Ong slowly built up the business, increasing the demand for  Kim Joo Guan’s bak kwa to eventually necessitate a move to larger premises in  Woodlands, and to the current location of its production facilities today.  


The ethos of Kim Joo Guan Pte Ltd and its Managing Director Mr Ong Bon Seng is that  they insist on offering only the best quality in their bak kwa products, no matter what.  

Giving the utmost attention to the standard of everything from raw ingredients to the  preparation process, Kim Joo Guan Pte Ltd makes a point of using only 100% Australian  grain-fed fresh pork, chilled instead of frozen to preserve the great taste of its bak kwa.  This has won the food manufacturer a loyal clientele of fans, including a number of  celebrities. 


  • Finest Quality
  • Retain its Traditional Taste
Customer Review

The meat is a little dry but that is because i opened it after 2 weeks and i microwave it. It is a must try and and it will not dissapoint you. – Mohan

My favourite place to buy bak kwa. Great as gifts. – Jane N

Sells tasty bbq sliced pork-not too sweet. Usually long queue at the stall during Chinese New year. – Wai Pang Chan


Bee Cheng Hiang

ProductsBak Kwa
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6334 3958
Address239 Victoria St, Bugis Village, Singapore 188028

Bee Cheng Hiang is much more than a ‘bakkwa’ business. Their goal is to become Asia’s top food company, offering high-quality products and services to a global audience. Their clients may enjoy their products with peace of mind in a world where food safety is paramount. Their bakkwa is prepared entirely of natural ingredients, with no added meat tenderizer, preservatives, artificial flavorings or colors, or MSG.


  • Committed
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Quality Products
Customer Review

As a die hard for bakkwa , Bee Cheng Hiang has always Been consistent to maintain their standings and standards. With their innovative ideas on new products. Banks remains their best seller’s. – Thomas Tan

Very nice Staff, especially Alex, very understanding and Helpful. – Bay Yong Sheng

Turning out that I really like the beef over an original pork. – Kanis Sirikasem


Kim Tee

ProductsBak Kwa
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6655 6665
Address22 Maju Ave, Singapore 556695

Mr Teo Kim Tee began his Bak Kwa company in the 1970s with minimal knowledge of the Bak Kwa recipe. He finally came up with his own unique and special Bak Kwa taste and established his own brand “New Eastern (Kim Tee) Dried and Minced Pork” at the shophouse in Serangoon Gardens, thanks to his unwavering efforts, fervent interests, and tenacity.


  • Original Taste
  • High Quality
Customer Review

Recommended by a friend who is a loyal customer. Its really nice. Not so greasy kind for bakkwa and the nonya love letter is addictive. – Engsheng Teo

Been buying from them since my parents time. Used to their taste & texture. There are other branches opened by siblings and cousins since their grandparents. – Michael Chang

The bakkwa is not overly greasy and sweet enough. They grilling the bakkwa through traditional method by using charcoal oven. Its uniquely thin and tender nature, making it easy to chew. Very Delicious! – Lai Sam


Lim Chee Guan

ProductsBak Kwa
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6933 7230
Address203 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059429

Lim Chee Guan has been a pioneer in bak kwa – Singapore’s traditional grilled beef slices – since 1938. Mr Lim Kay Eng originally opened his business in Chinatown, equipped with a recipe he created, using the finest ingredients and following the same rigorous technique. He worked hard for many long and tough years to earn the respect of bak kwa fans.


  • Delicate Flavor
  • Juicy Perfection
Customer Review

Overall = Very Good ! Bought IN Jan 2021 🙂 Taste still very good. Customer service is good. too. .Most important since i went so many weeks ahead of the Chinese new year, there is NO queue almost. Price is before the increase. – Jim

Super fast and efficient service, and decent queue time (~15 mins) Imo their bakkwa is one of the best in SG and pretty consistent. – B C

Their bak kwa is famous, but always sold out during Lunar New Year. Located in Chinatown, Singapore. – Jessica Yee


Peng Guan

ProductsBak Kwa
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9684 8386
Address335 Smith St, #02-36, Singapore 050335

Mr Zhang Ziyue and Mr Lee Kok Keong founded Peng Guan in 2014 out of a shared love for the traditional festive treat – barbequed pig jerky, or bak kwa. Ziyue is no stranger to the bak kwa business. The couple would spend their weekends as hobby cooks, producing bak kwa and gifting them to friends and relatives, fueled by their interest and experience gained from growing up in the bak kwa business.


  • Handmade Bakwa
  • Most Authentic
  • Consistent Texture
Customer Review

The bak kwa here is authentic and tastes amazing. Although it may not look very appetising, the taste certainly makes up for it and is a must try! If u are a bak kwa fan. – Derek Neo

Limited selection during CNY period. They do increase their price during CNY period but not as expensive compared to other brands. Went down to buy 2 times within a week. The buying experience is fast and good. – Seng Chai Loh

Best bak kwa in sg IMO. Tender and flavorful and comes in a nice vacuum-packed box. – Weizhe Lim

Singapore’s Bak Kwa establishments are a beloved part of the nation’s culinary history. These shops sell an extensive selection of savory, sweet, and smokey grilled meat treats that are popular with both residents and visitors. Bak Kwa shops in Singapore are a must-visit location for food enthusiasts exploring the vibrant street food scene in the Lion City because they offer a delicious and practical way to enjoy the taste of this beloved snack, whether you’re looking for traditional flavors or creative twists on this classic treat.

Do check out our list of Fish Head Curry and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Bak Kwa represent?

Bak Kwa is a dialect name that means “dry flesh.” In Chinese custom, the rich red color of grilled pork jerky is considered lucky, symbolizing good luck and thought to fight off evil spirits.

What does Bak Kwa taste like?

The bak kwa here has a smokey, old-school flavor, with umami overtones of soy sauce and caramelized sugar (most bak kwa we’ve eaten is flatly sweet). Although the pork might be more tender, this is still a wonderful, traditional bak kwa.

Why is Bak Kwa so expensive?

Bak Kwa are Perishable Goods
The majority of the commodities are perishable and must be consumed within a month after purchase. As a result, customers have no choice but to purchase it during peak season, even if the price is greater. Price increases are less likely to affect commodities having a longer shelf life.

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