5 Best Baby High Chairs in Singapore

Feeding and caring of little ones is a highly proactive and challenging task. The most appropriate way to nourish them is by using a high chair.

Babies are muddled, particularly when they’re eating, and the utilization of a high chair can be a lifeline by assisting with keeping your child’s food off the floor. It’s highly secure and the best alternative for your young-stars while he or she is eating.

Baby high chairs give a protected spot to infants and kids to sit when eating and raise them to table heights so they can be important for eating times. In addition, giving them a safe spot to play when you’re preparing food in the kitchen or lawn.

You can use the high chairs to secure babies in one place and move to another. High chairs have diverse characteristics and functions such as safer to use with provided adjustable straps, wheel rocks, seat adjustment, flexible, and attachable-detachable feeding trays. Once you make your babysit, you can secure them with either a 5 point harness or 3 point harness. High chairs occupy space, yet many high chairs come with foldable options, so they occupy very little storage.

Many high chairs come with different features, while a convertible high chair has multi-function. Choose the right high chair for your baby as per your requirement. Before you make any decision let’s have a look at the characteristics of high chairs.

What to Look at while Buying High Chairs?

Choosing the right chair for your family is the one that makes feeding your baby easy, safe and fun-once you are sure about chairs that meet your requirements. It truly depends on your family’s financial plan, style and how you intend to utilize your high chair.

Age suitability

Baby chairs used to be appropriate from around 6 months, or when your child can sit up all alone and you start weaning. We are progressively seeing another age that accompanies extra cushioned embeds and lean back capacities to make them reasonable from birth. Ensure that the high chair you selected must get adjusted to your baby as they must feel comfortable to use it.


There are a lot of baby chair choices that are compact and light when folded, so are easy to fit in the boot of your car. And, there are some seats that you can attach directly to your existing kitchen chairs or table, which come without legs. Many of these even have their own carry case but they don’t provide the same comfort and support offered by the big padded chairs.


Many highchairs can now be converted into various formats – from traditional highchair to booster seat to child seat, as your child grows. Of course, these come with a higher price tag, so it’s worth considering whether you want one long-lasting, investment product to do all of these jobs or prefer to buy different, cheaper styles over the years.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning is one challenging task once your baby finishes his meals. Ensure that the feeding tray is attachable-detachable for easy cleaning. The tray should not leave any stains of food, which is considered unclean. Few trays are dishwasher safe. Such trays are more comfortable to use and clean.

Apart from the trays, the cushion part of the seating part must be cleaned regularly to keep the high chair hygienic. Ensure that the cushion can be removed easily, washed either with hand or machine, efficiently removing all the stains.


A high chair should have a 5 point harness or 3 point harness. Your baby must be secured with straps not to allow them to stand or play. The more secure will be safest to use. Ensure that the high chair comes with security.


High chair does not occupy extra space when it is not in use unless you have a large room for storing it when not in use, it will be difficult if the high chair cannot be folded in a compact position. Choose a high chair that can be easily folded and occupy less space when folded. Also, ensure that too many folding cannot damage the high chair.


The seating capacity of the high chair should be good enough as your baby must feel comfortable to sit. It should not be less or more. The baby must sit perfectly on the seat.


A high chair must be in a place once the baby sits over. It should not move or flip over or cause any injury to the baby. So, for a high chair to be stable, the legs or stand must be of high quality and good weight-resistant. Hence, look for a high chair whose manufacturing standards are excellent and certified.


High chairs with wheels are easy to use as we can quickly move the chair from one place to another without lifting it. Ensure that the wheels of the high chairs have a locking feature.

So, once your baby is in a high chair, and you do not want to move the chair, lock the wheels, and the chair is stable.


Oxotot sprout high chair

Oxotot sprout high chair
3 levels of tool-free seat height and depth adjustability that grow with the child
5-point harness for added stability and security
Recess in tray can contain over 7-ounces of spilled liquid and is slender for storage and stable when placed on table
Converts to the baby chair when the seat is adjusted to the lowest setting and crotch-post, tray and straps are removed.
Removable tray cover is dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up after messy meals
Minimum 5 months, maximum-60 months
Dimensions (Overall): 39 Inches (H) x 18 Inches (W) x 19 Inches (D)
Weight: 24.3 Pounds
Holds up to: 60 Pounds
Suggested Age: 6 Months and Up
Material: Foam, Wood, Plastic
Assembly Details: Adult Assembly Required, Some Tools Provided

Sprout Chair is designed to grow with your child, from 6 months to 5 years. The comfy seat, footrest and tray easily adjust as your baby grows. The tray can be removed one-handed, has a recess to prevent spill overflow, and comes with a dishwasher-safe cover. The seat, back and cushions are contoured for comfort while promoting good posture, and a 5-point harness secures the baby in the seat.

The Chair and cushion are wipe-able for quick cleanup. For children over age 3, the center post, tray and harness are removed to convert to a youth chair so kids can sit at the family table. For added convenience, no tools are required to adjust the seat, tray or footrest. Sleek wood construction and a space saving design complement any home decor.


Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

Tripp Trapp® chair Natural, Beech Wood. high chair
Tripp Trapp® chair Natural, Beech Wood.
Ergonomic design
Individual colours
Adjustable seating height
Adjustable footrest height
Made of resilient beech wood
Adjustable seat and footrest depth
Brand: Stokke
Model: Tripp Trapp
Material: Beech, Oak or Ash wood
Size: D49 x W46 x H79
Suitable Weight(Kg/Lbs): Up to 136/300
Suitable For Age: From 36 Months

The Tripp Trapp has been well built since its launch over 40 years ago in 1972, where it revolutionised the baby chair category, becoming an iconic and recognisable piece that continues to be a compected special for parents worldwide. Its elegant design without a fixed tray, so your baby comfortably sits at the dining table and enjoys mealtimes with family.

A phenomenally smart and utilitarian household item that can be acclimated to adjust to your children as they grow, taking them from birth to teen. The Stokke Tripp can be adjusted to multiple heights and depths to accommodate your growing baby. Long favored by craftsmen for its strength, durability and flexibility, both beech and oak are natural choices for making long lasting furniture.


Farlin Urchwing Chair

Farlin Urchwing high Chair
5 different functions
Five point harness
Nesting seat
Detachable trays
Adjustable safety straps
Additional T-stand
Height adjustable
Strong structure that last for years
Stunning modern look
Brand: Farlin
Material: Polypropylene
Dimensions: L51.8 x W68 x H84 centimetres
Age Range: 0-70 Years
Max Weight: 108kg
Assembly Require: Yes

Feel comfortable and safe with the Farlin Urchwing High Chair. This T-stand model is height adjustable that grows along with your baby. It can also be used as a dining table to make your baby’s dining time happy. The strong structure makes it awesome to give sturdy performance and durable life for years.

The stunning look makes it perfect for today’s modern lifestyle. The straps are adjustable to ensure safety and convenience. The seat is made up of recyclable consolidated Polypropylene. Seat is a comfortable seat and back that fit and support the size of both childs and adults. The high chair can be assembled without a need for a screwdriver. A hidden hex wrench is provided to allow you to tighten the footrest in place.


SmartClean™ Trio Elite 3-in-1 High Chair™ – Slate

SmartClean™ Trio Elite 3-in-1 High Chair™ - Slate
Removable; dishwasher safe; insert tray included
Easy cleaning and washable and wipeable design
Convert high chair to booster to toddler seat
5-Point harness; 3-Point harness in toddler chair mode
Soft seat and footrest add more comfort
Easy to move around kitchen with 360° wheels
Brand: Ingenuity
Color: Slate
Dimensions (in): 34.5″ x 21.5″ x 43.5″
Age Minimum (months): 6
Assembly Required: Yes

SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 Chair having three chairs one design transforms from full size high chair to booster seat to toddler chair. Its modern design comes in two contemporary colors to fit perfectly in your kitchen or dining room. You can also use the booster for your baby and the toddler chair for your big brother or sister.

The foam seat pad design is designed to be easy to clean with just a wipe and the dishwasher, trays detach to also be cleaned easily.  SmartClean with four locking positions, the tray adjusts to fit your growing babies.


Puku Magic High Chair 2 In 1

Puku Magic High Chair 2 In 1
Adjustable and removable tray
5 point safety belt
3 Position reclining backrest for sleep and sit
Converts from a baby high chair to a separate table and chair
Detachable seat cushion for easy washing and cleaning
Brand: Philips Avent (Puku)
Max weight : 18 kg Size
Dimension: L72 X W62.5 X H106 cm
Suitable: 6-72 months
Tray: Yes

Puku Magic high chair is designed in a full size high chair which gives perfect height for interactive feeding time with family. It can help parents to feed their babies comfortably. It could be separate and become a table, chair and offer a great environment for a baby to dine and play independently.

The size and sturdiness of the high chair is commended. Its cushions are detachable and you can wash them easily. It has a five point safety belt for the safety of your baby. Its weight is very light and you can move it from one place to another.

In the end, I know, now you are thinking about buying a high chair. Hope, all your disarray in regards to the purchasing of high chairs is wiped out. We have discussed types and quality of high chairs with different functions. Likewise, why the high chair is required, advantages, purchasing suit abilities. Pick the one suits to your budget and recommend to the family friends.

With the aid of wet wipes, you can easily clean your high chair. Here’s a list of the most highly recommended baby wipes in Singapore.

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