2024 Food Events and Festivals in Singapore to Pleased your Hunger Pangs

Attention food enthusiasts! Clear your schedules (and appetites) for a delectable lineup of food events and festivals in Singapore. Want to know the secret to triggering a Singaporean? Try dissing our culinary scene—trust me, it’s a surefire way to get horrified gasps and dagger looks.

Our gastronomic landscape is far from dull, with a constant stream of new eateries and cafes popping up, exclusive gourmet events vanishing quicker than you can say “hotcakes,” and an annual food festival that keeps everyone buzzing with excitement. But how does one stay on top of all these mouthwatering happenings? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Save this guide and stay tuned for the latest updates on Singapore’s hottest food events and festivals. Bon appétit!

2024 Food Events and Festivals in Singapore to Pleased your Hunger Pangs


Taste The World

Until 26 May
2024 Food Events and Festivals in Singapore to Pleased your Hunger Pangs

When you can enjoy international cuisines at home, why take a plane across the globe? This first-ever food festival offers a gourmet adventure at seven of Singapore’s most exclusive eateries. Choose from Irish fine dining at Cure, Lebanese cuisine at Ummi Beirut, Korean flavors at Anju, and Japanese sushi omakase at Hashida. With chef demonstrations of ceviche, a hallmark dish of Peru, and mole poblano, a flavorful Mexican stew, Canchita elevates its experience. You may purchase a ticket separately for this meal series on the event website.


Les Copains d’Abord – A Vegetable Experience

9 May, 12 & 13 June, 11 July, 7 August, 7pm
2024 Food Events and Festivals in Singapore to Pleased your Hunger Pangs

Restaurant Jag has some exciting plans in store for this year! The one Michelin-starred establishment is teaming up with renowned chefs to offer a series of five-course vegetable-centric dinners. Among the culinary talents gracing Jag’s kitchen are chef Lewis Barker from Sommer, chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier from Maison Dunand, chef Masashi Horiuchi from Entier, and chef Takeshi Araki from Esora. Additionally, Maison Dunand and Esora will welcome chef Jeremy Gillon in August and October, adding to the culinary excitement.

These collaborations will lead up to a special one-day event on 18 November, celebrating Restaurant Jag’s sixth anniversary. Stay tuned, as more acclaimed chefs are expected to join this milestone celebration!

2024 Food Events and Festivals in Singapore to Pleased your Hunger Pangs

Calling all food enthusiasts, did you happen to miss out on the spring edition of this fantastic bi-annual food event? No worries at all—we’ve got the next best thing lined up for you. Singapore Restaurant Week is back, featuring all the top-rated winners and their most innovative dishes from last month. It’s time to put that gym membership on hold because your calendars are about to be filled with 22 days of extraordinary culinary delights at Singapore’s finest restaurants.

Cocktail aficionados, brace yourselves for a delightful surprise! The beloved Bangkok sensation, Fnkytown, is making a triumphant return to take over two exciting new bars this month. First on the agenda: Fnkytown’s signature flair graces the ambiance of Neon Pigeon. Their menu boasts captivating creations such as the Melon Cream Soda, a refreshing blend of Okinawa gin with pandan, Campari, tonic water, and melon sorbet, alongside the rich and evocative Tokyo Banana, inspired by the vibrant essence of Japan’s capital.

The excitement continues the following night at Oriental Elixir, where F*nkytown unveils a repertoire of extraordinarily crafted cocktails. Anticipate innovative blends like the Durian Colada, a tropical twist on a classic favorite, as well as Winter Melon Soup and Green Curry creations that promise to surprise and delight your taste buds.


World Food Fair 2024

4-7 July, 11am to 9pm
2024 Food Events and Festivals in Singapore to Pleased your Hunger Pangs

Get ready for the much-awaited 19th edition of this annual foodie extravaganza! Traditionally hosted at the Singapore Expo, this popular four-day event is set to return with a bang. Featuring over 200 local and international F&B vendors, patrons can look forward to indulging in a plethora of delectable offerings while enjoying significant savings and sweet deals.

But that’s not all—attendees can also partake in exciting lucky draws, engaging contests, and other delightful surprises throughout the event. And here’s the cherry on top: admission is absolutely free! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to explore a world of culinary delights without breaking the bank.


Singapore Food Festival

19-30 July
2024 Food Events and Festivals in Singapore to Pleased your Hunger Pangs

Celebrating its remarkable 31st year, Singapore’s iconic food event continues to reign as a culinary landmark in this part of the world. Anticipation is high for the return of the Singapore Food Festival this year, promising even more exciting events, delectable offerings, and intriguing collaborations. While details are still under wraps, past editions suggest that the event will likely grace the Bayfront Event Space once again.

Stay tuned for updates and mark your calendars, as this annual gastronomic extravaganza is sure to delight food enthusiasts with its array of mouthwatering experiences. Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for all the delicious details!


Gourmet Park Kampong Bugis Pop-up

Until end of December
2024 Food Events and Festivals in Singapore to Pleased your Hunger Pangs

Relive the vibrant energy of Kampong Bugis with Food Truck Nation’s latest pop-up! Experience the nostalgia with five homegrown brands coming together under one roof, featuring chef collaborations, sizzling grill-outs, and lively block parties. Each visit promises something new and dynamic, making it an exciting destination to explore.

For a laid-back evening, we recommend dropping by on weeknights to unwind with post-work drinks and soak in the lush surroundings. Food Truck Nation’s revival of Kampong Bugis is a delightful blend of nostalgia and modern excitement, offering a memorable experience for all who visit.

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