Blackmores Singapore — Leading Vitamins and Supplements Brand in Singapore

Blackmores Singapore — Leading Vitamins and Supplements Brand in Singapore
Blackmores Singapore — Leading Vitamins and Supplements Brand in Singapore

Blackmores Singapore is made up of a team of over 30 health advocates and knowledgeable Product Advisors. The brand arrived in Singapore in 1976 and even has a dedicated innovation team to formulate vitamin and supplement products catered to Asians. 

History of Blackmores

In the 1930s, Maurice Blackmore founded the Blackmores company in Australia. The brand followed the guiding principle of naturopathy where individuals are encouraged to be kind to their bodies. It is in the Blackmores’s culture to innovate new products and improve accessibility to supplements for everyone.

The team also believes in inclusivity and diversity, and constantly works towards tailoring products to suit varying dietary preferences. They go by this quote: We offer no wonder drug, just the resourceful use of nature. This inspires Blackmores to continuously discover new things about nature. 

Our Vitamin and Supplement Products

We have a wide selection of products for various health concerns and age groups. Some popular concerns that our supplements can tackle include 

  • Reducing stress and improving sleep
  • Improving gut health and liver
  • Boosting immune system
  • Aiding pregnancy and preconception
  • Promoting heart health and circulation
  • Strengthening bone and muscle
  • Curing cold and flu 
  • Improving brain performance and memory

Additionally, we also have products that are vegetarian and/or certified Halal. 

Why Choose Blackmores Singapore For Vitamins and Supplements

The Blackmores team has laid out strict quality standards when it comes to ingredient sourcing and product formulation. 

✓ Porcine free

✓ Preservatives free

✓ No artificial additives and flavourings

✓ Sourced sustainably

Here are 3 main reasons why you should choose Blackmores Singapore as your preferred vitamin and supplement brand:


The ingredients we use in each supplement product and dosage provided are based on evidence. Each formula is designed to work.

Gentle, natural ingredients 

Ideal forms of active ingredients are used to ensure maximum absorption and gentleness. In other words, the supplements will not cause any side effects other than what is intended for its purpose. 

Focus on quality

Only the best and most reliable ingredients that fulfil our stringent criteria are used in our products. For example, our fish oil comes from Peru where the fishes are fed algae and hence have the lowest risk of contamination.

Customer Testimonials

Where To Buy Blackmores Singapore Products

Our products are available online and in stores at various platforms:

  • Guardian — in stores and online
  • Watsons — in stores and online
  • Lazada 
  • Shopee
  • Amazon

Get Advice on Supplements with Blackmores Singapore

On top of creating quality products, we’re committed to offering useful and actionable advice regarding your supplement choices. Our Product Advisors are knowledgeable and passionate about chatting with you about your health and wellbeing!



Phone: +65 6225 3933 | +65 9667 1069 (WhatsApp)

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm (Monday – Friday)

FAQs About Vitamins and Supplements

Which health supplements are generally considered as the best?

There are a ton of health supplements in the market thus, it’s quite normal for new customers to be spoilt for choice. To begin with, we recommend starting with a multivitamin or fish oil product.

Depending on your dietary requirements, you can also consider taking magnesium, vitamin D and/or probiotic supplements. If you’re not sure where to begin, contact our Product Advisors for tailored advice. 

Do supplements work?

In general, there is evidence to support that supplements can benefit your overall well being with little to no risk.

At Blackmores Singapore, our products are formulated with the ideal form of active ingredients so that it can maximise absorption while being gentle on the body.

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