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Bizsquare Management Consultants Pte Ltd

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A one-stop business consultancy company specialising in Business Loan Consultation and Financial Management Consultation for Small and Medium enterprises and larger companies, Bizsquare continuously strive to value-add to our clients and has successfully nurtured many of our clients to grow steadily in their businesses. 

Through the years, Bizsquare have help many SME owners obtain the business loan that they never thought they could have done by themselves. Bizsquare also advise and help them scale their business by improving their credit standing and improve on their marketing strategy to help them grow to the next level in a short period of time. 

8 years running, Bizsquare has served almost 800 clients with over 1 billion of funds raised with 50 financial institution partners. For more information, check this video out on how to obtain a business loan in Singapore!

Our Services Includes

Temporary Bridging LoanSecure business opportunities
Purchase various office supplies
Renovation of premises
Enhance clients’ cash flow and improve day-to-day business operations
Attractive interest rate as low as 3%
Loan up to S$3million
Tenure up to 5 years
No collateral required
No lock-in period
No penalty for early redemption
Working Capital LoanAn alternative for temporary bridging loan 
Provides access to working capital for business needs
Seek to finance clients’ daily operational cash flow needs
Attractive interest rate as low as 5%
Loan up to S$300,000
Tenure up to 5 years
No collateral required
No lock-in period
No penalty for early redemption
Trade FacilitiesInvoice Financing: By selling of clients’ invoices or receivables at a discount to a “factor”, clients will be able to receive immediate cashGreat short-term financing option with lower interest rates than other short-term financing methods
Releases cash tied up in outstanding customer invoice 
Letter of Credit: Commonly used trade finance instrument utilized for the guarantee of the fulfillment of payment of goods and services between buyers and sellers 

Use of an intermediary, whether it be a bank or financier, to issue a Letter of Credit and legally guarantee that the goods or services received will be paid for
Avoiding probable overseas disputes
Ensures a form of guarantee to sellers/suppliers that there will be payment
Flexibility and variability across different LC types
Secure payment method endorsed by most major markets
Risk of non-payment is taken by the banks rather than the buyer
Often required by national border/exchange control agencies
Property FinancingSeek to give our clients more financial breathing space
Entails numerous property types e.g. HDB Shophouses, Commercial Shop & Offices, Factories and JTC Factories
We offer solutions to provide:
Financing margin of up to 90% the purchase of the valuation price
Repayments of up to 30 years
Option for fixed rate, floating rate and SIBOR rate packages
Legal and valuation fee subsidies
Lower clients’ monthly repayments
Up to 90% of property market value
Competitive and Low interest rates
Cash-out and Overdrafts possible
Valuation and Legal fees subsidies
Flexibility to switch across SIBOR tenures
Wide range of interest rate packages
Private FinancingSeek to provide short-term borrowing extended by private funders to clients based on unpaid invoices and potential incoming fundsGet tailored and quick solutions
Works especially when clients do not qualify for bank lending or require tailor-made solutions
Business Credit ManagementProvision of Credit Improvement Program Package (3-months, 6-months, 12-months)Provides specialized advice to improve Credit Bureau
Solve debtors’ collection problems
Plan and strategize a good credit framework with you
Improve your business credibility to your clients and partners
Overdraft FacilitiesAllows withdrawal of funds more than what our clients have in their current account, up to an approved limit
Unsecured/secured revolving line of credit 
Flexibility to manage your cash flow
Convenience to decide how much to use and how much to pay back
Ready access to funds in times of need
Company Secretarial and Accounting ServicesProvision of specialised, effective, and efficient care of routine and extraordinary company mattersIntegrated, tailor-made corporate service solutions
This includes incorporation, corporate governance, restructuring, company secretarial advice, liquidation, and dissolution
Accounting solution to cater to your needs
Branding & Marketing Consulting As a registered Enterprise Singapore as a Practicing Management Consultant (PMC), we are licensed consultants to help Singapore companies to apply for grants under branding and marketing projectsCaptivating short video content that engages audiences
Customized re-branding packages
A new brand strategy and visual identity will be developed to strengthen your positioning
Video production and video editing services

Our reviews

Mr Melvin Ho, CEO and Founder of Bizsquare

The CEO and Founder of Bizsquare – Melvin Ho

If you are prepared and know what it takes, it is not a risk. You just have to figure out how to execute it to get there. When you are prepared, there is always way.” Said by Melvin. 

Instilling a mission on “Growing Businesses, Changing Lives.”, Mr Melvin Ho has empowered SMEs and larger companies. Mr Melvin Ho started Bizsquare in 2013 and has impacted many lives through his work ever since. His aim to be an accelerator strengthens the growth of SMEs and enables clients to grow so much more beyond their current limits. Ranging from a great diversity of sectors, such as logistics, retail, online businesses, industrial services, and F&B, he has helped clients from all walks of life to nurture their businesses and achieve their business goals.  Check out this video on Mr Melvin Ho on his inspiring story.

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Best Business Loan Consultant in Singapore
Best Business Loan Consultant in Singapore

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