BioPak – Packaging That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

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Founded in 2006, BioPak founder Richard Fine recognised the mass consumption of single-use packaging that was all-too-often destined to end up in landfill or worse in the natural environment. Starting with just him working alone at his kitchen table, he soon recruited business partner Gary Smith, and together they started a revolution.

Today, BioPak is the leader in the sustainable food packaging industry in Australia and New Zealand and has recently launched in Singapore and the UK. With a vision for a world without waste, Richard and Gary disrupted an industry and began manufacturing single-use packaging designed for a circular economy where there is no waste but instead resources to be reused and repurposed without losing their value.

Our foodservice disposables are designed and manufactured to provide an affordable, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing solution so your customers can enjoy food on the go, while minimizing negative impact on the environment. Our packaging solutions are designed in Australia and sustainably sourced from our manufacturing partners across Asia. They are carbon neutral through the purchase of carbon offsets and designed to be either home or commercially compostable. Our product environmental claims are substantiated by independent third-party certifications and we have sustainable sourcing policies in place to ensure that all points in their supply chain are compliant with the most rigorous ISO environmental, quality and food safety standards.

The sustainable food packaging industry is awash in claims and competing messages about sustainability. With few universal definitions of environmental impacts and an industry saturated by marketing that can amount to little more than greenwashing, it is more important than ever to have transparency around our environmental claims.

At BioPak, we invest in independently verified certifications to ensure our consumers and partners are empowered to make informed choices – and avoid the gimmicks.

The circular economy

The circular economy model is based on the living world’s cyclical model – where there is no landfill, but materials flow. In a living system, one species’ waste is another’s fuel. Living things grow, die, and their nutrients are returned to the soil safely. The circular economy is an industry model that is restorative and regenerative by design, where waste can build capital rather than reduce it.

According to a report by Access Cities, food waste is one of the biggest contributors to landfill in Singapore. Last year, 763 million kilograms of food waste was generated yet only 17 percent was recycled organically.

The Access Cities report also shows that 40% of waste Singaporeans place in the recycling stream goes to landfill. And a third of waste created and disposed of in Singapore comes from packaging.

Organic recycling, also known as composting, offers a closed-loop solution, supporting the circular economy, for food waste generated by households and foodservice providers – like hotels, cafes, and tourist attractions – alike. Industrial composting infrastructure can process large volumes of organic waste, including food scraps and compostable packaging, meaning these materials are reused and repurposed rather than being sent to landfill.

In 2018, BioPak launched its own Compost Service in Australia and New Zealand – a recycling revolution designed to close the loop on waste and curb single-use packaging pollution. Under the service, businesses and their customers are able to divert used coffee cups, compostable takeaway food packaging, and food scraps from landfill by placing them in specially designed collection bins placed at local cafes or workplaces. Our waste partners will collect and compost the organics into nutrient-rich compost within 120 days – making it easy to close the loop on compostable packaging. We are working relentlessly to start the compost revolution in Singapore.

Our wide and varied range of products – from coffee cups and cold drink cups, to plates, bowls and trays, napkins, bags and more – ensure that we have a sustainable packaging solution for whatever you’re serving! Because there is no planet B.

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BioPak – Packaging That Doesn’t Cost the Earth
BioPak – Packaging That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

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