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Need help with babysitting, taking care of the kids or household chores? Find these at BABY.MEIDE.SG and MEIDE.SG – your #1 choice for domestic needs in Singapore!

What is MEIDE Babysitting?

MEIDE Babysitting was founded by the team behind MEIDE Cleaning and Aircon Services. At one point, within our strong team of helpers (part timers and full timers), there were quite a number of “Aunties”, young gentlemen and housewives who were requesting jobs to take care of children. Simultaneously, the MEIDE team was receiving an increasing number of clients’ requests for help with babysitting. This, combined with a passion for solving problems (remember your many sleepless nights tending to your little one?!) and bridging the gap between Singapore residents looking for jobs/income and families requiring household assistance, the MEIDE Babysitting platform was born!

Why Choose A Babysitter with MEIDE?

Well, you could not have asked a better question! Indeed, there are several other agencies that might offer you a babysitter. At MEIDE, we do not proclaim to be perfect. Neither do we try to put others in a less favorable light. In fact, what distinguishes MEIDE Babysitting is our unique and personalized take on servicing you, and your family.

Here, we understand first-hand and from personal experience, the difficulties of finding help to care for your little ones. As parents themselves, our founders greatly empathise with your parental woes and worries! For one, they have been through it themselves, and MEIDE Babysitting is here to make things better.

For example, we do not simply throw you a “menu” or “endless list” of babysitters to choose from. Also, we do not hastily allocate any available sitter for each family. Our approach is always to first seek out your requirements, budget and concerns. Upon submission of your booking request HERE (free-of-charge currently!), our coordinator would contact you first to gather these details. We do not collect any fees UNTIL you are all ready to book and UNTIL our team knows your preferences and needs for the babysitting service.

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How much does MEIDE Babysitting charge?

MEIDE Babysitting charges a flat rate of SGD $98. This is known as our platform fee. Depending on your exact requirements and needs, we will then provide you estimates of the salary of your babysitter, which you can pay directly to the babysitter. We are possibly the cheapest babysitting services around in Singapore! Further details are at our FAQs page at

What else does MEIDE do?

Our company is actively recruiting and creating numerous jobs for Singaporeans in today’s pandemic! This is because our team is aware of the dire employment situation in Singapore, and the hardship faced by many part-timers and people who have lost their jobs from COVID-19. MEIDE Career Team is fervent and passionate in promoting a sustainable and desirable income for job seekers – our list of available job vacancies are found at MEIDE.SG/Careers. Inform your friend or family members right away, if you think they need financial help!

Lastly, needless to say, MEIDE also offers a wide range of cleaning services (offices, homes, commercial spaces and more) and aircon servicing services. All of these can be booked easily via our website or WhatsApp number of 8595 8579.

Or, if you wish, you may email too! We cannot wait to hear from you!

Where do I find out more about MEIDE Babysitting, Aircon Servicing and Cleaning?

In addition to our email, contact number and websites above, we operate an active blog community! Our blog at and regularly publishes educational and informative articles. Our hope is to keep housewives, helpers, cleaners, babysitters, current parents and parents-to-be aware of the dos and don’ts, and abreast of the latest how-to guides!

Wondering why your baby keeps crying? Or, scratching your head about how to delight your wife (or husband) during special occasions (eg Valentine’s)?

MEIDE Blog gives you the answers to these, and much more.

If you are a keen learner, we want you! Connect with us via our socials at Instagram (, Facebook ( or Twitter (@findameide) and share and tag us! Join us as we aim to spruce up the aircon servicing, babysitting and cleaning (“ABC”) industries of Singapore!

BABY.MEIDE.SG – Find Your Babysitter / Nanny at Singapore’s #1 Choice for Home Services!
BABY.MEIDE.SG – Find Your Babysitter / Nanny at Singapore’s #1 Choice for Home Services!

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