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B & F Dental Clinic is a modern and hygienic boutique-style dental clinic located in the heart of Bukit Timah. It is easily accessible by public transport a short five-minute walk from Sixth Avenue MRT station on the Downtown Line. Our staff are able to speak English, Mandarin Chinese and Malay and are able to handle a wide range of international clientele.

Dental Services

We provide a full range of dental services. From basic Scaling and Polishing to dental implants and complex denture work, we have you covered. B & F Dental Clinic is known for providing quality dental services especially in the following areas:

PeriodonticsDental scaling and polishing
Deep gum treatment (root planting)
Soft tissue grafting
Restorative DentistryTooth coloured fillings
EndodonticsRoot canal treatment for primary and adult teeth, under guidance of sophisticated x-ray technology and a dental microscope for precise vision access.
ProsthodonticsDental crowns
Bridges and veneers
Aesthetic ceramic work
Plastic and metal based dentures
Damon braces
Oral SurgeryWisdom tooth surgery
Dental Implants
Removal of broken or infected dental roots
Removal of benign oral growths and biopsy

Our Philosophy

Here at B & F Dental, we want dental problems to be the least of your concerns. We solve urgent problems and guide you on long-term goals, so that you can live your life with a bright and healthy smile.

Why Choose Us?

Approachable, Friendly Staff
Our staff are happy to discuss your fears and concerns with you before we start any treatment.
Popular With Clients
Our friendly dentists Dr. Hong Qixian and Dr. Benjamin Lim are always approachable and regularly receive rave reviews from clients.
Skilled Dentists
Our dentists have worked in the public hospitals, military institutions, polyclinics and government emergency departments and are accustomed to dealing with emergencies of various kinds. They are able to advise our clients well with regards to dental emergencies and treatment of individuals with complex medical conditions.
Modern Treatment Concepts
B & F Dental Clinic is fully equipped for all general dental services using modern technology. We have heavily invested in minimal radiation digital x-rays and Leica dental operating microscopes for high-precision work.
Our dentists have travelled overseas for additional training in various disciplines under esteemed specialist lecturers in Australia, Hong Kong and Poland as well as attended courses by senior lecturers from the USA, Australia, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom.
Excellent Hygiene Standards
Our equipment is sterilized by disinfection soaks and steam-sterilized under high-temperature in medical grade German Autoclaves.
Dedicated Aftercare
We are always approachable if you need assistance after your dental visits with us. We normally do follow-up with patients 1 – 2 days after their complex treatments to check if they are all right.
Pain Relief
We provide comprehensive pain relief measures for dental procedures so that you can do your treatment with minimal discomfort.

We Welcome You

If you have queries about your dental conditions, would like a second opinion or have had a bad experience at another dental clinic, we do recommend that you come and see our dentists personally to assess your dental health for a minimal consultation fee.

Transform Your Smile with B & F Dental Clinic
Transform Your Smile with B & F Dental Clinic

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