Arising Cleaning Management –  Your One-Stop Solution for Cleaning Needs

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Arising Cleaning Management -  Your One-Stop Solution for Cleaning Needs

There are a lot of reasons why Singaporeans might want to hire cleaners to do their house or commercial cleaning for them; While it is mostly due to being too occupied with full-time professional work, other reasons include wanting to spend more time taking care of the kids, not having the proper professional equipment/chemicals to be used and also just having the privilege to be stress-free and relaxed while professional cleaners do the spring cleaning for them. 

Arising Cleaning Management has an organized team of Executive managers, Team Leaders and  General Cleaners, and this professional company offers deep-cleaning, post-renovation cleaning,  end-of-tenancy cleaning, curtain cleaning, and not to forget cleaning services for every type of  commercial space (e.g Gym Cleaning, Kindergarten Cleaning, Office Cleaning as well as  Warehouse Cleaning)


24-Hour Service Warranty 

The fact that Arising Cleaning is one the most fastest growing cleaning companies in Singapore is evident by the various teams always ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. They do this by implementing a 24-Hour Touch Up Cleaning. Even when the job is done, their touch-up cleaning team is on standby to ensure the job is being done up to the client’s expectations.

Efficient and Organized Team

With an organization made up of important roles such as Operations Manager, Executive  Managers and Cleaners, you could expect excellent cleaning results due to their established communications systems within the organization. Moreover, you could contact the Operations  Manager at any time if you need to point out a thing or two.

High-Quality Cleaning Results, Affordable Prices

Arising Cleaning Management ensures that customers are satisfied with the job done and that the price is both competitive and also reasonable. With executive managers on the ground to instruct cleaners on important areas not to miss out, customers can expect only excellent quality of service.


End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning 

Your tenancy contract is about to expire, and you have to return the property to your landlord to its original, sparkling-clean state. You think you don’t have the time. Moreover, if you believe you don’t have the professional equipment to execute the job properly, Don’t worry; Arising Cleaning  Team is here! We will do the deep clean for you so that you can return the property to its owner stress-free because professional work has been done!

Post-Renovation Cleaning

The troublesome thing about doing renovation for your house is the dirty cleanup required after the construction works have been completed. But luckily, Arising Cleaning Management is here to your rescue. We will remove dust and debris quickly and effectively with the latest cleaning equipment available. With an experienced team of cleaners who have done a lot of post-renovation cleaning, you don’t have to be in a risky environment where all the sharp construction objects are laying around unnoticed by you.  

Commercial Cleaning 

Whether it be maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of Hotels, Gyms, Restaurants, Bars, a  Kindergarten or a Studio, Arising Cleaning Management has got your back. Our professional team has done service for several 4-star hotels and various other commercial spaces. Simply take note of the size of the area needed and send us a quote with as much info as possible about the space to be cleaned. You could even request a site visit to your commercial building/space and let us negotiate on ideal terms to get the space cleaned.

Curtain Dry Cleaning 

Despite curtains being a really good way to enhance the looks of your home, they can get really dirty because they trap all kinds of dust and dirt, and they absorb moisture and smoke from your home. Therefore you need regular maintenance to keep it clean.  

Arising offers curtain dry cleaning services, applicable for day and night curtains, and it will have a  downtime period of 4 working days* 

Jet Wash Pressure Washing 

When trying to clean dirty stone surfaces or rough floors, pressure washing works effectively. We use this equipment to do a deep cleaning on such hard-to-clean areas and surfaces. The dirt, mould and grease might not be apparent, but when pressure washing is applied on these surfaces, the difference in whether it is truly clean is so obvious. We have to remember that our home is always exposed to outside elements.  

Here is a video of Team Arising conducting a high-pressure jetwashing on a client’s walkway:


“Excellent team of cleaners. Cleaning was thorough and fyi my kitchen is very oily due to daily  cooking and everything was done sparkling clean. At first I was doubtful as I had bad experience  with a previous company that I engaged before but thankfully my neighbour recommended them  to me and it was worth the shot honestly” – Shanta Devi 

“One of the best and efficient cleaning services. Hired their services to help me out with the clean  up from a renovation few days back. They were able to perform the job well and I was very  pleased with the results. I highly recommend their services to everyone. Overall, I am very  satisfied with their service.”  – Muhammad Afiq 

“Had a very good experience with the team that came to my house this morning. My house was  completely well cleaned in and out. Thank you very much, team. Highly recommend  – Joyce Lim  


Arising Cleaning Management Pte Ltd. 



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Arising Cleaning Management –  Your One-Stop Solution for Cleaning Needs
Arising Cleaning Management –  Your One-Stop Solution for Cleaning Needs

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