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AO Studies was founded by two like-minded friends with a passion to impart knowledge. Through our individual experiences, we discovered that many students are unable to get sufficient coaching from school alone. Some of these students hire private tutors who turn out to be inexperienced and end up wasting even more of these students’ time and money. As a result, many students are wasting a large amounts of time learning a concept that can be learned in just a fraction of the time. These students struggle on their own until its 2-3 months before the major exams before coming to us. Through 2-3 months of intensive help with us, we are able to help these students improve their grades tremendously but who knows what they could have achieved if these students were with us from the very beginning?

About The Owner

Chu Wei’s ambition was to be an engineer.

So he entered JC, taking Further Math and went on to NTU to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Coming from a humble family background, he started tutoring Math in Sec 4 to support himself and lighten some of his family’s financial burden. His ability to explain complicated Math concepts simply and help students improve drastically resulted in an exponential increase in the number of students he tutored while studying in JC and NTU, even to the point where he had to skip classes to conduct tuition. After graduation from NTU, Chu Wei started his career as an Engineer in Carrier Singapore. He continued giving tuition after work and during weekends due to the large demand of students. In 2013, he was given an opportunity to start his own tuition centre. Realising his commitment to education and dedication to students, he took it.

Fuelled by a strong passion to be the best mentor to students, he furthered his education by enrolling in NIE and Harvard, and was conferred the degree of Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators) and Higher Education Teaching Certificate. With more than 19 years of tutoring experience, Chu Wei continues to help countless students achieve their dreams.

“Teaching is not my career. Teaching is my calling.” – Lim Chu Wei

Why Choose AO Studies

It’s simple. Because your child will have only one Math or Sci tutor from Sec 3 to JC 2. As such, the tutor will know the student’s capabilities better than most and as a result, will help bring out the very best in them by properly understanding where any strengths lie and using them to an advantage.

The aim of our secondary maths tuition programme at AO Studies in Singapore is to provide our students with systematic, step-by-step and clarified guidance to prepare them for O Level maths examinations. We also seek to nurture our students with a view of mathematics as a living, growing, creative human endeavour that classifies as both a science and an art and to be aware of some of the many applications of mathematics in today’s world.

AO Studies: Mission and Vision

We always believe that every student is capable of scoring A for Math or Sciences.
What a failing student need is not more practice nor a good teacher, but the right teacher.

What AO Studies Can Do For You

AO Studies is a tuition centre specialising in ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Education. Incorporated in 2012, we have helped hundreds of our students achieve stellar results in the national examinations.
We live and breathe to teach, and we are committed to go the extra mile to ensure that your child receives quality education from us. Over the years, we have helped our students achieve distinctions and stellar results.

At AO Studies, we continually tailor our teaching methods according to our students’ needs and the demands of the education landscape. In short, we are serious about your child’s education. Above all, we do everything with passion. This is why we are good at what we do.

AO Studies – Singapore’s Tuition Centre That Delivers Consistent Results
AO Studies – Singapore’s Tuition Centre That Delivers Consistent Results

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