81Aircon – All-round Aircon Solutions for Commercial and Residential Needs

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We believe that everyone deserves clean air.

In Singapore, we are heavily reliant on air conditioners, whether we’re at home, in the office, on public transport, or in a public space.

An air conditioner is a delicate electrical appliance that requires the utmost care when it comes to handling and maintenance.

However, many consumers are deterred by the costs associated, leading to a lack of regular servicing and maintenance. In some cases, owners may also attempt to DIY any form of servicing and repair themselves, which may be dangerous and disastrous.

Our team at 81Aircon is made up of air conditioner owners like you, and we understand your frustrations and pain points.

We strive to be an all-rounded maintenance and repair provider that you can rely on for affordable yet quality service.

Our services include:

Servicing and Maintenance

All air conditioners, no matter the brand, model or type, need regular servicing and maintenance. This ensures longevity and allows it to function optimally to deliver desired cooling comfort while maximising energy efficiency.

Schedule your servicing every 3 to 4 months so your unit continues to operate at its best. It also gives you and your loved ones clean, cool and healthy air that’s free of contaminants.

Our maintenance packages are cost-affordable and easy on the wallet. Trust us to deliver only professional and premium quality services without an expensive price tag.

Apart from servicing and maintenance, we take into account other needs you may have. As an all-rounded solution provider, we also supply services for preventive care, cleaning, installation, dismantling and relocation!


It’s not uncommon to experience problems with your air conditioner every now and then. For some, they may even run into issues right after buying their new unit.

The fact that we stay in a hot and humid climate also increases the probability of longer operation and therefore raises the chances of faults happening. It is key to engage a skilled technician with the necessary knowledge and expertise.

Trying to troubleshoot the problem and fix it yourself can cause a plethora of aggravated issues. A professional understands the safety measures to take and knows how to fix the problem while you enjoy peace of mind.


Have an air conditioner you need installed?

The first step of your ownership is essential in making sure that potential problems don’t crop up in the future. This is also why you need to enlist the help of a professional business like ours to get it up and running.

Our vast selection of installation and dismantling services includes installation for new air conditioners and secondhand replacements. We are also equipped to carry out these services for both residential and commercial premises.

Our prices are competitive and we have a team of highly skilled technicians who are always ready to help!

Chemical Overhaul

Can’t get the gunk out of your air conditioner?

When you’ve missed out on routine maintenance, the dirt and debris that accumulates in your air conditioner can become stuck. A regular servicing will be insufficient to remove them completely, and that is when you need a chemical wash.

We perform both chemical washes and chemical cleaning for all types of air conditioners. Our experts use safe cleaning agents that are also effective in restoring your air conditioner to a pristine and spotless condition.

Our Products

We also sell A/C products from world-renowned brands like:

  1. Mitsubishi Heavy
  2. Mitsubishi Electric Starmex
  3. Daikin
  4. Panasonic
  5. LG
  6. Midea
  7. Toshiba

In addition, we sell secondhand units for a budget-friendly option. Our reconditioned air conditioners are carefully inspected and fixed before they are given the go-ahead to be resold.

Why Choose Us?

As a veteran in the field, we’ve maintained affordable prices for our products and services in order to meet your budget.

Our technicians are also skilled and adept at handling a range of problems with ease. We take care to make sure you experience a smooth and hassle-free experience with stellar after-sales service.

It gives us satisfaction knowing that our customers are pleased with our work – something that is clear when we see return customers who put their faith in us once more.

We also run promotions on a regular basis so that you can enjoy attractive prices when you buy from us!

Website: http://www.81aircon.com/

Office Contact: +65 6261 0081

WhatsApp: +65 9758 0081

Email: 81aircon@gmail.com

Address: Toh Guan Centre, 21 Toh Guan Rd E, #05-18, Singapore 608609

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Company/81-Aircon-Pte-Ltd-1854774024737835/

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81Aircon – All-round Aircon Solutions for Commercial and Residential Needs
81Aircon – All-round Aircon Solutions for Commercial and Residential Needs

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