3 Commonly Asked Questions Your Physio Wishes You Know

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Often, we set a goal to start an exercise routine but lack the discipline and consistency to follow through. Kickstarting a simple fitness regime and sticking to it is half the battle won! Here are 3 commonly asked questions your physio wishes you know regarding your exercise routine!

1. Do I need to buy anything before I start my exercise plan?

If you haven’t done so, it is best to invest in quality shoes and sports equipment. Quality equipment will not only help to improve your performance and comfort, but most importantly, it can prevent injuries from happening.

2. Is it okay if I look up my injuries online?

Unfortunately, results online came from different sources, and it’s difficult to pinpoint which source is credible. It is always best to consult a medical professional for a proper diagnosis.

3. How long should I wait until it is time to seek medical advice for my pain?

It is advisable to seek a physiotherapist for treatment if your pain lasts for more than 2-3 days. The earlier you seek help, the faster it is for your injury to heal.

Introduction of Physio and Sole Clinic

Beyond Saving Lives  – To Make Lives Worth Living

Started in 2013, Physio & Sole Clinic has become an established clinic for physiotherapy and podiatry. Through communication and ethical clinical practices, we believe in providing high-quality patients care and delivering greater value. We want our patients to achieve a high quality of life with physical activities and provide easy access to allied Healthcare services.

About the Physios

Our team of professional physiotherapists are dedicated in helping patients through a safe and effective approach to physiotherapy. Our treatment includes manual therapy, functional rehabilitation and soft tissue mobilisation. We also offer sports physiotherapy to athletes so that they can enjoy their active life without worrying about injuries.

Patient’s education is a big part of our treatment journey. By educating our patients regarding their condition or injury, they are able to understand and prevent it from happening again in the future.

*Do you know that we have a free WhatsApp service whereby anyone can ask questions related to physiotherapy or podiatry?  

About the Podiatrists

Our podiatrists offer treatments that help in managing foot and leg conditions, ensuring that every step they take is pain-free. They are ready to assess foot conditions, ranging from heel pain to foot wounds, and provide the best solution to recover in a fast and safe manner.

Physio & Sole Clinic’s podiatrists will ensure that every patient that steps in our clinic will experience a high level of patient care and professionalism.

Key Services

  • Manual therapy
  • Post-surgery physiotherapy
  • Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions
  • Scoliosis treatment
  • Diabetes foot care, education & management
  • Custom insoles
  • Sports Podiatry

Why choose Physio & Sole Clinic

  1. No rush – Our 45 minutes session gives our clinicians ample time to do a thorough assessment to get to know more about your condition and prescribe a rehabilitation programme specifically for your recovery.
  2. Quality communication – Our clinicians will explain in great detail and clarify any doubts about patients’ concerns so that they are well-educated on their own condition.
  3. Under one roof – This is our advantage, having physiotherapists and podiatrists all under one roof. It’s easy to refer our patients to either one depending on the condition. We can even arrange back-to-back appointments with both physiotherapists and podiatrists for one patient!
  4. No over-prescribing Foot Orthoses – For our podiatrists, they believe that foot orthoses are not always the solution. Rest assured that they will not prescribe foot orthoses if they know that it will not resolve your foot issues.
  5. Customised Treatment plans – At Physio & Sole Clinic, we offer a range of different treatments that cater to your treatment goals and lifestyle needs. So all treatment plans are designed specifically for you.

You will be under the best care when you visit Physio & Sole Clinic. Our team of professionals will provide first-class patient care service to any patient that steps into our branches, no matter their age.

For queries or appointments, you are welcome to visit our website at https://physioandsole.com.sg/

3 Commonly Asked Questions Your Physio Wishes You Know
3 Commonly Asked Questions Your Physio Wishes You Know

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