Timcole is a Certified Xero Advisors in Singapore since many years ago. It serves as a one-stop solution for your business and offers affordable fees to lessen your company’s administrative burden.

Timcole’s Xero Accounting Solution Package is a Pre-approved Digital Solution under IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) for PSG grant. With up to 80% funding support, PSG enables small business to leverage the use of cloud and digital solutions at a fraction of the total cost.

  • XERO PSG – Productivity Solutions Grant – get up to 80% grant
  • DRB – Digital Resilience Bonus – get $2500 bonus
  • SFEC – SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit – up to $10,000 credit
  • ERG – E Invoicing Registration Grant – get $200 bonus

Basic Package: $340
after 80% PSG Grant

  • One year Subscription of Xero Cloud Accounting Solution
  • Essential Configuration & Setup services
  • User and Administrator Training
  • 30 Days Email Support
  • Total (Exclude GST)
Premium Package $660
after 80% PSG Grant

  • One year subscription of Xero Cloud Accounting Solution
  • Comprehensive configuration & setup services
  • User and Administrator Training
  • Data Migration Services Support
  • 30 Day Email Support
  • Total (Exclude GST)

We provide a range of comprehensive services accounting and tax services for all types of businesses. Utilizing cloud and mobile technology to streamline business processes, and in return providing flexibility and freedom to business owners without sacrificing accurate and up to date information. We get business owners more involved in the processes for more awareness on their financials for better decision making.

  • Bookkeeping & GST filing (Xero)
  • Tax computation & advisory
  • Audit
  • Xero consultation/advisory
  • Xero Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) packages
All inclusive monthly accounting package:
  • From $260
PSG Package A
$464 (After 80% grant):
  • 12 months Xero subscription
  • Xero setup
  • Opening balance migration
  • Training
  • 6 months whatsapp/email support
Productivity Solution Grant Package B
$584 (After 80% grant):
  • 12 months Xero subscription
  • Xero setup
  • Opening balance migration
  • Fixed asset module
  • Training
  • 6 months whatsapp/email support
Productivity Solution Grant Package C
$784 (After 80% grant):
  • 12 months Xero subscription
  • Xero setup
  • Opening balance migration
  • Fixed asset module
  • Xero Inventory Tracking
  • Integration with 1 Xero marketplace app
  • Training
  • 6 months whatsapp/email support

Team 361 is a leading cloud integrator who specialises in setting up Xero for SMEs in a quick and smooth manner, as well as providing professional training and responsive after-sales support services. We are a software agnostic company, and we will only recommend the most suitable solutions that will create the highest added value for your unique needs. We are also capable of bringing you multiple software solutions that can seamlessly integrate with Xero so that you can build a holistic operating system for your business, all through one contact point!

Being an official IMDA pre-approved vendor for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), Team 361 is also able to secure up to 80% government funding for Xero packages. In addition, there are 2 additional grants that can further help SMEs to defray their investment cost for Xero – the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) and the E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG).

We have served more than 1,500 businesses in South East Asia since 2008. Helping SMEs to grow and achieve their dreams is our passion! Being one of Team 361’s valued clients, you will be assured of receiving prompt response to your queries and personalised services by our friendly consultants.

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  • Xero Accounting software
  • Inventory
  • POS
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • E-commerce
  • OCR
  • Reporting

Cabin is an online accounting and corporate secretarial service provider backed by a team of qualified considerate professionals. Our mission is to deliver exceptional back office services powered by technology and thoughtful humans. The company was started on the premise that methods used in conventional corporate secretarial and accounting processes can be optimised via newer technology available these days – creating efficient, paperless and fuss free experience for all. Some of the technology we adopt include electronic signing (which helps remove the need for travel/posting of documents back and forth) as well as optical character recognition tools (which helps remove the need of manual laborious data entry). Our services include (i) company incorporation, (ii) corporate secretary works (iii) monthly, quarterly and/or annual accounting reporting and tax services (iv) payroll services, (v) finance process transformation (vi) finance team management, etc.

  • Monthly accounting and reporting
  • Accounts payable services
  • Accounts receivable
  • Payroll
  • Cabin assistant
  • Detailed reporting
  • Finance team management
  • Monthly Accounting and reporting from $200 per month
  • Accounts Payable services from $200 per month
  • Accounts receivable from $200 per month
  • Payroll from $125 per month
  • Cabin Assistant from $125 per month
  • Finance Team Management – Prices vary based on complexity

Planco accounting have more than 30 years of experience in accounting, setting up of company’s books and training of accounting software for SME, MNC as well as overseas companies. Apart from our expertise in accounting, we are very well-versed with most accounting software, and today we are certified Xero Accounting Partner. Our knowledge in accounting helps in integrating the best basic setup in any accounting software.

  • Xero Subscription Plan
  • Xero Setup Service
  • Xero Migration Service
  • Book-keeping Service
  • Xero Training
  • GST Filing
  • Tax Computation and Financial Report
  • Xero Subscription – Premium (per year) $700
  • Xero Subscription – Standard (per year) $500
  • Xero Setup $700
  • Xero Migration $700
  • Xero Training (1 Day) $800
  • Book-keeping Services $500 – $1500
    • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly closing including submission of GST and Xero Subscription

*Fees subject to 7% GST

What do you get if you pair great technology with an experienced team of corporate secretaries, accountants, fund services specialists and tax advisors? Premium services that are quicker, better and more efficient than old-school options. Lanturn is a modern corporate services firm that uses technology to deliver a red carpet experience to their clients.

Lanturn uses Xero as our main accounting software, to service our clients (range of services like reconciliation, report generation). As long a client signs on with a recurring accounting plan, they will be invited to share Xero access with the team, allowing them to keep track of their entity’s financial health when required.

Xero pricing is included in the plan, where the tier of account is tied to the type of accounting plan they require. More information on our pricing here.

A Silver Lining (ASL) Advisory assists companies to increase the efficiency and productivity of their back office functions by streamlining processes and introducing digital tools to the IT landscape. Coming from a management consulting background, we believe that SMEs should have the same technology and resources that MNCs do, and with the rise of cloud computing, we are able to bring that to you at an affordable price. We provide solutions that are operational and sustainable within your business, ensuring that your processes are streamlined and cost efficient. We are a pre approved vendor by IMDA for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for Xero, and have certified advisors under the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to support you on your start up journey.

  • Xero Subscription
  • Xero setup and subscription
  • Xero setup, subscription and training
  • Xero setup, subscription, training, and opening balance input
  • Xero setup, subscription, training, migration of past year data
  • Xero Subscription $720
  • Xero setup and subscription $2000
  • Xero setup, subscription and training $3000
  • Xero setup, subscription, training, and opening balance input $4000
  • Xero setup, subscription, training, migration of past year data $5000

Singapore Corporate Services is a local CPA firm with regional exposure and practical experience in providing solutions to SMEs, Startup and business owners on accounting and tax-related matters. We are an owner-managed practice ourselves; We understand the challenges faced by business owners. Hence, our values are set to be your extended team, helping you to keep your books the right way, stay compliant and most importantly, competitive!
We are a Xero Partner, and we have used Xero as our own accounting software since 2012. All our team are Xero certified advisors and experts on Xero Migration.

  • Xero Subscription Plus Setup (Chart of Accounts)
  • Xero Subscription, Setup (Chart of Accounts) Plus Training (1 Day on-site Training)
  • Xero Subscription, Setup, Migration, 12 Months Off-Site Support
  • Xero Subscription, Setup, Migration, 12 Months On-Site Support
  • Package A – Xero Subscription Plus Setup – S$788
  • Package B – Xero Subscription, Setup Plus Training – S$2,318
  • Package C – Xero Subscription, Setup, Migration and 12 Months Off-Site Support – S$3,188
  • Package D – Xero Subscription, Setup, Migration and 12 Months on-site Support – S$5,522

We join your team as your trusted advisor and financial partner, bringing you innovative best of breed cloud solutions and customised services tailored to your needs. We are 100% on Xero and all our team members are Xero Certified Advisors.

Through our team of passionate, business minded and tech savvy people, businesses stay compliant to statutory requirements, digitise their processes and achieve higher business profits and wealth accumulation.

  • Xero Setup
  • Xero Training Only (2 sessions)
  • Xero Setup, Training, and Support Packages
  • Xero Setup only from $800
  • Xero Training Only (2 sessions) from $1,200
  • Xero Setup, Training, and Support Package from $2,900

We are dynamic team of Certified Chartered Accountants of Singapore providing Value Added Services to Small & Medium Sizes Business Community in Singapore in professional, friendly and cost effective manner.

We emphasis on close client – consultant relationship, through working hand-in-hand with our clients, we are committed to provide high quality services to assist our clients in achieving their growth and prosperity

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Prepare unaudited financial statement for company exempted from audit
  • GST computation and filing
  • Payroll processing and administration

Contact for pricing.