Top 5 Important Tips on Maintaining Your Car Batteries in Singapore

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A car battery is the most essential part of a vehicle and as you started neglecting it you’ll find yourself looking for car battery replacement services. Car battery interacts with more parts in your vehicle than you think and it can harm other parts as well if it’s severely damaged. If the battery poorly maintained, it has the ability to completely shut your vehicle down and put you in the need of car battery replacement.

Here we will discuss how you can maintain your car battery that will ensure your vehicle run properly and help to maximize the life of car battery.

1. Protect your car in extreme weather condition:

Park your vehicle in the shade, it is the easiest form of protection. The sunlight or heat can damage your car and its battery. Temperature fluctuations can significantly impact a vehicle’s battery, cold weather can cause battery problems also.
The heat-related damage to the car battery includes, it reduces the ability of the battery to hold the charge, can affect the overall condition of the battery’s positive and negative terminal.

On the other hand, during cold weather the speed of the chemical reaction drops in a battery that means less power is generated and hence, your car won’t start.
To protect your car battery, always use covered parking to avoid exposure to direct sunlight or freezing weather.

2. Check the battery Electrolyte level:

With the help of the level indicator, you can check the battery water level. The indicators are specifically designed to check the battery water level and notify in case your battery needs to be topped up. Car batteries need maintenance to perform to their full potential and for that, you have to monitor the electrolyte levels and replenish them as they get low.

3. Go for a long drive:

There are several factors on which your car battery life depends, just like the battery in your mobile phone or laptop, your car battery has a limited life span too. The one thing that you can do easily to maintain your car’s battery power is driving your vehicle frequently.

The battery is recharged by the engine during the journey. If you frequently drive a short distance it will be impossible for the battery to regain the amount of power it lost or it prevents your car battery to get a full charge.

You can maintain your car battery power by driving your vehicle frequently and for an extended period.

4. Know how often do you need to change your car battery:

Like all other essential car service works, pampering the car battery will ensure the proper functioning of your car. It is also important to know the right time to get the car battery replacement services.

There are few common warning signs of a weak battery like a slow engine crank, blotted, misshaped battery case, illuminated check engine light, battery fluid leak and more that gives an indication of car battery replacement.

5. Keep your car battery clean & maintain it properly:

The car battery will keep the car in running condition and if you want to avoid getting stuck by a dead battery then clean the battery regularly, tighten the hold-down, to protect your car battery from cold use insulation and maintain its fluid level.

For cleaning the battery terminals you can use water and baking soda. Rust and corrosion on battery terminals inhabit the performance and lifespan of it. Wipe the terminals properly by disconnecting the negative terminal first and after cleaning always reconnect the positive terminal first.

Final Words:

Keeping your car battery in a firm position, it is also important to avoid car battery maintenance myths. In case you are struggling with a battery problem, look forward to the best car battery replacement service provider or keep in mind the above car battery maintenance tips that help you keep your vehicle in proper functioning condition.

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Top 5 Important Tips on Maintaining Your Car Batteries in Singapore
Top 5 Important Tips on Maintaining Your Car Batteries in Singapore

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