The Finest Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore

The Finest Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore

With our in-depth guide to Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore, set off on a voyage of gastronomic ease. The delicious aromas of home-cooked meals are delivered right to your door with Tingkat, a long-standing custom in the community. The best Tingkat Delivery Services are examined in our carefully crafted list, which offers the ideal combination of nostalgia and contemporary ease. See for yourself how these services improve your eating experience with a wide variety of tasty foods, all while saving you time. Come us as we explore the world of Tingkat delivery, where each dish offers a charming hint of Singaporean culture.

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore


Mom’s Cooking

The Finest Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore
Mom’s Cooking – Tingkat Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesFood catering and premium meal delivery services
LocationBlk 15, Woodlands Loop #02-16/02-42 Woodlands East Industrial Estate S
Contact+65 6755 4466

Mom’s Cooking Pte Ltd was founded with the intention of providing fine meal catering. Their main goal with this service is to give everyone an economical, healthful, and nutrient-dense food option.


  • Strictly no added MSG
  • Usage of canola oil for all of their cooking: A heart-healthy & cholesterol-friendly oil
  • Environment-friendly & Quality Certified food grade with U.S. FDA compliance
Customer Reviews

Highly recommend Mom’s Cooking, tingkat delivery. The food looks appetizing and tasted amazing! What I do appreciate is that there is no MSG and the dishes are not only – great for my family. The entire ordering and delivery process was also smooth and efficient. Thank you, Mom’s Cooking! – Gek Hiang Chew


KCK Food Catering

The Finest Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore
KCK Food Catering – Tingkat Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesFood Caterer, Tingkat Delivery
Location8A Admiralty Street #06-21 FoodXchange@Admiralty Singapore 757437
Contact+65 64435723

Since 1991, KCK Food Catering has been a reputable food caterer. Bentos, buffet catering, tingkat delivery, and many other things are their areas of expertise. KCK Meals Catering is dedicated to providing delicious, cost-effective food and amiable customer service.

By only utilizing minimal MSG, low salt, and healthy oil, they help to ensure that all of their items are healthy. Additionally, you can have access to free goodies like a free pizza with every 20-day order by using their rewards point system. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest tingkat delivery services in Singapore if you’re seeking Muslim-friendly food delivery services and meal subscription programs.


  • KCK Food Catering offers tingkat meals that are valued for money and are affordable
  • They do not compromise on the quality of the food delivered
  • KCK Food Catering aims to keep its food as healthy as possible
Customer Reviews

Value for money tingkat. For the amount you’re paying for two for dinner, it’s worth three. Simple, affordable, and customizable. – Xavier Goh


The Great Ballroom

ServicesCatering, Tingkat
Location175A Chin Swee Road Singapore 169879
Contact+65 8822 0547

A unique take on traditional meal subscription services that deliver wholesome Chinese cuisine to your door. Enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine in the comfort of your own home by using only quality organic, freshest produce, sustainable ingredients, and nutritious preparation techniques. capturing the attention of both diners and gourmets. The Great Ballroom offers a unique original culinary experience.


  • Wholesome Preparation Methods
  • Prepared Fresh Daily
  • Menu Planned by Dedicated Culinary Team from Leading 5* Hotels
Customer Reviews

Excellent event venue. Superb wedding ideas and decorations. Superb and sumptuous appetizers, main course, and dessert. Thank you for the free flow of beverages, especially your well-brewed coffee. The serving staff was very helpful, polite, and quick in serving our needs. Will recommend The Great Ballroom to friends and relatives for events and regular dine-ins. Well Done The Great Ballroom. – Too Siew Siew


Best Catering Pte Ltd

The Finest Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore
Best Catering Pte Ltd – Tingkat Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesBuffet Catering, Tingkat
Location1 Enterprise Rd, Singapore 629813
Contact+65 6261 1011

For the past ten years, Best Catering’s Tingkat has provided home-cooked meals that are filling and cheap. We barely ever have enough time in today’s busy environment to make a quality supper for ourselves. Due to the default WFH arrangement, the majority of us are forced to stay at home. When you’re at home, you may struggle to come up with dinner ideas and opt to order takeout.

Does it sound like you? Their Tingkat dishes, in contrast to normal food delivery services, are high-quality home-cooked meals with less salt, less oil, and no added MSG or preservatives. Both the body and the mind can be nourished by a wholesome, delicious, and nourishing dinner that tastes like home.


  • Healthy
  • Convenient
  • Quality Assurance
Customer Reviews

The healthy tingkat is indeed more nutritious and as tasteful as well. A good choice for health-conscious individuals looking for tingkat meals. – Keith Beh

Finest Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore

Hong Choo Pte Ltd

ServicesFocus mainly on Tingkat services for lunch and dinner. Dinner service to most places in Singapore
Location5 Lorong Bakar Batu Macpherson Industrial Complex 348742
Contact+65 6858 3170

Founded in 2000, Hong Choo Tingkat is a family-run company that specializes in culinary catering services such as buffets and Tingkat dinners. They firmly oppose the use of MSG in our food and prepare their meals with high-quality ingredients and less salt and sugar. Each and every cuisine on the buffet and Tingkat Menu was individually selected by the restaurant’s founder, Mr. Kam, who began his culinary career at the age of 16.

He hopes that the meals they provide can serve as a calming dinner that makes busy Singaporeans nostalgic for their mother’s or grandparents’ cuisine. This is also the key reason why they have been there for so long and exclusively concentrate on making home-cooked Chinese food that is guaranteed to have no MSG.


  • Prepare food that is less in salt and oil and 100% no MSG
  • Traditional Home cook Chinese style cooking, the taste of home
  • Affordable pricing. No delivery charges to condo/landed/HDB
Customer Reviews

I have repeated my orders with them for my elderly parents for more than a year. Their food are fresh and tasted just like healthy home-cooked food, it’s delicious! My parents enjoyed their food very much with tender meat and vegetables cooked soft enough for them. I have just placed another order for my kid who also loves their food after pinching from the grandparents! Photos show portion for 1 pax. Their portion size is good for us and I highly recommend them to people around me! 👍🏻 Customer service is excellent too! – Agnes


Kim Paradise Pte Ltd

ServicesBuffet Catering, Tingkat
Location1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813
Contact+65 6255 1000

Home meal delivery service Kim Paradise has a long and illustrious history. Its humble beginnings are rooted in the joy of cooking delicious meals from scratch, and over time it grew to become Singapore’s largest home meal delivery service, serving up to 6,000 people daily. Kim Paradise has been in business for over 25 years and continues to adhere to its steadfast tenet that “good cuisine originates from a good heart with great love.”

Coming home to home-cooked food that not only fills the stomach but also warms the heart is something one can anticipate from a restaurant that keeps to its promise of offering fresh, healthful meals while upholding high standards.


  • Economical
  • Nutritious
  • Hygiene Control
Customer Reviews

Would recommend it if you are looking for a fuss-free, wallet-friendly and convenient meal delivery service! I don’t have to vex about what to have for dinner anymore. – Southpaw 5388


Family Catering

ServicesCatering, Tingkat
Location175A Chin Swee Road Singapore
Contact+65 9726 1853

Family Catering offers tingkat meals and catering if you want a healthy home-cooked meal delivered to you every day. As they bring the greatest everyday meals to your house, sit back and unwind. On their best tingkat menu, there are more than 200 different meals. They are a reputable caterer who provides top-notch food and service.


  • Healthy and Nutritious International Dishes
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Affordable
Customer Reviews

We wish to commend your catering staff who did the setup all by themselves. Good job and well done. – Tan PK


Neo Garden Catering Pte Ltd

ServicesBuffet Catering, Dessert Table, Tingkat, Bento, Thematic Decorations
Location1 Enterprise Rd, Singapore 629813
Contact+65 6896 7757

In Singapore, Neo Garden is a well-known name in food catering. Neo Garden, which was founded in 1992, is one of Singapore’s most recognizable brand names and has a history of winning awards. Since 2010, Neo Garden has been ranked as the top event caterer, and each year they feed millions of Singaporeans. Neo Garden is well regarded as the go-to option among households for baby full-month celebrations, birthdays, and festive occasions due to its consistent food quality and dependable services.


  • One Chef, One Dish
  • Freshness Guaranteed
  • Quality & Hygiene Guaranteed
Customer Reviews

The food was marvelous, especially Bo Bo Cha Cha and Signature Curry Chicken which were the big grab. – June Lian


Healthy Meals Catering

ServicesCatering, Tingkat
Location175A Chin Swee Road Singapore
Contact+65 8383 3048

In all of Singapore, Nutritious Meals Catering delivers everyday mouthwateringly healthy meals to your house. presenting a magnificent variety of freshly prepared food to ensure your daily calorie intake. They will provide you with some simple, easy-to-follow eating recommendations that won’t make you go hungry while taking into account your lifestyle.

They advocate a smart, casual attitude to eating freshly homecooked delivery Ting Kat Meal right to your doorsteps rather than advocating a rigorous diet. In order to reinvent Asian home-cook dishes while keeping them delicious, Healthy Meals Catering focuses on making them healthier, more adaptable, and transparent about their nutritional values.


  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Affordable
Customer Reviews

My recurring order from Healthy Meals Catering. Their food is not oily and not that salty. Portions are reasonable too. – Bella Tan

In conclusion, Singapore’s Tingkat Delivery Services seamlessly blend tradition and modern convenience, offering a nostalgic journey through the rich tapestry of home-cooked flavors. As we wrap up this exploration, it’s clear that Tingkat deliveries transcend mere convenience; they are a celebration of heritage, family, and the joy of savoring wholesome meals. Elevate your dining routine with the diverse and delicious offerings from the top Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore, where every delivery is a cherished reminder that the heart of the home can now be savored at your doorstep.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tingkat and how does Tingkat delivery work?

Tingkat refers to a meal delivery service in Singapore that provides home-cooked dishes to customers on a regular basis. These meals are typically delivered in multi-tiered containers, known as Tingkat carriers.

How frequently can I expect Tingkat deliveries?

Tingkat deliveries can be scheduled according to your preference, with options for daily, weekly, or monthly deliveries. The frequency varies based on the Tingkat Delivery Service provider.

What types of cuisines are typically offered by Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore?

Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore often offer a variety of cuisines, including local Singaporean dishes, Chinese, Malay, Indian, and more. The menu choices can vary between providers.

Can Tingkat meals be customized to cater to specific dietary preferences or restrictions?

Many Tingkat Delivery Services allow customization to accommodate specific dietary preferences or restrictions, such as vegetarian or halal options. Check with the individual providers for customization options.

How do I choose the right Tingkat Delivery Service for my preferences?

To choose the right Tingkat Delivery Service, consider factors such as the variety of cuisines offered, customization options, delivery frequency, and customer reviews. Researching and sampling trial meals can also help make an informed decision.

Are Tingkat meals freshly prepared, and how are they delivered to ensure freshness?

Tingkat meals are typically freshly prepared on the day of delivery. To ensure freshness, Tingkat Delivery Services use insulated carriers or containers designed to maintain the temperature of the food during transportation.

Can I pause or cancel Tingkat deliveries temporarily?

Many Tingkat Delivery Services offer the flexibility to pause or temporarily cancel deliveries. Check with the provider about their policy and procedures for temporary changes.

Is Tingkat delivery suitable for both individuals and families?

Yes, Tingkat Delivery Services cater to both individuals and families. Some providers offer different portion sizes or family meal plans to accommodate varying household sizes.

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