The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore

The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore

The modern era has compelled us to alter nearly every aspect of our lives. The pandemic had a tremendous influence on our business practices, shopping habits, and vacation plans. Door-to-door delivery has become a need for everyone, from takeout meals to basic necessities.

So, what exactly does a delivery service entail? Courier firms that assist in parcel delivery are known as delivery services. Singapore courier services offer a variety of logistic choices, including same-day, normal, and worldwide delivery.

If you need anything delivered quickly, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of Singapore’s finest couriers who can deliver your cargo quickly.

Delivery Services Price Guide

Here’s a quick look at the disinfection and sanitation costs from some of the vendors:

Delivery Services CompanyDelivery FeeVehicleWeight Limit
LalamoveBase Fare $10 (under 1km) + $0.35/km (1km and above)Motorcycle, Car or MPV8kg to 50kg
uParcelStarts at $13 60 CM (H+L+W) Motorcycle, Car or MPV MAX 1KG
PickuppStarts at $9 per deliveryMotorcycle, Car or MPV
Delivery Services Price Guide

Best Delivery Services in Singapore



The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore
Lalamove – Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesBusiness, Personal, Driver
Contact Details+65 6631 8383
Address10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark Lobby C, #04-35, Singapore 408564

Frustrated by the analog process of using call centers to book delivery vehicles, coupled with the lack of transparency in pricing and availability, a group of problem solvers got together to create their own digital solution.

Lalamove was born to make on-demand delivery possible for everyone at the touch of a button. Through a single app, users could gain access to a wide fleet of delivery vehicles, 24 hours a day, helmed by professional drivers.

To schedule a delivery, simply input the pickup and drop-off locations, choose the vehicle type you require and get connected with a nearby driver.

Every part of your delivery can be managed effortlessly with the Lalamove app. From live-tracking the delivery journey to making digital payments and reviewing your delivery activities, the all-in-one delivery app is fast and simple to use.

Lalamove solves last-mile delivery issues for businesses of all sizes. From independent brick-and-mortar stories to restaurants, retail outlets and e-commerce companies, they help enterprises across all industries to scale their deliveries according to their needs.


  • 24/7 on-demand delivery app
  • Fast and Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Safe
The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore
uParcel – Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesCourier, Outsource Logistics, E-commerce Fulfillment Delivery, API Solutions, Same Day Delivery, 3PL Services, Door to door delivery, Express courier service, Document Courier Singapore, Warehouse services, Van and Lorry delivery, Cake, Pastries and Flowers, Medicine Delivery, Food Delivery
Contact Details+65 6589 8763
Address81 Ubi Ave 4, #06-08, Singapore 408830

Uparcel is an on-demand 24/7 courier service in Singapore.

They are the first company in Singapore that allows you to book a delivery request and then receive an instant confirmation from delivery agents anytime using your smartphone. Their mobile app and website provide almost instant confirmation, online tracking of status, and SMS notifications and is easy to use anytime, anywhere. They aim to be the best delivery platform to meet customers’ deliveries with suitable delivery agents efficiently.

Uparcel has now expanded regionally to Malaysia and is operating in Johor Bahru and Klang Valley respectively. They will continue to expand our presence in more international countries in the following years. 


  • Fast
  • Flat Rate
  • Reliable
  • Affordable with No Minimum Deliveries


The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore
Pickupp – Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesExpress Delivery, Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery
Address5, #10-01 Shenton Way, UIC Building, Singapore 068808

Here at Pickupp, they believe that the future of logistics is data-driven. Their purpose is to redefine logistics and empower businesses to scale with transparent customer-centric service and technology.

Since launching in 2016, more than 20,000 businesses, in Singapore and Asia have chosen us to provide them with the logistics and last-mile delivery support they need to deliver their parcels. On top of their express, same day, next day and 1 -3 days door-to-door courier service, they’re flexible and able to provide customized logistics solutions for both SMEs and MNCs to scale and thrive.


  • Express Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Next Day Delivery
  • 24/7 Real-Time GPS Tracking

The BlueBhell Couriers

The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore
The BlueBhell Couriers – Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesCouriers Services, Document Delivery, Parcel Delivery Singapore
Contact Details+65 6294 9310
Whatsapp +65 8225 5105
Address582A Serangoon Rd, 2nd floor, Singapore 218196

With 24 years of experience behind them and many innovations, they can proudly believe that they are one of the oldest courier service of Singapore. To attain this status, they have been delivering couriers with out heart and souls throughout these years. Simply put, its their PASSION!

To us Courier Service is not only just our Passion, but also their desire to exceed client satisfaction, on time delivery and taking care of your precious documents and/or packages.


  • Trusted and Dependable
  • Always Improving
  • Passionate
  • 100% Safe Delivery
  • Quality and Commitment
  • Weather Ready
  • Reliable Customer Support


The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore
POPVAN.SG – Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesLogistic Support, Point A to B, Door-to-Door Service
Contact Details+65 8110 4499
Address11 Woodlands Cl, #06-22, Singapore 349245

Popvan was first incorporated to provide quality logistic support for its clients. Having been in the logistic support business for years, it has built itself an enviable reputation in providing quality and timely logistic support to its valuable clients.

Having served hundreds of clients from a wide range of sectors, they understand the difficulties their client’s face and are more willing to go the extra mile by doing a little more to make it easier and more convenient for their clients.


  • Professionally Trained Individuals
  • Timely & Reliable
  • Efficient
Finest Delivery Services in Singapore

Park N Parcel

The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore
Park N Parcel – Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesIsland-wide doorstep delivery, Parker (Collection) points delivery, Fulfillment & Warehousing
Price RangeDoorstep delivery – From $3.95/parcel Parker point delivery – From $2.50/ parcel
Contact Details+65 64286200
Address63 Hillview Avenue, Lam Soon Industrial Building #04-08 S669569
Google Review Page

Park N Parcel (PNP) is one of Singapore’s fastest-growing tech-enabled logistics networks, specializing in last-mile eCommerce fulfillment and offering customized delivery solutions to various businesses. With a full IT-enabled and integration support network, PNP is one of the main distributors in Singapore for Alibaba Cainiao, and services small to large-scale eCommerce brands with a reliable and convenient delivery experience.


  • Full IT Readiness
  • Guaranteed Long-Term Support
  • User-Friendly Merchant Dashboard
  • Bulk Express Delivery

Vantage Delivery

The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore
Vantage Delivery – Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesFurniture Delivery, Biz Stock Delivery, Courier Service
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9846 7614
Address160 Pemimpin Pl, Singapore 576128

Vantage Delivery service specializes in delivery service in Singapore. With over 3 year’s experience in delivery, you can be assured that their delivery service is of top-notch quality.

Their customers pride them to be Trustworthy, Affordable and Always On-Time.

Apart from business delivery service in Singapore, their courier service team are always on the move to meet your urgent delivery needs. Be it a small envelope to a large box, their courier service are always ready to meet your delivery needs.

Distribution Service is also another core business activity for them. They specialize in delivering magazines to different smaller companies for resale. Thus, they have strong network channels of distribution in Singapore to assist you with any distribution needs.


  • Repeated Customers get 5% off!
  • Well-Informed Customer Service
  • Always Ready to Assist
  • Affordable
  • Trustworthy

Grab Express

Door-to-door delivery for personal or business use
The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore
Grab Express – Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesFood Delivery, Shopping Mart Delivery, Send Packages, Documents and beyond.
Price RangeCompetitive Pricing
Contact Details+65 6902 1037
Address28 Sin Ming Lane, #01-143, Midview City Singapore 573972

Grab has become a household name in Southeast Asia for nine years now. They try to live up to their mission every day as the region’s top super app with hyperlocal services.

Grab serves millions of customers, businesses, and drivers every day. Consumers seek out high-quality services to help them get through their daily lives, while businesses and drivers benefit from their huge customer base. Indeed, they are proud of the fact that many of their driver-partners began their careers with Grab.


  • Heart
  • Hunger
  • Honor
  • Humility
  • Safe Delivery

Ninja Van

The Finest Delivery Services in Singapore
Ninja Van – Delivery Services Singapore
ServicesCouriers Services, Document Delivery, Parcel Delivery Singapore
Price RangeStarts at $3.20
Address8 Jln Kilang Timor, #02-01 Kewalram House, Singapore 159305

Ninja Pack is a postage-paid poly mailer that arrives at the doorstep of your receiver in Singapore. If you’re a small company owner searching for a courier service to deliver items to your clients, go no further than Ninja Packs!

Ninja Van’s patented real-time tracking system is included in every Ninja Pack, allowing you to know precisely where your package is at all times. You may now drop off your Ninja Packs at any of our 600+ drop-off sites island-wide for added convenience. Partner with a dependable and efficient logistics firm now to help you grow your e-commerce business!


  • Realtime Tracking
  • Express Delivery
  • 3 Delivery Attempts
  • Excellent Service


ServicesQxpress provides Domestic Delivery (Same Day and Next Day), International Delivery, Fulfilment and Smart Cargo services.
Price RangeStarts at $3.99 (Incl GST).
Contact Details+65 6661 9100,
AddressQxpress Pte Ltd
5A Toh Guan Road East, #01-02 CWT Jurong East Logistic Centre, Singapore 608830

Qxpress is a leading Pan-Asia cross-border logistics company with smart back-end operations, which has been built and tailored for SMEs to scale their businesses easily across the region through e-commerce. Headquartered in Singapore, Qxpress’ logistics solutions are used by sellers on some of Asia’s leading e-commerce platforms.

Qxpress provides Domestic Delivery (Same Day from $5.99  onwards and Next Day from $3 onwards), International Delivery, fulfillment and Smart Cargo services. International delivery to Malaysia starts from as low at $3.90, Japan from $9.85 and Korea from $6.80. Qxpress has an extensive global supply chain network (distribution centers in 9 countries and growing), equipped with strong logistics and fulfillment service offerings. 

In October 2021, Qxpress acquired a 100% interest in KorChina Logistics Holdings Limited. By combining KorChina and Qxpress, we have made a big step to lay out the business foundation towards our vision of building a leading global logistics and fulfillment platform. Now operating in 17 countries with 1,400 dedicated staff, we have established businesses in:

(1) courier delivery services in 7 countries

(2) cross border logistics for 30 routes

(3) global fulfillment service at 20 facilities in 11 countries

(4) international air/sea freight forwarding service with KorChina

(5) e-commerce consignment and distribution service through Qtrading


  • Quest for Fun and Value
  • Quick and Seamless Shopping Services
  • Quality Service


ServicesLocal Delivery, Internal Shipping, Business Direct, Returns
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6841 2000
AddressMultiple Speedpost Agent Islandwide

SP Parcels, a Singapore Post subsidiary, offers a last-mile door-to-door rapid delivery service called Speedpost. This service is for document, package, and freight delivery within Singapore as well as to over 220 destinations around the world. Customers may use their specialized logistics website or service hotline to track and trace their papers, packages, or freight online.


  • Affordable
  • Passionate
  • Fast Delivery
  • Expedited Delivery
  • Economical Parcel Delivery
  • Express Import Delivery

This extensive resource has come to an end. You could want to examine which businesses have the lowest delivery prices or see whether they provide same-day, next-day, or even hourly delivery services. We hoped that the information in this post would be somewhat helpful to you in your search for the best delivery service in Singapore the following time you need to deliver a package.

Do check out our list of Healthy Food Delivery Services and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a delivery service?

A delivery service gives you fast, sometimes it can be a same-day delivery, within an area. A service may be a specific type of delivery, such as food delivery, or cargo, or any kind of things that can be deliver.

How to Identify and Avoid Package Delivery Scams

The COVID-19 epidemic is altering the way many of us do business, particularly when it comes to transporting products and packages. To prevent being conned, always check to see whether you have anything to receive first. If you get questionable email, text, or phone communications, please go to your delivery carrier’s website or utilize the tracking tools provided by the store.

How can I track my parcel?

Each company has different kinds of tracking for your parcel. You must check first the credibility of the delivery service company to avoid any convenience on shipping.

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