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“Your hair is 90% of your selfie” – An apparent reason for why hair is everything when it comes to looking good in front of a camera. Through the revolution of hair trends in TikTok and Instagram from #haircheck to #glasshair, it is clear that #hairgoals is the crux in getting that overall perfect appearance. In fact, the emergence of hair trends from celebrities is especially prominent in the aspect of hair colouring, as seen in the K-pop industry – such as “Ginger is the new Black” or “Blondish Gray”. With the uptrend of bleached hair colours, numerous tips, recommendations and treatments have arisen to help us keep a healthy head of hair, even as we delve into these trendy fads. It is known that hair dye could easily dry our hair out and cause it to become brittle due to the harsh chemicals in dye products. Hence, extra precautions are needed to moisturize and nourish our hair so that they stay frizz-free and easy to style.

However, despite the existence of hair treatments in the beauty market for soft and smooth locks, overdoing it with chemical treatments could cause serious damage to our hair as well as our health. Therefore, hair treatments with safer natural ingredients are crucial. In fact, a 2020 hair care market research has shown that there will be an increased demand in the next decade for natural and organic hair care products! Thankfully, some of us have been blessed with the Cinderella Treatment that has taken over South Korea and now Singapore – it tames frizz without the use of harsh chemicals and contains organic ingredients, replacing lost hair proteins for more voluminous hair and a long-lasting shiny effect without any health risk in the longer term. Besides renourishing damaged hair without resorting to chemical treatments, the Cinderella Treatment also uses a one of a kind natural Keratin product that promotes hair straightening and hair growth at the same time. Truly remarkable!

Enter Naturia, the magic behind the success of Cinderella Treatment that is served by the finest Korean hair salons in Singapore, Walking on Sunshine and Leekaja. Both salons which are under Initia, Singapore’s biggest lifestyle beauty lounge, have been using Naturia as their signature hair treatment product for transforming disorderly frizzy hair into silky manageable hair using natural ingredients. It is 100% vegan and eco-friendly, carefully formulated with plant extracts thus contains certified organic ingredients – Aloe Vera, Vitamins and Collagen – which are the secrets to making hair soft and glossy. Beside that, it uses the lowest level of cosmetic preservatives including zero presence of parabens, sulphate, artificial coloring and is safe from Formaldehyde – known as cancer-causing chemical and skin reactions side effects. Henceforth, it secures the assurance of going through a hair treatment without any harm done to the hair roots and scalp, as well as promotes a tranquil application process. Altogether, a natural botox treatment for hair specially created for salon professionals and customers, the ultimate saviour for unmanageable and damaged hair that could last up to 2-3 months.

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The Secret Behind #No.1 Cinderella Treatment in Singapore – Award-winning Korean Brand Naturia
The Secret Behind #No.1 Cinderella Treatment in Singapore – Award-winning Korean Brand Naturia

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