Suit Yourself

SuitYourself is a made-to-measure menswear brand specialising in quality garments for both your everyday and once-in-a-lifetime moments at affordable prices.

The brand was conceptualised by undergraduates to help the everyday men overcome challenges of professional dressing – the prohibitively high prices of tailored garments and often ill-fitting off-the-rack clothing were the key pain points that have guided the business until today.

We believe how we look continues to lend weight on that positive first impression and our custom suit serves exactly that, boosting confidence and self-assuredness to anyone who needs that extra edge.

  • 3D Body Scanner Technology – get to experience the future of tailoring with sophisticated measurements and tech that improves accuracy, saves clients a heap of time and better fit at better prices.
  • High quality fabrics with modern designs
  • Great style advices
  • Competitive prices for suits, shirts, vests and pants custom-fitted to every customer
  • 2pc Suit: $358 onwards
  • 3pc Suit: $468 onwards
  • Shirt: $79 onwards

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Meiko Tailor

Meiko Tailor is one of Singapore’s finest tailor trusted for their quality workmanship with over 50 years of experience in bespoke tailoring. Intuitively weaving classic tailoring with modern aesthetics, Meiko Tailor embodies an inimitable standards of sartorial craftsmanship, timeless appeal and luxurious comfort. it is always about perfecting and personalising that bespoke outfit for every gentleman and every lady with an understated luxury, no matter their lifestyle, no matter the occasion.

  • Bespoke Suits
  • Bespoke Jackets
  • Wedding Suits
  • Tuxdeos
  • Winter Overcoat
  • Tailored Trousers
  • Tailored Jeans/Chinos Custom-made Dress Shirts
  • Tailored Polo Shirts
  • Styling and Wardrobe Consultation
As the product and services is highly customised, the price would range from fabric to fabric, required length and differs from design and style.

Ehkay Corner Tailors

‘1 Stop Shop For ALL Your Tailoring & Rental Needs’- Established in 1981, we are the leading bespoke and prestigious tailors in Singapore. We take you on a memorable journey to explore the finest and bring out the best in your image, outlook and appearance. Be it a graduating prom night, a job interview or your wedding, we are here to ensure your date is impressed, you are dressed right to get hired and most importantly stand out as the Groom on the best day of your life. We are in constant pursuit to ensure that our clients receive excellent service with exceptional quality that are distinctively unique to the individual. We will continue to live up to the reputation as the ‘Highly Recommended Tailors’ to go to.

  • Custom-made Tuxedos, Suits, Shirts & Trousers
  • Rental/Hire of Tuxedos & Suits
  • Sale of Readymade Tuxedos & Suits
  • Alteration Services

Ron Master Tailors

RON MASTER TAILORS is one of the oldest first few tailors in SINGAPORE. Established since 1983 we have a very well experience team and expertise in this industry.

We are renowed for our professional and reliable services high quality workmanship. We have our very own in house tailors for our jobs. Our main goal is to make sure all individual clients are satisfied and happy with the finish products. Our motto is to have long term relationship with our clients build over the years. Since 2001 RON himself do travel overseas to UK/ EUROPE/ CARRIBEAN for MAIL ORDER services. We are specialized in CUSTOM TAILOR / BESPOKE TAILORING and RENTALS of WEDDING, BUSINESS SUIT and also for all other occasions.

    Widest range of fabrics available
  • SUIT ( 2 PC ) ( $249 onwards )
  • SUIT ( 3 PC ) ( $395 onwards )
  • PANTS ( $85 onwards )
  • SHIRTS ( $75 onwards )

Picadilly Tailors

In the 1930s, a distinguished gentleman and a fine tailor, Mr Mulchand set up Mulchand’s Dressmaker and Suit Tailors in Bras Basah Road, Singapore. Under his wing, many tailors were trained to cut and sew. They were also educated in the fine art of dressing the exquisite gentleman. In 1986, Raffles Hotel Singapore acquired the shop premise that housed Mulchand’s Dressmaker and Suit Tailors. It was then that Picadilly Tailors was born. Since 1986, our forte has been to make everything a man needs in his wardrobe. Today, Mr Suresh Mulchand and Mr Dave Manoo are the Chief Fashion Consultants and owners of the business.

  • Bespoke suits
  • Shirts
  • Tuxedos

$259 upwards

Joe’s Tailoring

Grounded in tailoring tradition since 1983, Joe’s Tailoring is proud to serve every stage of your sartorial journey. We began building our workshop and cultivating our craft with local cutters and tailors who have been with us since the start. Today, we are a family-owned and operated bespoke tailoring business, priding ourselves in creating suits centred on handwork and craftsmanship. Together with our experienced craftsmen, we believe every garment from Joe’s Tailoring bears the defining elements of Joe’s long-standing philosophy — comfort, fit and quality.

  • Bespoke Tailor for Ladies and Gentleman
  • Suits, shirts, trousers, dresses and Denim Jeans
  • Suits from $850
  • Shirts from $150
  • Trousers from $180
  • Dresses from $280

Ethan Men

One of the best tailors in Singapore with in-house production line; procuring fabrics and materials directly from factories

ethan men is a true made-to-measure Singapore tailor. Each suit or shirt is backed
by our perfect fit guarantee. Our master tailor reviews not only your measurements, but details like height, weight and shoulder
slopes to ensure a great fitting suit.

  • Bespoke Tailor

Fashion Tailor

We specialise in Bespoke Tailoring (custom-made) and Rentals of business/wedding suits, Tuxedos, Tailcoats, Morning suits, page-boy attires, etc. for various occasions, and to corporate organisations and ministerial events, e.g. ASEAN Ministers Meeting Retreat Dinner.

Our valued-clients are from various age-groups, besides government ministers and officials/royalties from home and abroad.

We are renowned for our professional and reliable service, and high quality control standard in our craftsmanship as we do not out-source our jobs to sub-contractors.

Prices are subject to customers’ order requirements, and available upon request.

  • Tuxedo Suit
  • Groom Suit
  • Bestman Suit
  • Page Boys Suit
  • Graduation / Prom Night Suits
  • Morning Dress Suit
  • Tails
  • Business / Dinner Suits
  • Top Hat


Maharaja’s Custom Tailors is the first few tailors in Singapore to offer custom-tailored suits and shirts. Our experienced and knowledgeable tailors are meticulous in their workmanship and quality control. Soon, good suits and shirts became the trademark of the Maharaja’s brand.

Maharaja’s Custom Tailors carries an extensive selection of fabrics in a wide range of styles for clients to choose from.Our collection includes fabrics such as wool, wool-cashmere, silk, cotton, Egyptian cotton, linen, corduroy, etc, from England, Italy, France, Germany and various parts of the world. By dealing with our highly experienced consultants, you can be assured to receive the very best advice on the fabrics and style for your custom-made suits.

  • Tailor-made clothes for men and women within 24 hrs.
  • Widest selection of fabrics
  • Tuxedo rental & alteration services
  • 2pc Suit: $300 onwards
  • 3pc Suit: $450 onwards
  • Shirt: $80 onwards

Made Suits

Made Suits is a modern contemporary tailor yet keeping to traditional sartorial essence with a touch of Neapolitan tailoring. Made Suits Housecut style draws inspiration from italian tailoring traditions. Such as the florentine neatness and the neapolitan soft precision cut into a style we feel is modern yet contemporary but classically founded.”

The Core belief of the company is to ensure clients feel light and comfortable in the suit they are wearing which they believe suits should have as little to no padding which names this the “soft tailoring.”

  • Bespoke suits
  • One piece collar shirts “Copper collar”
  • For more casual options, Made Suits also offers D-ring trousers, one-piece collar polo shirts, bespoke denim jeans, and chinos.

CYC Made To Measure

CYC is an award-winning tailor with a commitment to excellent quality and dedicated service. We strive to give our customers the most authentic and personal service possible. We source our materials from the finest fabric mills in the world and hold our craftspeople to excellent standards of craftsmanship.

Established in 1935, the brand quickly garnered a reputation for pioneering a combination of Western technology (Swiss fused collars) with Eastern craftsmanship (Shanghainese tailoring) to craft garments of superior quality and cut. CYC continues to live its deep-set values of excellence, sustainability and inspiring customers to live their dream through crafted style.

  • Made to Measure Tailoring: Suits, Shirts, Trousers, Jackets, Vests, Skirts
  • Bespoke and Made to Measure Dress Shoes
  • Standard Size/Ready-to-Wear Clothing & Accessories
  • Made to Measure Tailoring:
    Suits (2pc suits from $910, 3pc suits from $1020)
    Shirts (from $139)
    Trousers (from $165)
    Jackets (from $710)
  • Bespoke and Made to Measure Dress Shoes (from $495)
  • Standard Size/Ready-to-Wear Clothing & Accessories (kindly check out our standard size/ready-to-wear items & prices online at