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T-Shirt Guys– a T-Shirt printing company that believes in offering quality, affordability and customer-centred service, all in one.

Here at T-Shirt Guys, we pride ourselves in forging strong bonds and ties with our clients from all walks in life, bringing unique identities into customizable t-shirts, and ensuring stringent quality control with every order sent out.

With many satisfied customers and reviews, T-Shirt Guys brims with passion, devotion, and we are determined to upkeep our customer service, ensuring that all of our clients receive their T-shirts with a satisfied smile on their faces.


Despite being a small business enterprise, T-Shirt Guys has been established for more than 5 years, with the current business owner, Ms Lim Shan Wen, taking over the business when she was at the age of 21. With experience and expertise gathered from working in the sales and marketing sector of medical equipment, Shan Wen decided to take over the business single-handedly, driven by passion and determination to own her very own business.

As T-Shirt Guys continues to nurture and grow as a company, the past five years we spent is a reflection of tenacity, determination and sheer dedication- something we strive to preserve, even with the years to come.


At T-Shirt Guys, we are committed to forging close ties, bonds and relations with our clients and customers. From building a good repertoire with them, to becoming their trusted t-shirt printing company they can come back to and rely on anytime for customization and printing, T-Shirt Guys has dealt with customers from different backgrounds, working sectors, varying industries and established ourself as a reputable company that caters to not just one, but all.

By ensuring high standards, strict quality checks and in particular, taking our customer service very seriously, we strive to put our customers first, and meet the needs and wants of all our clients.

As we have a firm and steadfast belief in making lasting relationships with all of our clients, apart from meeting their needs in the printing and customization process, at T-Shirt Guys, we take our customer services up another notch. A notable and distinct step we have taken that sets us apart, is to offer free direct delivery into the very hands of our customers with every order.

While bringing forth a customized T-shirt order with a strong identity unique to each of our clients has always brought us a great bundle of joy, nothing makes us happier than seeing the smiles of satisfaction from our customers when they receive their delivered orders.

We truly believe that this additional step we have chosen to take, calls for flexibility, and convenience that caters to our customer, leading to a reliable, lasting relationship.


In T-shirt Guys, our vision revolves around ‘Transforming groups into teams, gatherings into occasions & moments into memories’. In light of the vision we have, we aspire to break the boundaries and go beyond simply printing a shirt of high quality, but delving into the creation and customization of a unique identity that aligns with our motto. We aspire to make our clients feel empowered with customized tee they are able to identify with. We aspire to materialize our client’s their wants and needs, into identities printed on a shirt they can call their own.


Customized Printing

For clients who wish to print specific, special made-to-order tees, our Customized Printing service enables them to make optimal customizations accordingly, from the choice of fabric and material, to the colour and design etc. that answers their needs and desired requests.

Silkscreen Printing

With Silkscreen Printing, clients are able to request for bulk orders, without worrying about affordability and cost efficiency, as the cost of a t-shirt printing order lowers significantly when printed in bulk.

Heat Transfer

Depending on the client’s design, needs and wants, at T-Shirt Guys, we offer two different types of heat transfer methods for print. For clients who have designs with just one colour, we recommend going for vinyl printing, which is especially popular among our clients who wish to print jerseys or class tees with individual names and numbers. For clients who would like to print tees with more colours, we offer digital heat press printing.


For corporate groups companies who wish to have a more professional looking tee, and clients who want to go for a more 3D look on their tee, we recommend going for embroidery.

For more information of our printing methods, read here.

Apart from our printing services, at T-Shirt Guys, we recently looked into new prospects of nurturing and expanding our business. We have since started to provide special workshops for various occasions. In line with our motto that believes in transforming teams into groups, gatherings into occasions and moments into memories, we have organized several corporate events that promote team bonding, and allows people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to design their own bags and tees.

From our ‘Art on Vinyl’ workshop, to DIY mask workshop (which was recently introduced after the COVID-19 pandemic hit us), even in hard times of change, we endeavour to keep expanding while upkeeping our niche in printing tees that cater to our clients.

We are T-Shirt Guys- a T-Shirt printing company that believes in offering quality, affordability and customer-centred service.

We are T-Shirt Guys and we pride ourselves in forging strong bonds and ties with our clients, materializing unique identities into customizable t-shirts, and ensuring stringent quality.

We are T-Shirt Guys; passionate, devoted, and determined to make you receive your order and smile in satisfaction.

T-Shirt Guys – Service With Perfection
T-Shirt Guys – Service With Perfection

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