The Finest Subscription Boxes in Singapore

The Finest Subscription Boxes in Singapore

Join us on a voyage of planned surprises and pleasant discoveries as we explore the exciting world of Subscription Boxes in Singapore. In a city that values diversity and creativity, this guide serves as your passport to a variety of expertly crafted boxes geared to every taste, interest, and passion. From gourmet delicacies to lifestyle needs, these Subscription Boxes bring the thrill of unwrapping to your doorstep, providing a monthly dose of excitement and variety.

Join us as we explore the vast and ever-changing environment of Subscription Boxes in Singapore, where anticipation meets indulgence, and each box tells a unique tale tailored just for you.

The Finest Subscription Boxes in Singapore

Best Subscription Boxes in Singapore


The Beer Pioneer

ServicesWe’re a craft beer discovery subscription, with a range of core, unique and limited or seasonal batch craft beers tailored to your taste and price point.
Price RangeSubscriptions start at $69 for the Discover tier; $85 for Explorer; and $99 for Pioneer. There’s no no minimum commitment period, and you’re able to pause and manage your subscription through our online portal at any time.

The Beer Pioneer is a craft beer subscription tailored to your taste. Every month we deliver 8 craft beers from around the globe direct to your door. Our subscription boxes are competitively priced and a great way to enjoy some fantastic beers. You might even find a new favourite or two.


Hook Coffee

ServicesCoffee, Hook Bags, Gears, Gifts, Merchandise
Price Range
Contact Details+65 96259741

Hook Coffee is a home-grown brand founded by two Singaporeans, Ernest and Faye. Ever since our launch in 2016, we’ve been on a mission to make great and responsible coffee accessible to everyone.

Anyone should be able to enjoy specialty coffee. This is why accessibility (in terms of approachability, affordability, convenience, and coffee in all formats) is so important to us. Equally importantly, we want you to be having a heck of a fun time learning about, brewing, and drinking our coffees. That’s what we’re all about!

We see ourselves as a conduit for coffee farmers. Socially and environmentally sustainable coffee is our medium through which we enable conversation (which is where it all starts), in turn developing an understanding and appreciation of the origin and stories behind the things we consume everyday.


Yaya Papaya

ServicesFresh fruit delivery to your doorstep, Fruit box subscription
Price Range$0.50 to $50 depending on the fruit, Most fruits are priced between $2 to $10
Contact Details+65 6774 3387
Address26 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-208 Singapore 110026

YayaPapaya fruits is on a mission to bring Singapore the most exciting and exquisite produce from all around the World.

How do we do this? Simple, we’re based in Pasir Panjang Wholesale Center, a major produce hub with access to many local and overseas suppliers. With our extensive connections to many wholesalers, importers and overseas growers we can bring in a wide variety of both standard and exotic fruits.

We’ve been living and breathing fruits since 1985. Why does that matter? It matters because it means we have the experience and expertise required to ensure fresh, quality fruits are always delivered to you on time, always. Our seasoned team of packers, drivers and fruit experts work tirelessly to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. All fruits are meticulously chosen and hand picked with care, so you only get the best!


Squizzel Box

Squizzel Box – A Box To Uncover The Love of Learning For Life

Squizzel Box – A Box To Uncover The Love of Learning For Life

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”– Benjamin Franklin Squizzel …
ServicesThemed subscription boxes – new theme every month
Purchase options:
A) Monthly subscription
B) Prepaid Plans
C) Single Box
Popular themes include
1) Soapy Fun box
2) Farmhouse Box
3) Exploring Patterns
4) Trial Box (random theme at 22% off)
Price RangeUp to $45.90 per box
For more savings, go for the prepaid plans. The longer the pre paid period, the higher the savings.

Squizzel Box is a monthly subscription learning package packed with fun hands-on activities for children ages 3 & up.

Developed in consultation with teachers, the play-based activities are designed to help children learn and hone the 7 key developmental skills vital in preschool education – cognitive development, language and literacy, motor skills development, numeracy, social & emotional development, discovery of the world and aesthetics & creative expression.

Focusing on a new theme each month, the thematic activities (with instructional booklet and materials provided) allow children to explore, create, learn and most importantly, have fun! Families with multiple children can opt for the sibling pack which comes with all the consumable materials such as craft materials and tools, so that everybody can have fun together. To further stretch learning, extension activity ideas and suggested reading lists are also shared on our Facebook and Instagram Page every month.

Be part of your child’s learning and rediscover the joy of learning with Squizzel Box!



ServicesStandard Subscription box, Pawty boxes
Price Range$29 (Standard ala carte box) – $198 (1 year Pawty box subscription)

MāoBox is the first cat subscription box in Singapore, launched in Dec 2016! Enjoy a box of selected samples, treats, and toys for your cats, delivered straight to your doorstep every 2 months! 10% of proceeds benefit a local shelter.

The Finest Subscription Boxes in Singapore

Citizen Box

ServicesCitizen Box is a weekly vegetable subscription box, either for 8 or 12 weeks. Each weekly box contains produce that is freshly harvested and grown responsibly – without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals – either by us or by our affiliated local and regional farms. With over >100 varieties grown at our farm, there will be a mix of familiar and lesser-known regional and endemic varieties of herbs and vegetables.
On a weekly basis, you will receive leafy greens, fruiting veggies or mushrooms, microgreens and herbs! As part of your box, you will receive at least 7 units of mixed produce, consisting of:
Leafy greens / Asian leafys: 1-3 varieties
Fruiting veggies / Mushrooms: 2-3 varieties
Microgreens: 3-4 varieties
Culinary Herbs: 1 variety
Fruits, edible flowers and medicinal varieties: Bonus!
The contents of the box will vary slightly week to week.
Price Rangefrom $35 weekly
Contact Details+65 8817 4054
Address60 Jalan Penjara Singapore, Singapore 149375

Edible Garden City, or EGC, is a social enterprise dedicated to creating social change through community-centric agriculture. It champions the “Grow Your Own Food” movement in Singapore, empowering home gardeners and promoting urban farming in our city. Its grounding philosophy is that growing our own food connects us with nature and cultivates a sense of community.

Through edible landscaping, or foodscaping, EGC has activated more than 260 under-utilised areas in schools, homes and businesses into green community spaces. Its minimal waste and pesticide-free farming model produces fresh, tasty and nutritious microgreens, herbs, flowers and vegetables for both professional chefs and home cooks. Additionally, EGC teaches and supports fellow farmers and gardeners, hires from marginalised communities, and employs therapeutic horticulture. The social enterprise is committed to finding a sustainable solution to managing food waste and achieving greater food resilience in Singapore.


Perro Box

ServicesTreat your doggies to some locally-sourced pawsome treats (which are free from unnecessary additives and artificial fillers), toys and goodies from PerroPet’s Perrobox! The contents within Perrobox is curated by dog-lovers, for dog-lovers, and guaranteed to keep your furry creatures entertained.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 3138 3007

Our position as an online retailer for pet products gives us insights into customer trends, behavior and shopping needs. This helps us develop new and interesting products and not just meet; but exceed expectations across pet care categories.

Over the last three decades global pet ownership has increased from 56% to 68%, with USA alone having about 85 million pet-owning households and South-East Asia which is in a state of growth. This enables us to use our insights to create a better market for pet products and services.


Pint Society

ServicesLove ice cream and trying new things? The Pint Society is for you! Our flavours are carefully crafted by our ice cream chefs who dream big! You’ll get innovative flavours sure to inspire and surprise you each month
Price RangeOne set of 2 x 473ml pints is $28 (inclusive of GST), which is about 10-12 scoops. Our pricing rivals premium mass-market or supermarket brands, but you can be assured of superior quality due to our small-batch, artisanal production process.

The Pint Society started out as Singapore’s first ice cream subscription service. Each month, subscribers would receive a brand new surprise flavour of ice cream or gelato.

As of August 2016, Pint Society became part of The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. family. This means instead of a subscription, customers may order the flavour of the month directly through

Pint Society flavours are still brand new each month (we never repeat flavours), and are available for one month only.


Avo & Co

ServicesSubscription box, Weekly Seasonal Box, San Marzano Tomatoes
Price RangeDelivery from $60, Free Delivery for orders above $100.
Contact Details+65 80310898
Address31 Bukit Batok Crescent #01-49 The Splendour Singapore 658070

Avo & Co. is all about having tasty Seasonal Fresh Produce delivered to you! Imagine having a weekly box delivered to you automatically, full of in-season items like sweet and juicy Peaches, flavorful Cherries or flamboyant Rainbow Chard! You can even choose to build your own weekly box or mix in staples like Cage Free Eggs and Grass-Fed Ribeye to pair with the wonderful greens!


My Messy Box

ServicesMessy Box will feature:
Accelerate Your Child’s Cognitive Development
Customized To Fit Local Education Curriculum
Designed By Early Childhood Certified Teachers
Gain A Headstart Over Other Children
Enhance Coordination, Knowledge And Problem-Solving Skills
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8420 0200

Messy Box was founded in 2013 by Jeff Lim, father to 2 adorable young children. When his son was 2, Jeff noticed that he lacked focus during activities, and also had problems gripping small objects. It discouraged him from exploring and learning to his full potential. Like all fathers, he wanted the best for his son. So after trying all possible solutions and seeing no results, Jeff decided to take matters into his own hands by coming up with Messy Box.

Next, he enlisted the help of reputable early childhood certified teachers to bring his ideas to life. Through a series of extensive research, development and testing, Messy Box was born! Thanks to Messy Box, Jeff’s son became more focused and benefited greatly in his learning journey. This improvement allowed him to fulfil his potential, and he even managed to qualify for Mensa along with his sister! Fuelled by the success he enjoyed with his children, Messy Box has since helped hundreds of children accelerate their progression and mental growth. Jeff’s goal is to introduce the wonders of Messy Box to as many children as possible, so more can benefit from the wonders of messy-sensory play.

As we wrap up our journey through the world of Subscription Boxes in Singapore, the thrill of anticipation and the joy of discovery linger in the air. Each box, carefully curated to reflect a myriad of interests and passions, has unveiled a personalized experience that transcends the ordinary.

In a city that values diversity and innovation, these Subscription Boxes stand as gateways to a monthly celebration of indulgence and surprise. May the memories of unboxing delights and the discovery of new favorites continue to enrich your days. Here’s to the joyous journey of subscription box surprises in Singapore, where every unopened package holds the promise of a unique and delightful experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of Subscription Boxes are available in Singapore?

Subscription Boxes in Singapore span a diverse range, including gourmet treats, beauty products, lifestyle essentials, and more. Explore options tailored to your interests and passions.

How does the subscription process work for these boxes?

The subscription process typically involves selecting a box category, choosing a subscription plan (monthly, quarterly, or annually), and providing delivery details. Subscribers receive a curated box each month with surprises based on the chosen category.

Can I customize the contents of my Subscription Box?

Some Subscription Boxes offer customization options, allowing subscribers to tailor the contents based on preferences. Check with individual box providers for customization details.

Are there options for gifting Subscription Boxes in Singapore?

Yes, many Subscription Box services in Singapore offer gifting options. You can purchase a subscription as a gift for a specific duration and have it delivered to the recipient’s address.

What are the popular categories for Subscription Boxes in Singapore?

Popular categories include beauty and skincare, gourmet food and snacks, lifestyle and home essentials, books, and hobbies. Explore a variety of options to find a Subscription Box that aligns with your interests.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Subscription Box services often offer flexibility, allowing subscribers to cancel or pause their subscriptions at any time. Check the cancellation policy of the specific box provider for details.

Are there promotions or discounts available for Subscription Boxes in Singapore?

Many Subscription Box providers offer promotions or discounts, especially for new subscribers or during special occasions. Keep an eye on promotions to potentially enjoy savings on your subscription.

How is the delivery process for Subscription Boxes in Singapore?

The delivery process varies among providers, with most Subscription Boxes delivered directly to the subscriber’s doorstep. Check the estimated delivery timeframes and shipping details provided by the specific box service.

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