FixinGuru is a Singapore handyman and cleaning company based in the west of the island. We pride ourselves as the local handyman that you can trust and hire.Our team of handyman and cleaners are all well-trained and have numerous years of experiences working at different apartments and houses all across Singapore. We believe that we can help you out with almost anything in the house. If you ask, we will make it happen.The high quality work that we do is the main reason why our customers keep coming back to us to fix things in their houses.

Types of Rubbish Chute Service that we provide:
HDB Rubbish Chute Replacement
Condominium Rubbish Chute Replacement

  • Apartment Handover
  • Aircon Servicing
  • Carpentry Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Door Repair
  • Drilling Services
  • Disinfecting Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Home Styling & Staging
  • Movers Services
  • Painting
  • Rubbish Chute Services
  • TV Bracket Installation
  • Water Heater Installation/Repair
  • Wall Mounting
  • Plumbing

We provide online quotation hence customer can send us the job request via Whatsapp and we will reply from there.

The Rubbish Chute Specialist

We have over 20 years of experience of manufacturing and installing durable rubbish chutes of the highest quality.

Riben Renovation Contractor was established in 1993, a specialist in designing, manufacturing and installation of high grade stainless steel rubbish chute in Singapore.

With more than 20 years of experience and constant product and installation improvements, Riben is able to stay ahead in Singapore for high quality stainless steel rubbish chute.

Our latest Stainless Steel Chute Hopper is made from high quality, Grade 304 or 316, 100% Stainless Steel and is weld together as a whole piece to prevent air and water from leaking out of the chute. All materials used are of extreme high quality and is fire rated and the whole product is endorsed by PSB Corporation

Riben 100% Stainless Steel Rubbish Chute

Rubbish Chute replacement services

If you are handy enough, you could try replacing the latches and the hinges of your rubbish chute door yourself, to ensure it closes properly and keeps out the smell and the bugs. For bigger replacements or repairs, it is advised to call a rubbish chute contractor instead. A hygienic rubbish chute is very important and is best done by someone that has the necessary experience. The same goes for a replacement, this is a very precise procedure and if done improperly, will not provide you the solution you need.

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A HDB rubbish chute comes in standard sizes and therefore, very easy to find and replace. A1 Handyman Singapore‘s sub-service, A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore provides a 1-stop service for your HDB rubbish chute replacement, by supplying and installing your HDB rubbish chute for you. It comes in either aluminium or stainless steel material and can come in a various colours to give you an option to personalise your HDB rubbish chute.

We specialise in rubbish chute replacements for HDB and Condo residential estates. A rubbish chute service required can be a critical and important need. That is why we are prepared to serve you quickly and efficiently. We are a trusted rubbish chute replacement service with high quality rubbish chute services at an affordable rubbish chute price.

We operate islandwide around Singapore to respond to your HDB or Condo rubbish chute needs. Our services are a full supply and installation operation to give you the most convenient solution, and a complete peace of mind. We ensure expert & professional installation methods, taking up less than 3 hours of your time.


Rubbish Chute Replacement and Rubbish Chute Repair

We often neglected the rubbish chute which is one of most important household hygienic. Having a smelly and rusty rubbish chute will attract hordes of cockroaches, andts and a whole lot of other creepy crawlies.

You don’t have to tolerate rust-coated or unhygienic rubbish chute!! Don’t hesitate, call us now and take preventive measure against pests. Pests which are potential health hazards for your family.

Make this change with Active Aluminum stainless steel rubbish chute – Make the change for your family’s sake

Rubbish Chute Replacement and Rubbish Chute Repair

Over the years Heng Plumbing has been able to give best plumbing solutions to the customers. We have been offering our services throughout Singapore.

At a certain stage, if you consider the option of Rubbish Chute Replacement depending on the condition, contact Heng Plumbing.

We have been doing installation & maintenance of Rubbish Chutes for many commercial as well as residential building. Our maintenance service includes – cleaning, pest sprays, repairing of rubbish chute and rubbish chute replacement.

Contact us to find rubbish chute replacement price.

Rubbish Chute Replacement and Rubbish Chute Repair

Here are some of the reasons when you ought to replace your rubbish chute:

Rust: Your rubbish chute is currently showing signs of damage and as it continues to rust, it also suggests that the destructive product (most likely from food debris or other compounds) will cause more damage to the rubbish chute.

Dents: If there are dents that malforms the rubbish chute, such that it loses its air-tight function, then the rubbish chute is not useful to you any longer. This is a possible entryway for bugs to invade your home, and for foul trash smell to come through.

Smelly: If you discover that there is strong, foul smell coming from your rubbish chute, you need a rubbish chute replacement rapidly. The rubbish chute is no longer able to keep out the refuse chute odor because of cracks, holes or dents.

Noise: If your rubbish chute tends to produce loud bangs when your upstairs neighbours are throwing their trash down the refuse chute, it indicates you might wish to replace your rubbish chute with a much shorter tongue.

All of our Rubbish Chute replacement service are of the highest quality and we aim to have them complete after only a single visit. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us directly via our email or telephone number. We hope that we can help!

Rubbish Chute Replacement and Rubbish Chute Repair

We area customer-focused company that was established in 2018. Our team of diligent and practical technicians provide best practice maintenance and repairs & replacement solutions for garbage or rubbish chutes.

We provide specialist chute repairing & replacement services for Owners Corporations, Building Managers and Facilities Managers.

One of our strengths is working quickly, efficiently and responsively with our clients. It is our collaborative approach that creates strong relationships with our clients and is the reason why our clients continue to come back to us.

We provides full inspection, installation, repair and replacement services with a focus on timeliness, reliability, quality and best practice.

We focus on our Customer Service Culture – doing what we say we will do. This means we train our technicians to work with integrity, reliability and diligence to complete each job right.

Our company is one of the most experienced companies in Singapore which specialize in rubbish chute restoration and repair.

We offer Singapore’s most thorough chute repairing & replacement system when it comes to waste chutes. Our patented technology will get even the highly damaged chute back to a great condition by also removing built-up residue and associated odors. Scheduled regular inspection programs can be arranged in line with the building’s requirements or seasonal demands.

Our company is one of the most experienced companies in Singapore which specialize in rubbish chute restoration and repa

The appropriate support system helps secure a waste chute. The internal funnel can be installed within the building with a concrete roof or even in a building without a roof.The tall building has a waste disposal issue; in this case, we would consider the installation of the rubbish chute. Typically, the rubbish chute is installed and used in buildings for the user who discard waste conveniently.

By understanding the importance of safely installing and using rubbish chute correctly, it should keep everyone safe in the building. The most common workplace injuries caused by waste separation include accidents caused by falling debris or by an opening or unprotected side edge. Installing a rubbish chute can remove obstacles and speed up the cleaning process.

By creating a safe and easy-to-use method for removing waste and debris, rubbish chutes can help create a more reliable and more efficient workplace & household. As soon as the building decides to use rubbish chutes, it should be included in safety planning and logistics before work starts and during the construction process.

Rubbish chutes are typically smaller in diameter and are more likely to be mounted on the side of a building, while giant slides are supported by a second frame to withstand the weight of the structure and its components such as roof, walls and roof tiles. The building will need to reserve the required size for the rubbish chute to mounted onto the wall. Mount wall should be check and clean before you start the installation of the rubbish chute. From the installation procedure, Normally screwing hole should be present around the mounting wall. Align the rubbish chute and slot into it. Make sure it is upright and not another way by opening the rubbish chute.

Rubbish chute installation

Rubbish chute repair