Mr Plumber Singapore provides quality plumbing services at fair and transparent pricing. We believe in providing trustworthy services that our customers can use for the long term. We have served thousands of satisfied customers.

Mr Plumber provides full range of plumbing services in Singapore, including plumbing repair, water pipe leak repair, water heater installation, clearing clogged sink/drain/toilet bowls, installation & repair of toilet bowl, kitchen sink, toilet sink, drainage pipe, concealed copper pipes repair, floor trap, etc. We have a team of licensed plumbers who are available for emergency plumbing. We have over 10 years of plumbing experience and have done thousands of plumbing jobs for both residential (Landed, condo and HDB plumbing) and commercial plumbing. We are #1 recommended plumber Singapore,with many happy customers and reviews over the years on Google and Facebook.

Full List of Plumbing Services in Singapore
We offer a full range of plumbing services, including Plumbing Chokes, Plumbing Installation, Replacement & Repair, Plumbing Leakage & Pipe Leak Repair.

  • Plumbing Chokes & Repair
  • Plumbing Installation / Replacement & Repair
  • Plumbing Leaks & Pipe Repair

We are a team of accredited plumbers in Singapore with more than 20 years of experience. Our highly-qualified plumbers with their state-of-the-art equipment and expertise are ready to solve daily bathroom plumbing issues such as pipe leaks, replacement of plumbing fittings and toilet chokes in HDB estates as well as commercial and other residential areas in Singapore. No job is too small for us!

A transparent pricing system at competitive and economical rates, guaranteed work with a 24 hour service and 1-3 hours response for a plumber to arrive makes HDB Plumber Singapore’s leading plumbing service.

Expert Plumbing Services
HDB Plumbers are Singapore’s leading, plumbing service company with a team of highly experienced tradesmen all at the top of their trade. We provide top-quality maintenance and new construction services. If you’re looking for reliable plumbing, drain cleaning, or bathroom and kitchen sanitary services, look for us to take care of all your plumbing needs.

  • Residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Plugging of pipe leakage
  • PVC, copper and stainless steel pipe installation
  • Repair and replacement of water taps, mixer taps, faucets, bottle traps, flexible boses, basins, sink bowls, urinal bowls and flush cisterns
  • Supply and installation of water heaters (instant/storage)

As one of the Singapore leading plumber, we know how to do the job right at the most afforable prices in the industry. You can count on us to be your plumber. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Are you finding it challenging to manage the never-ending concerns concerning your plumbing system? Nearly all households and commercial companies experience this problem, so you are not alone. All you require is a plumbing company that can provide you with peace of mind by fixing all these issues at an economical cost. At, our objective is to supply the very best service at a great cost.

Our expert professional plumber are capable of dealing with any domestic or business plumbing task, regardless of its size. We are here for you for any emergency situation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ve found the best place. We would like to provide you the 5 star experience our customers constantly anticipate.

Plumbing Services Include:

  • Repairing, installation and replacement of sanitary & plumbing fixtures for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Plugging of pipe leakage
  • Pipe installation
  • Clearing of Choked pipes, basin, toilet bowls, floor traps, manholes etc, by manual labour or machine assisted
  • Repair and replacement of water taps, mixer taps, piping, bottle traps, flexible hoses, basins, sink bowls, toilet bowls, flush cisterns and toilet accessories
  • Supply and installation of water heaters (instant or storage) and dustbins
  • New / Re-piping for entire housing units using copper, PVC or Stainless steel pipes
  • Replacement of Toilet Flooring, shower screens, aluminum doors etc.

Even though the name HDB 24 Hrs plumber service seems to be similar with The Housing & Development Board (HDB), but we are not an entity or body under the Housing & Development Board. We are a private company that provides qualified and licensed plumber & plumbing services in Singapore.

We’re a team of accredited plumbing contractors with 25 years expertise in Singapore. Our plumbers with their state-of-the-art equipment and expertise will fix your plumbing trouble once and for all.

Plumbing Repair /Installation /Replacement of:

  • Toilet/ sink taps, shower mixer tap
  • Wash basin, sink, toilet / urinal bowl
  • Bathtub, shower, hand bidet, water piping
  • Bottle trap, flexible tube, mini ball-valve
  • Instant/ central water heater, toilet cistern
  • Toilet auto sensor flush valve
  • Water meter (Pte) install / alter
  • New / re-piping PVC/copper/St steel
  • Burst pipes, water leakage, maintenance
  • Sanitary waste / water pipes leakages
  • Replace cast iron main pipe to PVC pipe
  • Water tank pressure pump service
  • Exposed / concealed / underground pipes
  • All plumbing installation, service & repair

We are a Singapore-based company comprised of professional and friendly plumbers, who have over a decade of combined experience. We are well-skilled and knowledgeable of both residential and commercial plumbing and have a fleet of service vehicles to cater to any onsite repairs.

Our highly skilled plumbers and technicians are confident that every job completed exceeds expectations. From emergency works to major plumbing renovations, small or large projects, we have the right resources. With professional training and years of experience, we are able to keep our business running smoothly 24/7.

Services we offer:

Kitchen Sinks


Toilet Bowl


Efficient Service

On-Call Service

Founded since 1988, Family Plumber Singapore is a group of PUB licensed plumbers in Singapore who can solve any of your plumbing problems. Be it plumbing installation or plumbing repairs, Family Plumber Singapore’s licensed plumbers can take care of it effectively and professionally. Providing reliable plumbing services in Singapore for over 20 years, there are no plumbing problems we can’t handle for you.

Everyday 24 hours around the clock, our 8 teams of plumbers are covering the whole of Singapore so as to reach you fast within ½ an hour to respond to your plumbing emergencies.

Need help to unclog toilet bowls, basins or repair leaking faucets or concealed piping?

At Family Plumber Singapore, we have the expertise and advanced equipments to help you resolve all your plumbing headaches on the spot.

Plumbing Installation & Repair
Bathroom Plumbing – clogged tub, clogged bathroom sink, clogged toilet bowls, faucet leaking, toilet repairs, bathtub drains, toilet leak, leaking sink, slow drains.
Sink Plumbing – clogged sink drain, leaking sink, slow drains.
Kitchen Plumbing – clogged kitchen sink, leaky faucet, slow drains
Shower Plumbing – clogged drains, slow drains, showerhead drips.
Basement Plumbing – leaking pipes, slab leak.
Water Leak Detection- leaky concealed pipes, underground pipes leaking.
Plumbing Leaks
Faucet- Repair, replace & install.
Water Heater- Leaking, replace/change & install
Pipe Cleaning – cleaning clogged pipes.
Sewer Line- Repair, replacement &/or cleaning.
Unclogging Drains – handling slow drains, cleaning clogged drains.
Convert Squatting Toilet to Sitting & Vice Versa.
Bathroom/ Toilet Renovation or Remodeling.

Kiasu plumber, one of the leading plumbing services in Singapore, is a fully licensed, insured and bonded entity that you can trust for meeting all your plumbing needs. Established since 1998, we had fostered a team of skillful and well manner HDB plumber, readily available 24 hours to serve every household’s plumbing problem. All our plumber are PUB licensed & well trained with industry experienced to get you out of emergency plumbing problems in the most efficient way. We pride ourselves as an efficient team that is capable of working under pressure on complicated plumbing jobs.

Our plumbers use complete and advanced tools to solve any plumbing issue ranging from simple leaks to complicated replacement of old fixtures. We also provide regular training for our plumbers so they can be updated with new and efficient ways of solving plumbing problems. They continually learn about new gadgets, tools, and technology related to the plumbing industry so they can provide the best services to you.

We know that skills and competence in providing services are not enough. We also prioritize the fast delivery of plumbing services to each customer.

Our core plumbing repair services include:
• Water leakage detection, repair and fixing
• Pipe repair and fixing
• Faucets and Sinks Repair
• Backflow prevention
• Clogged Sink
• Leaky toilets, Slab leak, bathtubs and shower leakages
• Water heater installation and repair services
• Garbage disposal repair
• Drain cleaning services
• Trenchless underground pipes
• Pipe Bursting
• Exposed Copper pipe repair

When you’ve got some plumbing issues, you can count on Express Plumber Singapore. We have over 20 years of extensive experience in the plumbing industry. Our team of reliable plumbers in Singapore was awarded with BCA certificate as highly trained plumbers. Recognised as the recommended plumber in Singapore, we are trusted by over 1000s customers.

We offer a wide array of plumbing services. We can help you out with your clogged drain, pipe leaks, toilet installation, water heater repair, or various emergency plumbing needs. We can fix any type of plumbing issue from HDB estates, commercial, or residential areas.

With over decades of experience in the plumbing industry, we are proud to offer our highly recommended specialties. We offer cheap plumbing services with great workmanship. We deliver a full range of plumbing services including drain cleaning or drain fixing, toilet plumbing, leak pipe repair, water heater repair, and all types of plumbing repairs and installation services. All these services are delivered by our highly experienced and BCA Certified plumbers. Express Plumber Singapore offers the right solution for your plumbing issues. We cater to residential and commercial clients across Singapore.

S & E PLUMBING Enterprise (PUB license : WS/0875/1998) was established in 2003 and is currently made up of a team of local, PUB licensed and experienced plumbers. We have plumbers on 24 hours’ standby island-wide to help those who need plumbing services urgently. A huge majority of our current clientele base is built based on our ex-customers’ referrals. S & E Plumbing Enterprise has gained a good reputation all these years due to these 3 major factors – quality, efficiency and after-sales service.

Plumbing Services
Repairing, installation and replacement of sanitary & plumbing fixtures for residential, commercial and industrial buildings

Clearing of Choked pipes, basin, toilet bowls, floor traps, manholes etc, by manual labour or machine assisted

Plugging of pipe leakage
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Repair & Replacement
Repair and replacement of water taps, mixer taps, piping, bottle traps, flexible hoses, basins, sink bowls, urinal bowls, flush cisterns and toilet accessories

Pipe installation
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Water Heaters
Supply and installation of water heaters (instant or storage) and dustbin