Bejeweled – a contemporary nail spa & boutique salon, nestled in the heart of Central Business District at International Plaza; and North-East of Singapore at 18 Tai Seng. We offer a wide selection of beauty services, such as :
Nail Services
Nail Spa Treatments
Natural-ingredient based Facials
Organic Facials
Eyelash Aesthetics
Hair Removal

Classic manicure and pedicure

Gel manicure and pedicure

Express services

Classic services for gentlemen

Project Nails is a cozy and stylish nail salon in Katong offering manicures, pedicures, Cuccio Paradiso hand & feet spa, nail art, eyelash extensions, waxing, makeup and more. Unwind in our massage chair, followed by our complimentary premium tea and homemade treats baked by our salon’s founder. Relax knowing you are in the capable hands of our talented manicurists. We invite you to experience for yourself the Project Nails difference. Who knows, you just might like or maybe even love it.

  • Cuccio Paradiso spa manicure / pedicure
  • classic manicure / pedicure
  • men’s manicure / pedicure
  • classic gel manicure / pedicure
  • ingrown toenail removal
  • Cuccio DetoXsoak treatment
  • nail art
  • nail extensions
  • eyelash extensions
  • waxing

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Twenty Nails is a lifestyle nail salon. We believe that going to the nail salon is not just about having your nails done.
It is one of the many ways to empower yourself through self-care by enjoying this special treat every time you step into the salon.

Our founder, being an avid lover of nail art and is health conscious, feels strongly about delivering wellness without the detriments to health.
We believe that beauty is synonymous with health; one should not have to sacrifice one for the other.
We are proud users of international brands like Zoya as well as homegrown brand Jacquelline Burchell (made in Singapore!),
which are free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and toluene, found in most conventional polish products.

Besides dressing up your nails, we are also intent in making sure to take good care of them through essential treatments necessary to treat various conditions.
Our treatments are specially curated to only include products that are safe, natural, less-toxic, vegan, organic or cruelty free.

While creating an environment that is safe for both our team and community, we believe in also being true to ourselves and
enabling you to enjoy these simple pleasures without guilt by keeping our prices affordable.

  • Express manicure/ pedicur
  • Express gelish
  • Classic manicure/ pedicure
  • Classic gelish
  • Acrylic nail extension
  • Gel Extension
Express 15 15
Express Gelish 35 35
Classic 28 38
Classic Gelish 50 60
Acrylic Extension 120 per set / 15 per nail
Gel Extension 120 per set / 15 per nail

Nail Palace is a chain of nail care salons in Singapore that has become well-renowned over the years. Stemming from a passion for great manicures, pedicures and all-rounded nail care, the chain came into existence in 2002 with the mission of providing holistic solutions for nails and beauty. We have since become the go-to solution for nail care with 25 locations all over Singapore. Presently, Nail Palace is home to more than 150 professional nail technicians and on top of that, proudly boasts a vast well of experience spanning close to 19 years.

Acrylic and Gel Nail Services
Nail Art
Sole Renewal Treatment
Eyelash Extensions
Hair Removal Services

Specialising in manicure & pedicure, taking care of all your nails’ pretty needs.
We have an amazing entourage that meets your every manicure and pedicure needs from our nail technicians, artist and nailcare specialists. Our nail salon is a shrine where you can indulge your ever working-so-hard hands and feet with tender loving care. Conveniently located in multiple locations across Singapore, we believe in being inclusive and diverse. Hence, we offer all technology that science can allow, at affordable rates. One of our specialties is the water permeable / breathable paint, giving no down time and does not interfere with ablutions and prayers.

Tip Extension
Acrylic Overlay
Acrylic Extension
Soft Gel Overlay
Hard Gel Overlay
Hard Gel Extension
Repair Acrylic
Repair Hard Gel
Nail Art

N20 Nail Spa provides premier nail care manicure and pedicure services in Singapore. If there is anything we desire the most, it is to delight our customers and earn their smile.

Nail polishing is as much an art as it is a skill. Hence, at N20, our nail artists are trained manicurists and pedicurists, experienced in nail care, hands and feet therapy. Speak to our staff and you will know that you are in the good hands of an expert.

Many of our customers visit our salon after a tired day of working (or shopping), and we make sure they leave our salon rejuvenated and excited about their new nail colours. For nail polishing, we use top-grade, dermatologist-certified nail lacquer, namely the French and American nail polishes, brands such as Chanel, Morgan Taylor and Orly. These are longlast nail polishes, vibrant in colours and are resistant to chipping and smudging. As for foot therapy, we have the full range of Footlogix pediceuticals for the best possible foot care.

So head down to N20 Nail Spa and pamper yourself with our fabulous manicures, pedicures and relaxing foot massages.

  • Manicure
  • Spa Manicure
  • Nail art manicure
  • Gel & Acrylic Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Spa Pedicure

The Nailist is a celebration of sisterhood; the founders being sisters. We simply envisioned a warm place of relaxation minus the relentless pressure tactics common in the spa industry. At the Nailist we believe in quality products and sincere service and trust that the rest will take care of itself!

Express Manicure
Express Pedicure
Gelish Manicure
Gelish Pedicure
Classic Manicure
Classic Pedicure
Gel Extension
Arcylic Extension
Nail art

Nail County is a South Korean-based nail salon established since 2002. We have been delivering exceptional nail services for 16 years, and have prominent presences across 6 branches for the convenience of our customers. We are based in Busan, the ocean city of South Korea. We are proud to be Singapore’s First Premium Korean Nail Salon.

We deliver an extensive range of Korean nail art and provide nail repair treatments that are otherwise rarely available in the market. Customers are assured that our staff are highly experienced, our treatments and products are of exceptional quality and our customer service is royalty-worthy.

Express Manicure
Express Pedicure
Classic Manicure
Classic Pedicure
Gel Extension
Nail art

Spa-tial serenity at Painted Nail Bar

When we first envisioned our business, three words came into mind – charming, exemplary and meticulous. The space we created is designed to be an oasis of calm. Your zen zone.

Painted Nail Bar is a local gem in River Valley Singapore that delivers professional nail care services that ensure you look and feel fantastic after each visit. Our relaxing manicure and pedicure services will give your nails a perfectly polished look, and add a touch of luxe and lush to your day.

We know you will fall in love with Painted Nail Bar. You will leave feeling beautiful and pampered. We are determined to make you feel heard and valued. Come experience bliss.

gel and acrylic nail services

cuticle care

nail enhancements

Offering professional nail services with neighbourhood pricing!

Professional services such as: Classic/Spa Manicure Pedicure, Acrylic/ Gel Nails Extension, Customised Nail Arts, the latest Gel Polish Manicure Pedicure, Eyebrows Shaping and Make-up Services.

​We are also the sole distributor for Shinygel, a 100% products from Japan. Choosing them as a brand to represent our company wasn’t a difficult choice. Their concept of taking care customer nail to restore them healthy and pretty at the same time matches our company philosophy.

​On top of providing professional nails and beauty services, we also ensure the cleaniness and hygiene of our premises and nail tools with proper sanitizing equipments and solutions. Our Princesses and Princes can have a peace of mind when patronising our salon.

Classic manicure and pedicure

Gel manicure and pedicure

Express services

Customised nail arts