MultiCo – The New Contender In Town

MultiCo – The New Contender In Town
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First, we had traditional offices, located in high rise buildings with mixed settings, offering desked landscapes for regular employees, meeting rooms and offices for CEOs and managers. Office spaces were isolated to one company, where departments and teams worked side by side. Then, we saw the rise of coworking spaces.

Coworking has increased in popularity in recent years, because of the many benefits coworking offers. Not only do SMEs get dedicated working spaces, at low prices with greater flexibility than other rented office solutions, entrepreneurs get to work with peers and likeminded individuals in environments fueled by collaboration, knowledge sharing and support.

Entrepreneurs and startups are not the only ones taking advantage of coworking spaces. Huge multinational corporations who are exploring how to grow their branches into new regions and cities also take advantage of fixed desks at coworking spaces. But what else is new? What is next?

After Covid, we realized more than ever that it is not about the space we work in, but about how we work, and what we need to be productive in our work. With increasing internet connectivity at virtually every place we are, and with current technology, we can literally get work done from anywhere, anytime. We can work from home, if we need to, which the past few months have shown. But. There is something to remote work that is much more productive than “working from home”.

While working from home has been something that we all have had to face during the last couple of months, we were still waiting for the day when we could step outside our homes and finally unblur the lines of work and life. Many of us struggle to work from home. Distractions are plenty and tempting.

Currently, many of us are still living in covid induced limbo. Not being able to return to the office, while we are very aware that we can work from other places and spaces. Here, phase 2 has been a blessing for many.

Hybrids are the new hot topic on the block, and MultiCo is the king amongst princes. MultiCo has brought a new contender to the competition, offering a new type of membership community not seen before. MultiCo builds on the principles of coworking yet takes coworking one step further. MultiCo is a new business model, introducing a new trend, this new model is the latest news within work. MultiCo is our new compass that will help us navigate the future of work.

What is MultiCo?

Founded by Charlie Brazier, MultiCo is a new, innovative hybrid solution. Charlie’s ambition and goal were to bring work and hospitality together. He wanted to take coworking one step further, by not only offering members a space to work, but also to add value through the unique addition of food, beverage and other services through our partner venues, including restaurants, cafes, bars, co-working spaces, clubs and hotels in Singapore.

Why do we love MultiCo?

  • MultiCo is convenient, and everywhere.
    • Our partners include many popular F&B venues, including cafes, bars, restaurants, and hotels. As a MultiCo member, you get access to multiple locations all over Singapore, where you can work, concentrate, and do your thing! The entire island becomes your office.
  • MultiCo is affordable
    • MultiCo offers many different and flexible subscription packages you can choose from. You also get access to a ClubCo membership on the go!Need access to a meeting room, or a desk? We have you covered. Enjoy free access to ClubCo office spaces, located in the heart of Singapore. Take advantage of our printing services or treat your clients to a meeting on our Quadrant roof-top! It is truly breathtaking.
  • Earn points, while you spend.
    • For each dollar spent, you earn points that can be redeemed for more credits and spent at any of the MultiCo partner venues. With every $10 you spend, we will give you 1 loyalty credit that you can spend on meeting rooms, printing services or whatever you fancy. Out of credit? You can continue spending money through the APP, and guess what? You earn extra points by overspending!
  • MultiCo supports F&B Venues
    • The pandemic has been hard on all industry, including F&B outlets worldwide. By supporting MultiCo partners, you support local venues.

Simply put, MultiCo offers perks and benefits beyond traditional offices, and beyond coworking. Have two meetings in different venues, in the same area, but would prefer not to waste precious time by going back to the office? With MultiCo you have access to all our spaces, venues and meeting rooms, including restaurants, cafes, and bars around town. Sit, work, have your coffee and gather your energy before the next meeting. MultiCo is committed to making remote work more convenient for you!

The idea of coworking is one of support, openness – a space where creativity, productivity and collaboration can thrive and grow. Do not get locked into one space – advance your options with MultiCo and access a range of new, creative spaces, with additional and exclusive benefits of fully redeemable F&B packages for you, and your team.

MultiCo gives you islandwide access to venues and workspaces and is driven by a dedicated team who thrives on customer support!

Download the MultiCo APP today and discover coworking in the 21st century.

MultiCo – The New Contender In Town
MultiCo – The New Contender In Town

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