The Finest MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore

The Finest MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore

It is no secret that parents in Singapore are keen on providing their children with the best education possible. And one of the most popular ways to do so is to send them for extra tuition outside of school. With the Ministry of Education (MOE) registering over 800 tuition centers island-wide, it can be quite a daunting task for parents to decide which center to enroll their child in.  To help make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of 11 Best MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore, based on various factors such as teachers’ credentials, programs offered, and student results. Read on to find out more!

Best MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore



FamilyTutor - MOE Registered Tuition Centres Singapore
FamilyTutor – MOE Registered Tuition Centres Singapore
SubjectsProvide 1-to-1 home tutors for all subjects and levels (Nursery 1 to JC/Poly/Uni)
Contact Details+6587772168

Introducing FamilyTutor, the leading home tuition agency in Singapore, renowned for its exceptional reputation and unwavering commitment to academic excellence. With a strong emphasis on personalized learning, FamilyTutor has successfully matched tutors for over 10,000 parents and students, becoming the preferred choice for those seeking top-quality private tutoring services.

In the education sector, FamilyTutor emerges as the most highly acclaimed private tutor agency in Singapore. Through a rigorous tutor-matching procedure, the agency guarantees that every student is connected with a tutor who not only possesses the necessary subject expertise but also harbors a sincere dedication to teaching and fostering young intellects.

FamilyTutor has demonstrated its transformative impact on numerous students’ lives, regardless of whether they require assistance with academic subjects, exam preparation, or a confidence boost. By providing personalized attention and customized learning strategies, the agency motivates and steers students towards unlocking their utmost capabilities.

Join the ever-growing community of satisfied parents who have witnessed the positive impact of FamilyTutor’s personalized home tuition. Discover the keys to unlocking your child’s academic success and a brighter future with FamilyTutor today!

Customer Reviews

I hired Mr Kumarasan as science teacher for my daughter studying in Sec 2. I am really satisfied with his approach and sincerity towards teaching . He is the first teacher from whom I get a very detailed feedback after every lecture with plans for future studies. Thanks to Family tutor for identifying my exact needs and suggesting accordingly. – Neel Kamal

First time engage this FamilyTutor for helping my P5 girl a Foundation Math tutor, as it is not easy to get a Foundation Math tutor, but they did it! Teacher Ms Leong is very friendly and patience teacher. Thank you FamilyTutor for their Professional service. Will continue to use their services for another tutor.
Thank you 😊
– Jennifer Wong

Thanks family tutor for helping me to find a patient English tutor Ms Sheryl Teo who meet my boy needs. She is patience and able click well with my son. First few lessons, she already able to spot on my child weakness. I am very glad to have her as my child personal tutor. – Rei Ho


EduFirst Learning Centre

The Finest MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore
EduFirst Learning Centre – MOE Registered Tuition Centres Singapore
SubjectsEnglish, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages
Address405C Fernvale Ln, #01-103 Block 405C, Singapore 793405
Contact Details+65 6315 3466

Edufirst learning center is dedicated to helping students reach their academic and personal goals. They offer a variety of innovative learning programs for a range of age groups, from elementary school to college. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, they provide small group programs that focus on specific topics such as math and science.

Overall, EduFirst Learning Centre is a perfect place for students to get the help they need to reach their academic and personal goals. With over 20 years of experience, they offer a variety of innovative learning programs for all ages. Their one-on-one tutoring and small group programs are tailored to the specific needs of each student. With its convenient location, EduFirst Learning Centre is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their academic performance and personal growth.

Customer Reviews

My little one has been with EduFirst Aljunied branch for almost 2 years. She really enjoyed her learning and time there. Teacher Wendy is always serious about her school works and cares about her growth. Besides that, she also enjoys learning and spending time with other teachers. Thank you. – CH Tina


One.Tuition Place Pte Ltd Centre

The Finest MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore
One.Tuition Place Pte Ltd Centre – MOE Registered Tuition Centres Singapore
SubjectsEnglish, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil
Address203 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530203
Contact Details+65 9679 0479

One.Tuition Place Pte Ltd Centre is one of the leading tuition agencies in Singapore, offering quality tuition services to students from primary to tertiary levels. They provide a wide range of tuition classes, from one-on-one tutoring to small group classes for students of all academic levels. With their experienced and qualified tutors, we ensure that our students receive the best possible tuition experience.

One. Tuition Place Pte Ltd Centre is a reliable and experienced tuition agency in Singapore dedicated to providing quality tuition services to students of all academic levels. With experienced, qualified tutors and a wide range of tuition classes available, students can be sure to receive the best possible tuition experience at One. Tuition Place Pte Ltd Centre.

Customer Reviews

The tutor knows and understands the subjects well and is able to accommodate my son’s learning styles. She also encourages and motivates him to resolve the problems on his own. – Amage CS


AO Studies Singapore

The Finest MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore
AO Studies Singapore – MOE Registered Tuition Centres Singapore
SubjectsMathematics, science, language arts, social studies, and more
Address420 North Bridge Rd, #06-10/11/12, Singapore 188727
Contact Details+65 8585 6060

AO provides students with the opportunity to take part in a variety of learning activities and experiential learning opportunities. This includes problem-solving activities, group activities, field trips, and visits to cultural sites. Through these engaging experiences, students are able to develop their knowledge and understanding of Singaporean culture and its various communities.

Overall, AO Studies Singapore offers students an experiential learning experience that is both engaging and informative. They provide a variety of activities to help students gain knowledge. Through hands-on activities, students will gain an appreciation of Singaporean culture and its diversity.

Customer Reviews

The tuition center staffs are very friendly and approachable. my child likes to go for tuition weekly and her maths results have been significantly improved as compared with last semester. I would like to give a thumb for the tuition center. – Shihching Lim


Good School Learning Hub

The Finest MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore
Good School Learning Hub – MOE Registered Tuition Centres Singapore
SubjectsMath, Science, English/Language Arts, History, and Languages
Address1026A Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534764
Contact Details+65 6635 6047

Good School Learning Hub offers a comprehensive range of educational resources and tutoring services for all age groups. Their experienced instructors have expertise in various topics and help you to achieve academic success. They provide personalized learning plans tailored to each student’s individual needs, develop study skills and strategies, monitor progress, and create a safe learning environment.

Good School Learning Hub is a one-stop center for quality education and learning. They have experienced educators and offer comprehensive learning programs to help students reach their academic goals. With personalized learning plans, they also provide a safe and secure learning environment for all age groups.

Customer Reviews

Math in general I was never good at it. I could not understand what my teacher was teaching and was struggling a lot. Even if I asked my teachers or friends for help, I would only understand partially. I scored a C5 for both E Math and A Math. – Zeanne Chin


Tutor City Home Tuition Agency

The Finest MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore
Tutor City Home Tuition Agency – MOE Registered Tuition Centres Singapore
SubjectsEnglish, Mathematics, Science, and Chinese. Additionally, they provide special programs such as IELTS preparation and foreign language tuition
AddressProxima@Gambas, 50 Gambas Cres, Singapore 757022
Contact Details+65 9067 2547

Tutor City Home Tuition Agency is a well-established tuition agency in Singapore, offering one-on-one home tuition for primary and secondary students. The agency has an extensive directory of experienced tutors from a wide range of educational backgrounds who are matched with suitable students through careful assessments. With Tutor City’s personalized service and attention to detail, parents can be assured of the best possible tuition experience for their child.

Overall, Tutor City Home Tuition Agency is one of the best tuition agencies in Singapore providing personalized and quality services. With experienced tutors and an extensive directory, parents are sure to find the ideal tutor for their child. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and professional home tuition agency in Singapore, Tutor City is a perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

The process is fast, smooth, and prompt. I struggled for months to find a good tutor! Glad we have Benson’s help in searching for a good tutor for my P2 child. The tutor was very good and knowledgeable compared to other agencies. Very resourceful. Highly recommended. – Anne Chong

The Finest MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore

Miracle Math Tuition Singapore

SubjectsArithmetic, geometry, algebra, and calculus are taught in a way that allows students to understand the fundamentals and apply them to real-life applications
Address11 Bedok North Street 1, #01-06 Heartbeat@Bedok, Singapore 469662
Contact Details+65 9787 9150

Miracle Math Tuition Singapore is a fun and interactive tuition program that offers online classes for students of all ages. Their experienced tutors, who have been teaching for many years, use innovative teaching methods to help students reach their full potential. From basic math concepts to advanced concepts, Miracle Math has something for everyone.

Overall, Miracle Math Tuition Singapore is a great option for students of all ages to get the best math tuition. With experienced tutors, engaging teaching methods, and fun activities, students will be sure to learn and love math. Contact Miracle Math today for more information and to get started on your journey.

Customer Reviews

We are absolutely grateful for their guidance and we can’t thank them enough. This is one authentic tuition center that is committed to helping children with a heart and is also committed to delivering results! Highly recommended! – Maureen Koh


Smile Tutor Home Tuition Agency

SubjectsEnglish, Maths, Science, Chinese, and other languages
Address21 Bukit Batok Cres, #22-76, Singapore 658065
Contact Details+65 6266 4475

Tutors are carefully selected and vetted. They only engage experienced, qualified and certified tutors who have consistently achieved excellent results in their respective subject fields. The tutors are passionate about teaching and strive to bring out the very best in each student by providing quality home tuition. They provide customized learning programs to suit each student’s individual needs and learning styles.

Overall, Smile Tutor Home Tuition Agency provides quality tuition services in Singapore and has an impressive network of experienced, qualified, and certified tutors who strive to bring out the best in their students. With the range of subjects and customized learning programs, your child can be sure to benefit from this home tuition agency.

Customer Reviews

Thank you smile tutor for recommending Ms grace Lim as a maths tutor for my daughter. Ms grace is a very responsible and helpful teacher. she provides us with regular updates and teaches us how to improve our daughters learning at home and now my daughter has improved tremendously. Thank you so much. – Jade Chua


Mindlab International Tutoring Centre

SubjectsEnglish, Maths, Science, IT, and Life Skills
Address545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #15-01, Singapore 238882
Contact Details+65 6341 9618

The Mindlab International Tutoring Centre offers an innovative and comprehensive range of programs for students of all ages. The center specializes in providing quality tutoring services to students who need extra help in their studies, particularly those with learning disabilities or special needs.

Overall, The Mindlab International Tutoring Centre is an excellent resource for students who need additional help and support in their studies. It provides quality tutoring services in a range of subjects and has experienced tutors.

Customer Reviews

The front desk is very helpful and the tutor I am with is very knowledgeable about the subject. My results have also improved a lot after coming for only 3 months. – Kimberly Ong


Joyous Learning

SubjectsMathematics, science, language, and history are taught in joyful and meaningful ways that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills
AddressBlock 177 Toa Payoh Central, #01-138, Singapore 310177
Contact Details+65 6264 9193

Education should be a joyful process, and learning activities should be stimulating and rewarding. They strive to create an environment that is conducive to cooperation, exploration, and creativity. They believe in providing the students with the resources they need to succeed, such as technology-enhanced learning platforms, access to online libraries and databases, interactive lessons, engaging activities, and individualized instruction.

Overall, Joyous Learning is a great choice for those looking for an enriching learning experience. The combination of interesting activities and interactive lessons helps to make the learning process enjoyable and meaningful.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


Glenn Lee Learning Centre

SubjectsMathematics, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Photography, Music Production, and Entrepreneurship
AddressKatong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Rd, #02-53, Singapore 437844
Contact Details+65 9001 2298

The Glenn Lee Learning Centre offers a range of academic and career-oriented programs to meet the needs of students in grades 7-12. With courses ranging from basic math and English to specialized topics such as photography, music production, and entrepreneurship, the center is designed for students to explore their interests and develop skills that can lead them toward successful futures.

Overall, the Glenn Lee Learning Centre is an ideal place for students to explore their talents and acquire the skills necessary for success in their future educational and career pursuits.

Customer Reviews

I really am grateful and thankful that I met him and especially thankful to the friend that recommended me to him. Without Glenn, I would have never dreamed of seeing these grades. – Rae Tan

Singapore’s MOE Registered Tuition Centers offer kids who need extra academic help outside of school an important service. These facilities are held to a high degree of professionalism and quality, ensuring that students obtain a solid education.

Additionally, these centers demonstrate their dedication to maintaining the government’s standards and laws by being registered with the Ministry of Education. In Singapore’s educational system, MOE Registered Tuition Centers generally play a significant role in assisting students in achieving academic achievement and realizing their full potential.

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Frequently Asked Question


How do I register for Moe primary school?

Registration for Primary 1 is entirely online. If an older sibling is currently on a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the same primary school, you may register your child under Phase 1. Your child may register under Phase 2A if an elder sibling was previously on LOA and attended the same primary school.

Do tuition Centres need to register with Moe?

If your private school delivers instruction to ten or more students, you must register it, the courses it offers, and the teachers who are authorized to do so. These include institutions that offer tutoring in disciplines that are covered in regular classrooms. centers for enrichment.

How do teachers get MOE approval?

The Ministry of Education in the northern emirates or KHDA in Dubai will then receive the necessary paperwork from the institution and conduct the necessary exams before giving their final permission.

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The Finest MOE Registered Tuition Centres in Singapore

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