The Finest Robotic Class for Kids in Singapore

The Finest Robotic Class for Kids in Singapore

In the coming years, the impact of robotics on numerous aspects of life will be substantial. It is undeniable that enhanced technology and robotics will be crucial for achieving efficiency and speed in various domains. Given this trajectory, today’s children must acquire skills in robotics as the future hinges on it. As the saying goes, “The next generation is smarter than the previous generation.”

Children with an interest in robotics stand to gain manifold advantages, impacting both their academic and personal spheres. Engaging in robotics programs equips kids with improved communication, and teamwork, as well as observational, creative, and critical thinking skills. The multifaceted benefits of robotics in their daily lives contribute significantly to shaping a promising and bright future.

Best Robotic Class for Kids in Singapore


Young Engineers – Singapore

ServicesRobotic Class, STEM Program, Coding Classes
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9440 5079 (General Enquiry)
Address5 Branches across Singapore
Hougang | Katong | Novena | Jurong East | Tampines

A rational edutainment strategy—a blending of education and entertainment—is used in Young Engineers enrichment programs. The most crucial subjects can be taught using a variety of different programs that have been developed. Math, physics, mechanical engineering, and software engineering are just a few subjects that children who join their educational community can learn and enjoy.

They have created specialized programs and workshops for kids at both ends of the learning spectrum—from gifted kids to those with learning disabilities. Contrary to conventional teaching techniques, stories, experiments, and demonstrations guarantee that all children participating in enrichment programs will learn while having fun.

They have robotic programs for kids as young as 3 years old.


Play Facto School

ServicesRobotic Class, STEM Program, Coding Classes
Contact Details+65 9773 4336
AddressOver 35 branches in Singapore

PlayFACTO School, a premier education facility offering student care and child enrichment, has been operating since 2015.

Based on the science of well-being and happiness, positive education emphasizes particular skills that help students improve their interpersonal connections, cultivate positive emotions, strengthen their resilience, foster mindfulness, and support a healthy lifestyle.

PlayFACTO School gives students a stronger foundation for lifelong learning and an increased capacity to learn effectively by teaching them essential life skills.

ServicesRobotic Class, STEM Program, Coding Classes
Contact Details+65 6294 6505
Address2 Sims Close
#05-07 Gemini @ Sims
387298 Singapore

STEM Acedemy offers a robotic class will expose students to the world of robotics and coding. They will gain experience with building a robot and basic foundations including Block-based coding, understanding the concept of a robot, build and code a robot from scratch and code the robot to perform challenges


Roboto Coding Academy

ServicesRobotic & Coding Class
Contact Details+65 9193 8589
AddressMain Branch
199B Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre,
Singapore 307636

250 Orchard Rd, Level 2
Design Orchard,
Singapore 238905

199B Thomson Road,
Goldhill Centre,
Singapore 307636

856E Tampines Street 82,
Singapore 525856

Roboto Coding Academy teaches its students how to think rather than telling them what to do. Students will develop their analytical skills through decomposition, pattern recognition, generation, and writing algorithms to become better programmers, thinkers, and problem solvers.

Roboto Coding Academy understands the value of encouraging independent learning. Cutting-edge, interactive curriculum instills crucial learning behaviors like self-reflection, curiosity, and inquiry to get their students started on a lifetime of learning.


School of Robotics

ServicesRobotic Class
Contact Details+65 8878 8485
Address170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #B2-15, Singapore 588179

To teach programming, robotics, and related arts and sciences to all dreamers, creators, and innovators, the School of Robotics (SOR) was founded in 2013. The School of Robotics (SOR) integrates traditional instruction with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) pedagogy with a focus on process-based learning.

To give its students hands-on and collaborative learning opportunities, the School of Robotics (SOR) actively seeks out opportunities for all of its students to compete in regional, national, and international competitions such as the World Robot Olympiad (WRO), First LEGO® League (FLL), FLL Junior, and National Robotics Competition.

The Finest Robotic Class for Kids in Singapore

The Lab Singapore

ServicesRobotic and Coding Class for kids as young as 5 years old
Contact Details+65 8916-0017
AddressKinex Mall
11 Tanjong Katong Road #03-01/02
Singapore 437157
(+65) 8488-7017

The Centrepoint 
176 Orchard Road #03-18/19
Singapore 238843
(+65) 8824-4521

The Lab is a multi-award-winning programming school that equips young people with the knowledge and abilities required for success in the economy of the future. Younger children, ages 5 to 6, enjoy engaging activities like coding, robotics, and drones as part of the curriculum that emphasizes Fun over Learning and encourages Computational Thinking (Programming) and the Engineering Design Process (Building).

Children aged 7 to 9 will be able to try their hand at Lego Robotics, which encourages computational thinking through math and science—foundations of becoming an effective programmer. Older children use Python programming, ages 10 to 16, to lay the groundwork for a demanding and academically focused curriculum.


LCCL Coding Academy

ServicesCoding & Robotic Class.
Available for both online & face to face class.
Contact Details+65 6817 2957
AddressTanglin Shopping Centre,
19 Tanglin Road #04-20,
Singapore 247909

Your child will participate in mentally challenging and entertaining lessons at the Google-inspired campus of LCCL Coding Academy. Children aged 5 to 7 begin at Early Creators, where they develop positive learning attitudes by assisting amiable cartoon characters in solving logical problems.

Students ages 8 to 11 follow a progressive curriculum called Coding Fundamentals to develop their algorithmic thinking skills while creating apps, games, and animations before moving on to robotics. Students aged 12 and up move on to Python Problem Solving.

Students will be guided at their own optimal pace in a small learning group, whether you choose live online lessons or physical classes.



ServicesSTEM Workshop, Robotics, Coding
Innovation Programm Mentoring
Contact Details+65 9855 4017
AddressNullspace Robotics (Rochester Branch)
35 Rochester Drive, #03-07
Singapore 138639 (Rochester Mall)

Nullspace Robotics (Siglap Branch)
5B Figaro Street
Singapore 458329

For children ages 6 to 16, Nullspace offers a variety of robotics and coding programs. With an average instructor-to-student ratio of 1:3, Nullspace features one of the smallest class sizes, promising the best education possible for your kids. They are offering a different program based on the children’s age.

They have the weekly STEM Little Explorer Program for kids 6-8 Years old who are enthusiastic about pursuing their interests in STEM. Children 9+ can learn LEGO Robotics through the Robotics Certificate Programme. Age 10+ can use the Arduino Microcontroller to create electronic projects as part of the Inventor Certificate Programme.

Additionally, there are certificate programs for Python Data Analysts (Ages 11+) and Scratch Game Developers (Ages 9 to 11).


ServicesCoding and Robotics Class
Contact Details+65 8819 5963
Address728 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4226, Singapore 560728

For kids aged 4 to 16, STEM Genius offers coding and robotics classes. They are a group of committed educators who work to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education accessible to all kids through engaging, cost-effective STEM programs.

They are also the first STEM educators in Singapore to receive accreditation from the esteemed in the United States. Their curriculum, which promotes creativity, technological literacy, and critical thinking, was created by the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Creative Computing Lab.



ServicesCoding and Robotic Class
Contact Details+65 6255 5622
Address46 Kim Yam road, #01-06, Singapore 239351 (Near AMPed Trampoline Park)

The Ripple Tech Program is a comprehensive, all-encompassing STEAM-based program offered by ripplecreate Singapore. It has a clear progressional structure for ICT education and learning objectives tailored to your child’s age.

Students’ diverse interests are catered to in our program’s coding classes, which cover topics like block-based coding for virtual reality, coding enrichment, the development of websites, video games, and mobile applications, as well as syntax coding languages like Python and JavaScript.

In concluding our exploration of the dynamic world of Robotic Classes in Singapore, we emphasize the transformative impact these programs can have on a child’s educational journey. Beyond acquiring technical skills, participating in robotic classes fosters critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork—essential attributes for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

As children immerse themselves in the fascinating realm of robotics, they not only gain proficiency in programming and engineering but also develop a curiosity-driven mindset that propels them toward innovation. The benefits extend far beyond the classroom, influencing their academic performance and shaping their ability to meet the challenges of a technology-driven future.

Enrolling your child in a Robotic Class in Singapore is more than a learning experience; it’s an investment in their intellectual growth, problem-solving capabilities, and adaptability. Witness your child embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and skill acquisition that will undoubtedly contribute to a bright and promising future.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is robotic class for kids?

It primarily serves as a method for introducing kids to the diverse applications of STEM concepts (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Students build and program robots through play using robotics kits. Teachers keep an eye on the activity and assist students in completing their task to ensure the whole process is fruitful.

How young can I introduce robotics to my child?

The right age to introduce Robotics is at 6 years of age where kids have an understanding of logic and principles. However some program can accept children younger than 6 years old.

What are the benefits of Robotics and Coding for kids

Children who code develop their reasoning, decision-making, persistence, algorithmic, and abstract thinking skills.

Why should my child join a robotic class in Singapore?

Joining a robotic class in Singapore provides valuable hands-on experience with technology, fostering skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork. It prepares children for the tech-driven future.

What age groups are suitable for robotic classes in Singapore?

Robotic classes in Singapore cater to various age groups, starting from young children to teenagers. Programs are often designed to suit different age brackets and skill levels.

How do robotic classes benefit my child’s academic development?

Robotic classes contribute to academic development by enhancing critical thinking, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities. The hands-on nature of these classes fosters a deeper understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts.

Are robotic classes suitable for beginners with no prior experience?

Yes, many robotic classes in Singapore are designed for beginners with no prior experience. They provide a structured learning environment that accommodates children at various skill levels.

What skills do children learn in robotic classes?

Children learn a range of skills in robotic classes, including programming, logical reasoning, creativity, and teamwork. These skills are transferable and valuable in various aspects of academic and personal development.

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