The Finest Mobile Wallets in Singapore

The Finest Mobile Wallets in Singapore

In the center of Singapore, take a smooth digital banking tour as we delve into the exciting world of mobile wallets. Mobile wallets have become a cutting-edge option in our busy city-state, transforming the way transactions take place in our quick-paced culture. These digital companions redefine ease and security with their ability to handle individual bank accounts and make contactless payments.

Come explore the complex web of mobile wallets in Singapore, a city where fintech meets innovation and pragmatism meets to revolutionize financial landscapes. As we explore the intricacies of this digital revolution and navigate the dynamic ecology of mobile wallets in the Lion City, discover the future of banking at your fingertips.

Here, you’ll find an overview of how mobile wallets work and which service providers are currently the best.

How operate mobile wallets?

A mobile wallet is a kind of virtual wallet in which users can pay for goods and send, receive, and store money using their smartphone.

Mobile service providers (like SingTel), the smartphone you use and its e-payment solution (like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay), and financial institutions (like banks) typically collaborate to provide a mobile wallet service. Even Fitbit has a mobile wallet solution.

Mobile wallets come in a wide variety of flavors, but the majority of them fall into two categories: wallets owned by banks and wallets owned by non-banks. One way to determine which wallet is the “best” is to look at how simple it is to use and how widely accepted it is for making and receiving payments not only in Singapore but throughout the region. The term “best” is subjective.

Best Mobile Wallets in Singapore


OCBC Pay Anyone

The Finest Mobile Wallets in Singapore
OCBC Pay Anyone – Mobile Wallets Singapore
Best ForAll Category Spending
iOS / Android Both compatible

Customers of OCBC can use a unique QR code to send or request money from anyone. They can also use NETS QR to make daily purchases of up to S$1,000 and pay for food and transportation at partner merchants’ NETS terminals.

It has a wide range of OCBC partner merchants in major categories like cinemas, retail shops, convenience stores, food and beverages, and wellness and beauty. As a result, you can use it to pay anyone in Singapore. A few instances of these OCBC accomplice traders incorporate Cathay Cineplexes, TADA, and Koufu.



The Finest Mobile Wallets in Singapore
GrabPay – Mobile Wallets Singapore
Best ForRide-Hailing daily purchases
iOS / Android Both compatible
CountriesSoutheast Asia

Because you can simply top up prepaid GrabPay credits for your Grab rides, GrabPay is best known to regular Grab users. In addition, you can seamlessly transfer GrabPay credits to and from other users.

On your Grab ride, you will also receive card benefits and reward points if you link your debit or credit card for payment. Look at this article of the 5 Visas to use for Snatch rides.

To expand the use of its e-wallet, it is rapidly expanding its network of partner merchants, adding GrabFood, GrabDelivery, hotels, and even e-scooter services to its platform.


Google Pay

The Finest Mobile Wallets in Singapore
Google Pay – Mobile Wallets Singapore
Best ForSending a payment with chat functions
iOS / Android Both Compatible
CurrenciesMultiple Currencies

You can split the bill with Google Pay, pay for purchases, pay for your commute, and more. Google Pay is currently well-known for its scratch card, which customers receive when they send approximately S$10 in instalments.

You can get a scratch card for yourself when you use Google Pay to send S$10 or more to another Google Pay user. You can earn up to two scratch cards per week and get up to S$10 in cashback on them.

You can also get a scratch card in a store by tapping and making at least S$3.22 for your first two weekly qualifying payments. This gives you cashback of up to S$10, just like when you send cash to other Google Pay customers.

You must establish an instalment plan in order to use Google Pay. This could be your Standard Chartered or OCBC bank account or DBS PayLah for you. You can also add credit or debit cards to your account. It is simple to set your PayNow account as the default account for receiving money.

You will need to scan the PayNow SGQR code in the merchant’s store in order to use Google Pay. In addition, the app lets you order food with Google Pay, book movie tickets, and take advantage of other special deals.



The Finest Mobile Wallets in Singapore
Alipay – Mobile Wallets Singapore
Best ForGlobal online payment protection
iOS / Android Both Compatible
CurrenciesSGD, RMB

AliPay is a global payment platform used by over 400 million people worldwide for secure online payments.

The most cutting-edge encryption technology ensures that personal information and online payments are never compromised with AliPay, which is supported in China by the tech giant Alibaba. For any unapproved exchanges made with your AliPay account, AliPay vows to repay you in full, give instalment security to 90 days, and answer within five work-long stretches of accepting your objection.

It also gives you the option to return or keep any items that aren’t as described if you don’t get your order. You can open an Alipay account in Singapore, but you need a Chinese phone number and a Chinese credit card to transfer money to your Alipay mobile wallet.

AliPay is generally acknowledged in Singapore at worldwide cafés and organizations taking special care of Chinese sightseers.


DBS PayLah

The Finest Mobile Wallets in Singapore
DBS PayLah – Mobile Wallets Singapore
Best ForRecurring bill payment
iOS / Android Both Compatible

The majority of Singaporeans have DBS or POSB accounts. It is the portable wallet that is most widely used and recognized. You can send or request funds from anyone, even those who are not DBS/POSB customers, with just a mobile phone number. That is accurate; You no longer have to worry about SWIFT, branch codes, or the recipient’s bank account number.

Use QR Codes and Payment Links to pay a merchant, scan to Pay at NETS Terminals, browse DBS-featured merchants on the app, split bills with friends, pay to over 58 billing organizations, and more. The auto debit feature of your linked bank account stands out when your mobile wallet’s balance is low. It is possible for it to send WhatsApp notifications when you send or request funds.

Furthermore, the DBS Lifestyle app is now included in the app. This means that all DBS users will be able to use a single, all-in-one PayLah app for deals, transactions, card statements, and other things. Additionally, DBS/POSB credit card holders have gotten special deals, especially around the holidays. Furthermore, the DBS PayLah The DBS Lifestyle app is now included in the app. This means that all DBS users will be able to use a single, all-in-one PayLah app for deals, transactions, card statements, and other things. Additionally, DBS/POSB credit card holders have gotten special deals, especially around the holidays.

The Finest Mobile Wallets in Singapore


Best ForDaily Purchases
iOS / Android Both Compatible
CountriesSingapore, Malaysia
CurrenciesSGD, MYR

With FavePay, you can pay at your favorite stores quickly and easily with your mobile device and get cash back right away. FavePay accepts all debit and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as Alipay, Paypal, Boost Payment, Air Asia Big Points, GrabPay (which is only available in Singapore), and all of them.

Online payments to banks are also possible, but only in Malaysia: A few examples include CIMBClicks, RHB Now, Affin Bank, Am Online, Bank Islam, Maybank2u, Public Bank, OCBC Bank, and Hong Leong Connect. The FavePay payment method is currently only accepted by partner merchants in Singapore and a small number of Malaysian cities, such as Ipoh, Penang, Kuching, Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, and Kota Kinabalu.



Best ForTo pay by NETS with no contact and digital
iOS / Android Both Compatible

Do you use NETS to make payments? In the future, you won’t need to use your NETS card to make payments. With NETS Pay, you can now pay with your phone by tapping it.

NETSPay is a mobile app that lets you make digital payments with your DBS, POSB, OCBC, and UOB NETS Bank Cards. You only need to download the NETSPay app and digitally enter your NETS bank cards into the app to get started!

Tap your phone or scan the QR code to pay; For transactions under S$100, no PIN is required. When you shop online, you can also use the QR code on the checkout page to pay with NETSPay.


SingTel Dash

Best ForMobile payments with Dash Visa Virtual Card
iOS / Android Both Compatible

SingTel Dash, an all-in-one mobile wallet that charges no administrative fees, can be used to top up your Dash account or any other Dash account. With your Dash wallet, you can pay Via partner merchants in Thailand and Japan and Visa payWave partner merchants worldwide. SingTel Dash can also be used to send money from Singapore to Bangladesh, India, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and China.

Previously, Run must be utilized by filtering the Scramble QR code at dealer clerks. Dash now comes with a Visa Virtual Card that lets you tap your phone to pay anywhere Visa contactless payments are accepted. This means that you can pay for things like your commute and grocery shopping with Dash!

When you shop online, you can even enter your individual 16-digit Dash Visa Virtual Card number at the checkout.

The best thing about Dash is that you can get reward points for every dollar you spend, whether on purchases or on sending money overseas. These Scramble focuses can be traded for vouchers from Zalora, Get, Cold Capacity, or Sephora! However, remember that Run focuses are useless one year after they are given.

Dash EasyEarn even lets you get insurance while also growing your savings.


Wechat Pay

Best ForGlobal transactions between friends
iOS / Android Both Compatible

Because it enables Chinese consumers to make payments using only their mobile phone at any time and from any location, WeChat Pay is an essential part of their day-to-day lives.

Since it is accepted and accepted everywhere, including taxis, general stores, restaurants, and medical facilities, WeChat Pay has rendered the actual wallet obsolete in China. WeChat Pay also connects Chinese customers and foreign merchants directly. To pay for goods purchased in other nations, Chinese customers can use vendors’ Official Accounts.

WeChat Pay also supports Fast Compensation, QR Code, In-Application Electronic, and Local In-Application Instalments as payment options. This is better than other mobile wallets, which may only support QR codes or contactless payment terminals.

Additionally, most major foreign currencies are supported by WeChat Pay. Customers pay in Chinese renminbi (RMB), but the transaction is settled in a foreign currency because the spot exchange rate is set by the partner settlement banks of WeChat Pay. The fact that WeChat Pay continues to primarily serve Chinese customers rather than international ones is its only drawback.



Best ForTraveling
iOS / Android Both Compatible
Currencies150 Currencies

YouTrip is a free multi-currency mobile wallet app that lets you pay and convert in more than 150 currencies. It can also be purchased in the form of a physical Mastercard card that can be used over the counter in other countries. You can also use your YouTrip card to withdraw money from any Cirrus, Mastercard, or Maestro ATM in another country for a flat fee of S$5.

You can conveniently monitor and exchange up to ten currencies on your mobile phone with real-time rates using their user-friendly app.

This is very convenient because it lets you skip the long lines at traditional money changers. Utilize exchange rates that are less expensive than the over-the-counter rates offered by the majority of banks. You can easily top up your YouTrip wallet with any SGD credit or debit card on your phone, up to a maximum of S$5,000. Your YouTrip account will not need to maintain a base balance.

However, there is currently no way to convert excess foreign currency back into Singapore dollars, which is a major drawback; As a result, you should only exchange enough cash to pay for your trip.

As we conclude our exploration into the transformative realm of Mobile Wallets in Singapore, it’s evident that these digital marvels have become the cornerstone of modern financial experiences. In a city pulsating with innovation and efficiency, Mobile Wallets seamlessly blend into the fabric of everyday life, offering unparalleled convenience and security. The future of finance is undeniably shaped by the evolution of these digital companions, as they redefine the boundaries of traditional transactions. As Singapore continues to lead the way in embracing cutting-edge technology, Mobile Wallets stand as a testament to the nation’s commitment to progress and efficiency. With a touch, a tap, and a world of possibilities, the journey through Mobile Wallets in Singapore leaves an indelible mark, inviting us to embrace the future of finance with open arms.

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Frequently Asked Question


What are the requirements for using a mobile wallet?

A customer must enter their credit card information, information from reward cards, and information from coupons once they have installed a mobile wallet on their mobile device. The data is then connected to a recognized personal identification format, like a key or a QR code that can be read by a smartphone.

What is disadvantage of mobile wallet?

Digital wallets might promote excessive spending.
A drawback of having simpler access to your cards is its convenience. As a result of always having access to your digital wallet, your impulse shopping has increased.

Is it safe to store money in mobile wallets?

As the use of currency decreases, it is now typical to see customers scanning a QR code with their phones or waving their phones in front of payment readers.
Digital wallets that allow for pre-loading of funds are a popular alternative for people who don’t qualify for credit cards or would prefer not to use them for contactless payments.

What are Mobile Wallets and how do they work in Singapore?

Mobile Wallets are digital applications that enable users to make electronic transactions using their smartphones. In Singapore, these wallets function by securely storing payment information and allowing users to make cashless payments seamlessly.

Which Mobile Wallets are popular in Singapore?

Singapore boasts a diverse range of Mobile Wallets, with popular choices including PayLah!, GrabPay, and Google Pay. Each wallet comes with its unique features and benefits, catering to different user preferences.

Are Mobile Wallets safe to use in Singapore?

Yes, Mobile Wallets in Singapore prioritize security through encryption and authentication measures. Additionally, these wallets often offer features such as biometric verification and transaction alerts to enhance user safety.

Can I link my credit/debit card to a Mobile Wallet?

Absolutely. Most Mobile Wallets in Singapore allow users to link their credit or debit cards, providing a convenient and centralized way to manage various payment methods within the app.

How widely accepted are Mobile Wallets in Singapore?

Mobile Wallets are widely accepted across Singapore, with a growing number of merchants, including retail stores, restaurants, and public transportation, embracing cashless transactions. The convenience and efficiency of Mobile Wallets contribute to their widespread adoption.

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The Finest Mobile Wallets in Singapore

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