The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore

The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore

With Their Top Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore, Refresh Your Ride!

Step into the future of car care with the ultimate convenience of our mobile car wash services! Recognizing the bustling lifestyles of Singapore’s metropolitan residents, we’ve revolutionized the way you maintain the appearance and cleanliness of your beloved vehicle.

Picture a world where the hassle of squeezing in car cleaning amidst a hectic schedule or waiting in line at a traditional car wash is a thing of the past. Our cutting-edge Mobile Car Wash Service brings the expertise of professional auto detailers directly to your doorstep, offering a time-saving and effortless solution to keep your car in pristine condition. Say goodbye to the inconvenience and hello to a car that always looks its finest.

What Makes Their Mobile Car Wash Service Popular?

Unmatched Convenience: No more making appointments or going to the vehicle wash. Regardless of where you are in Singapore—at home, at work, or elsewhere—our knowledgeable specialists come to you.

Quality Care: Your automobile deserves the finest, and our skilled technicians utilize cutting-edge tools and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to give it a comprehensive inside and out cleaning.

Time-saving: We understand how valuable your time is. We perform our magic as you go about your day, leaving you with a pristine automobile without interfering with your schedule.

Customized Services: We provide a variety of packages to suit your particular requirements, whether you only need a fast exterior wash, in-depth inside detailing, or both.

Protect Your Investment: By keeping dirt, grime, and pollutants from harming the paint and interior surfaces, regular cleaning not only keeps your automobile looking great but also protects its market value.

Best Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore


ARC Motorworks

The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore
ARC Motorworks – Mobile Car Wash Service Singapore
ServicesMobile Car Wash
Operating HoursWeekdays: 9 AM–6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM–4 PM
Address10 Kaki Bukit Rd 2, #01-21 First East Centre, Singapore 417868

Standard service and maintenance, air conditioning repair and servicing, diagnostic tests, performance tuning, racing and motorsports equipment, engine and transmission overhauls, spray painting and panel beating, battery replacement, wheel balancing, and tire replacement, and accident claim and repair are among the services they offer.

Customer Reviews

Went to service my car last week at ARC. Boon and his team did a thorough check and found some parts which require replacement due to wear and tear. They explained why the need to change for certain parts and the price quoted is reasonable. The guys working there are friendly and approachable with whatever questions you have. It is a pleasant experience with them and recommend them to anyone looking for a workshop for their general servicing. – Muhammad Russhairyn



The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore
Coatconut – Mobile Car Wash Service Singapore
ServicesMobile Car Wash
Operating HoursDaily: 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM
Contact Details+65 8725 6499
AddressUbi Vertex, 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-36, Singapore 408868

Local auto cleaning company Coatconut was founded in 2017 and has since broadened its services while upholding standards that set the benchmark for the sector. In order to compete at a high level in the business, they strive for excellence every single day in the execution of their detailing and automotive love. Coatconut is committed to being able to offer a broad range of automotive services to the sector, with the goal of providing unparalleled levels of comprehensive care.

Customer Reviews

Was introduced by a good friend of mine to this automobile detailing company. Had arranged a ceramic coating session on 19 May. Pre-checks were conducted on the ride and informed duly to me before coating begins. A complementary follow-up (12 June) was included in the coating package. Am greatly impressed with the result. Will definitely patronize their service again. Keep Up The Good Work! – Andy Koh


Wash Collective

The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore
Wash Collective – Mobile Car Wash Service Singapore
ServicesMobile Car Wash
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 9 AM–11:30 PM
Address22 New Industrial Rd, #05-02, Singapore 536208

Every automobile that comes into Wash Collective is treated just like it were their own. For this reason, every time they start an automobile, they use a set of brand-new cloth. They can prevent the spread of dirt by avoiding utilizing fabric that has previously been used on vehicles. Cars Collective Pte Ltd, a vehicle dealership that focuses on automobile consignment, auto insurance, and COE renewal, founded Wash Collective as the mobile car detailing division.

As a result of their expansion, they now provide a range of automobile grooming services with an emphasis on enhancing the well-being of drivers and their passengers. While carpet deep cleaning is popular among new owners of used vehicles, FAMILY+ disinfection helps expectant moms prepare their automobiles for the birth of the newborn.

Customer Reviews

Highly recommended. Prompt and friendly customer service from the moment I contacted them to enquire about the fumigation service, which comes with a car wash and interior cleaning. Hassle-free booking system to arrange an appointment. One plus point is that they provide the service at the convenience of your own car park. The service crew was punctual as per the appointment and professional in explaining the whole process. – Muhd Nashiran



The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore
GoWash – Mobile Car Wash Service Singapore
ServicesMobile Car Wash
Operating HoursDaily (Monday – Sunday)
9:30 am – 8:30 pm (Excluding Public Holidays)
Contact Details+65 9682 4851
Address20 Shaw Road, 367956, Singapore
Island-wide, Except CBD area, Jurong Island, Tuas

Through the introduction of Gowash Mobile Car Grooming, which offers quick, effective, and reasonably priced mobile car grooming services, the car washing business has undergone a transformation. By traveling straight to you, their team of skilled groomers can save you time and worry while offering high-caliber services that leave your automobile feeling and looking like new.

Gowash has developed into a market leader in mobile automobile grooming services by investing in cutting-edge machinery and recruiting a group of skilled and committed groomers. Services offered include car washing, detailing, and ceramic coating. Schedule your next auto grooming appointment with Gowash right now to take advantage of their quality and convenience.

Customer Reviews

Extremely prompt replies and service rendered! I contacted them at the very last minute and they managed to accommodate my needs. The car was returned fresh and clean! Highly recommend – Doris Lkg


Apex Hygienic Pte Ltd

The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore
Apex Hygienic Pte Ltd – Mobile Car Wash Service Singapore
ServicesMobile Car Wash
Operating HoursDaily: 9 AM–6 PM

In the comfort of your home, Apex Hygienic offers Professional Mobile Car Wash services, regardless of whether you live in an HDB, condo, or land. Their automobile grooming techniques employ high-end German-made automotive supplies, and their team members have Onyx and Sonax certifications.

From exterior vehicle wash and interior cleaning to cutting-edge automobile detailing services like nano shield or polish & wax services, their mobile car wash service is comprehensive. Even in Singapore, they provides Covid-19 automobile disinfection services.

Customer Reviews

Booking the appt for cleaning was smooth sailing and easy. The staff was quite punctual and provided videos of the discharge water to know how much dirt was removed from the item. It’s satisfying to see and I’m glad they put in this extra but of effort. I had left out one item and the guy actually went the extra mile for me. Thank you so much! Will recommend this service to friends and family. – Rachel Teo

The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore


The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore
Washlah – Mobile Car Wash Service Singapore
ServicesMobile Car Wash
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 2 PM
Contact Details+65 9668 9274
AddressStudio: Autobay, 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6, #01-37 (S) 417883          
Office: The Commerze@Irving, 1 Irving Place, #08-01 (S) 369546

To eliminate the trouble of cleaning, they have been offering fleet maintenance solutions for business fleets since 2017. At about the same time, they started providing mobile vehicle washing services. Since then, we’ve grown to include a full menu of detailing services.

Their detailing lab is now prepared to offer the most recent paint protection technologies for cars, including film wraps, nano-ceramic coatings, and vehicle restoration services. It’s Washlah here. They strive for perfection in our sector with no qualms about their principles and ideals.

Customer Reviews

I used their XP Mobile Car Detailing service and they have met my expectations with competitive pricing. Their WhatsApp communication platform is responsive and you’ll be able to choose your service from a menu, schedule the appointment and you can pay digitally (e.g. Paynow) after the service has been rendered to you. – Benjamin Tan


Bloop Wash Singapore

The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore
Bloop Wash Singapore – Mobile Car Wash Service Singapore
ServicesMobile Car Wash
Operating HoursTuesday – Sunday: 9 AM–6 PM
Contact Details+65 9139 8286
Address7 Jln Lembah Kallang, Singapore 339563

The founders of Bloop Wash are entrepreneurs in the automotive sector who saw a need for a high-end vehicle wash service in Singapore and decided to fill that gap.

Bloop Wash, a professional and high-end mobile car wash company, was founded in December 2019 to provide this convenience for customers who want the finest possible care for their automobiles. The high-pressure steam technique used by Bloop Wash, which takes great pleasure in its exceptional customer service, is widely praised by detailers abroad.

Customer Reviews

Great experience with their service! My car did not maintain for a very long time and recently spilled soup on our car seat. They managed to get it cleaned and looked like a new car. Highly recommended to get your car washed by the team. – Peter Lim



ServicesMobile Car Wash
Operating HoursDaily: 11 AM–10 PM
Contact Details+65 8778 5109
Address537a Bukit Panjang RING ROAD, Singapore, Singapore

In the Bukit Panjang area, it all began over kopi. The year is 2020, and there is a worldwide epidemic. Businesses suffered, and there were job losses. a change to the new normal. They all require a means of support for life, and this is one constant. Experiences with vehicle washes were discussed when the subject was brought up. Long lines at vehicle wash locations, re-used cleaning materials, pricey auto detailing facilities, and always telling oneself, “I’ll wash the car tomorrow.”

They began by assessing the typical issues encountered and settled on two key focuses service delivery and environmental responsibility. Their vehicle washing is time-saving, economical, and easy, but we also want to raise the bar on quality, protect the environment, and save water.

They have offered our water-free vehicle wash services in both private and HDB residential parking lots since the company’s inception. They take pleasure in providing you with the best service possible thanks to their team of committed groomers. They will stand out in what they can achieve for you because of their ongoing desire to improve.

Customer Reviews

Arranged and done within the same day. The friendly and accommodating operator which fits my time. Detailed and arrived on time. Took photos before and after the service. Ideal if you are busy and needed someone to clean the car without being present. Professionally and responsibly done. – GB Tan

In summary, the Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore presents a pragmatic and efficient solution for vehicle owners to maintain the cleanliness and appeal of their cars. Beyond being a time-saving option, it aligns with water conservation initiatives through its on-the-go methodology. Embraced as a favored choice in this bustling city-state, this service seamlessly merges technology and practicality to meet the needs of modern vehicle owners, ensuring a driving experience that is not only spotless but also refined.

Do check out our list of Car Detailing and Washing Centers and have time to check their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the description of mobile car wash?

Despite your hectic schedule, they make it possible for you to effortlessly get any of your vehicles detailed. You won’t ever need to visit their facility or wait around while your car is being detailed; they will come to your home or even the parking lot of your place of employment to handle your mobile car detailing.

What are the benefits of car cleaning service?

Services for car detailing contribute to the longevity of your vehicle. Maintaining the car’s brilliance and extending its lifespan involves thoroughly cleaning the upholstery, seats, and carpet in the inside. Typically, wear and tear on interior surfaces is caused by dust.

What are the 4 P’s of car wash?

Product, Price, Place, and Promotion are the four Ps that traditionally make up a marketing strategy. The following should be included in your marketing strategy for a car wash business plan: Product: In the product section, you should restate the kind of car wash that you described in your company analysis.

What is a Mobile Car Wash Service, and how does it differ from traditional car washes?

A Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore is a convenient solution where professional auto detailers come to your location, eliminating the need to visit a traditional car wash. This on-the-go service provides flexibility and time-saving benefits.

How do I schedule a Mobile Car Wash appointment in Singapore?

Scheduling a Mobile Car Wash appointment is typically easy and can be done through the service provider’s website or mobile app. Simply choose a convenient time and location, and the auto detailers will come to you.

What services are offered by Mobile Car Wash providers in Singapore?

Mobile Car Wash Services in Singapore typically offer a range of services, including exterior washing, interior cleaning, waxing, and detailing. Some providers may also offer additional services like stain removal and leather conditioning.

Is water conservation a focus of Mobile Car Wash Services in Singapore?

Yes, many Mobile Car Wash Services in Singapore prioritize water conservation by utilizing eco-friendly methods and water-efficient techniques during the cleaning process.

Can I request specific detailing services for my car with a Mobile Car Wash in Singapore?

Absolutely! Mobile Car Wash Services often provide customizable packages, allowing you to request specific detailing services based on your car’s needs. This can include services like clay bar treatment, polish, and paint protection.

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The Finest Mobile Car Wash Service in Singapore

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