The Finest Laser Cutting Services in Singapore

The Finest Laser Cutting Services in Singapore

Looking for the best laser cutting services in Singapore? Check out our top selected companies.

The process of slicing materials using a laser is known as laser cutting. It is most often used in industrial manufacturing, but it is slowly being adopted by schools, corporations, and hobbyists. Laser cutting technology offers numerous advantages, including speed, precision, automation, quality, versatility, and contactless cutting.


LionsForge Pte Ltd

Price Range
Contact Details+65 9879 9992
Address21, #04-70 Bukit Batok Cres, WCEGA Tower, Singapore 658065

Customers have always received the highest quality equipment from LionsForge. They strive to provide you with innovative and cutting-edge machinery so that you can achieve your vision. They also make the CraftLaser, which is Singapore’s only laser cutting producer.



ServicesCustomization services
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9731 7519
Address1091 Lower Delta Road #03-06 Singapore 169202

Repla is a company that specializes in the professional and amateur design and manufacture. They’re experts when it comes to creating prototypes and models. They offer engraving, custom projects, and laser cutting, among other services. What makes their laser cutting machine so excellent is that it has precision-enhanced controllers. It allows the device to manufacturing extremely detailed objects.

ServicesLaser cutting services with customization
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6752 0800
AddressBlk 1 Yishun St. 23, #02-42/43, Singapore 768441

Masutai Engineering can handle a wide range of components, from small to large and heavy. They have the knowledge and resources to meet any volume of demand. They offer the best laser cutting in Singapore, working with a variety of materials such as acrylic, gravoply, laserable plastic, matboard, and wood. Please contact them if you require specialist guidance on materials other than those listed above.



ServicesLaser Cutting
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9028 8143
Address3 Soon Lee St, #06-23, Singapore 627606

When it comes to laser cutting, engraving, and design, Twogeek is a well-known name in Singapore. It is Singapore’s first independent engraving company to provide 3-axis laser engraving services.

It has been in business for about a decade and has already established a loyal and satisfied consumer base. This company’s exceptional quality makes it a trusted and well-known name in the laser cutting and engraving industry.


Jovan Tech

ServicesLaser Engraving, Laser Cutting, Laser Marking, UV Printing, and CNC Router
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6565 8200
AddressIndustrial Park A., Block 2023, Bukit Batok St. 23, #02-74, Singapore 659528

In Singapore and internationally, Jovan Tech is a major provider of Automation Design, Precision Machining, and Contract Manufacturing. It began in 1996 as a tooling shop that provided precision machining services to a variety of customers. With the support of dedicated employees and strong business processes, the company has expanded its business modules to encompass Automation Design Development and Contract Manufacturing.

Finest Laser Cutting Services in Singapore

FMB Trading And Engineering

ServicesLaser cutting for steel and aluminum
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6365 4609
Address15 Kranji Link Singapore 728674

Before moving on to metal bending, rolling, or fabricating, they’ll start by cutting out the exact measurements you need for your project. Their in-house manufactured fiber laser machine can cut a wide range of thicknesses and is flexible, rapid, and accurate. You may feel assured that the procedure will be cost-effective because their crew has received comprehensive training on the most efficient use of raw materials in manufacturing.


Finmark Laser

ServicesVaried types of laser cutting machines
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6743 6707
+65 9833 3054
Address180 Paya Lebar Road, #06-02 Yi Guang Factory Building, Singapore 409032

Finland Laser is a well-known laser cutting service supplier with high-quality products and reliable services. They offer a selection of lasers to ensure that they can meet the demands and standards of your design.

They offer a variety of services, from rentals to sales, and their equipment is appropriate for any industry. As a result, when working on large projects, they are a good collaborator. They also offer low-cost, multifunctional laser cutting equipment that can totally vaporize the material if you need a machine to cut materials on a regular basis and have experience.



ServicesLaser cutting services for all kinds of applications
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6292 0048
Address61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 #02-14 Shun Li Ind Pk Singapore 417943

Plixo offers a variety of printing and fabrication services, including some of the best laser cutting in Singapore! Their professionals have years of industrial and technical experience, as well as advanced decorating, creative, signs, and industrial design equipment.


SSH Automation

ServicesLaser Cutting
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6483 2904
AddressAMK Tech II, Blk 5 Ang Mo Kio Ind. Park 2A, #06 19/20/21, Singapore 567760

SSH Automation, a Singapore-based industrial equipment provider, was formed in 1991. Its primary business is part supply and sheet metal manufacturing projects. The company has spent more than two decades inventing and producing vibratory component feeders for a wide range of industries.


GPG Printing

ServicesBranding, art, and architectural work productions
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6304 8080
Address18 Boon Lay Way #03-101 Tradehub 21. Singapore 609966

GPG Printing is a top-rated digital printing company that also offers high-quality laser cutting services for branding, decorating, advertising, and a variety of other uses! They have the ability to create practically anything in any shape or form. They work with a wide range of materials, including acrylic plastic, leather, wood, foam, and more. For product and branding ideas, they can cut and engrave sheets of various sizes!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is meant by laser cutting?

Laser cutting is primarily a thermal technique in which a concentrated laser beam melts material in a small area. To eject the molten material and form a kerf, a co-axial gas jet is used. The laser beam or workpiece is moved under CNC control to achieve a continuous cut.

What is laser cutting and how it works?

A type of thermal separation procedure is laser cutting. The laser beam reaches the material’s surface and heats it up to the point where it melts or totally vaporizes. The actual cutting process begins once the laser beam has completely entered the material at one location.

What is laser cutting good for?

Laser cutting technology has a number of advantages over traditional mechanical cutting procedures, including reduced contamination of the workpiece. We can also cut small diameter holes with complicated detail and good edge quality in sheet, plate, tube, or box sections using laser cutting.

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