The Finest Crystal Shop in Singapore

The Finest Crystal Shop in Singapore

Crystals were one of the earliest instruments used to help people understand spirituality. Aside from the fact that they’re beautiful, the process of their development is a marvel of nature. These diamonds undergo a series of changes over millions of years, resulting in multicolored rocks that carry the energy of the Universe. How could you not want some of those positive vibrations in your house or as part of your jewelry collection?

If you’re new to crystal collecting, it might be tough to tell the real ones from the fakes. We must acknowledge that it is a difficult task. That’s why we’re picky about the companies we enlisted with. Furthermore, having to pay a lot of money for tinted glass is upsetting.

Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Shopping:

Any crystal healer will tell you that the infatuation with these rocks is nothing new. For any beginner, this might be part of the difficulty. On the internet, there is a lot of contradictory information. That’s why we are here to guide you in making that first buy.

Buying crystals online

Instagram is flooded in online vendors hawking foreign crystals, which is both a boon and a burden. There is no replacement for seeing the crystals for yourself, as much as we hate to tell it. Those who do not have access to brick-and-mortar stores, however, must exercise extreme caution. There are fakes and mistaken rocks out there, to be sure!

Finding the right crystal for you

When they discover the correct crystal, some people experience a bodily feeling, generally warmth or a mild vibration. Those of us who don’t have one should wait for one to reach out to us. If none of it makes sense, try narrowing it down to intent or aesthetic. Google lens is also a powerful tool to use.

What is more important to you, color or capabilities?

When it comes to crystals, one of the most perplexing subjects is color. The “capabilities” of some crystals vary depending on their hue. Technically, this is due to the way they’re made and the chemical ingredients that go into the mix. When exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis, some will fade.

How to cleanse your cystal

You must purify the crystal as soon as you locate the appropriate match. Physical cleanliness is important and should not be overlooked. However, metaphysical cleansing is a another story. A “dirty” gemstone can drag down those who are sensitive.

Regularly placing your crystals over Carnelian or in a pan with rock salt is an easy method to wash them. It’s fine to leave it overnight; just make sure everything is dry because salt water might damage your crystals. Make careful to throw out the “dirty” salt and keep it away from plants. Never skip cleansing since they may pick up impressions from others as they move through the day with you.

What if I don’t clean my crystals “enough”?

For those of us who constantly disinfect our phones, there’s always going to be this nagging sensation of “Have I cleansed my crystals thoroughly enough?” And while there is no direct answer, the best way to safeguard against negative energy is by being responsible in cleansing them.

What are good crystals for beginners?

  • All other stones may be represented by clear quartz, which is a natural amplifier.
  • Citrine is a stone that provides limitless happiness to the mind, body, and soul! They help in detoxification when used with clear quartz.
  • Amethyst provides intuitive channels to the self naturally, allowing us to accept more benefits in life with humility.
  • Rose quartz bestows forgiveness as a gift. As a result, we are able to love once more.
  • Fluorite brings a sense of lightness and fluidity to relationships. It’s also a popular choice for mental acuity!
  • Carnelian purifies other stones and emits a sensuous creative vibe.
  • Black Tourmaline serves as a constant reminder to feel safe and secure.

How to power up my crystal?

All of the famous toners and spritzes you’ve seen on your favorite beauty sites are elixirs that you can make at home. The crystal’s power is amplified by water, but be careful. Some of these are poisonous if consumed! Make sure to do your homework ahead of time. If the crystal is non-toxic and non-water soluble, you can soak it in water overnight and utilize the charged water as you like. If it isn’t, place the crystal in a separate container next to the water you’ll be using to make your elixir.

Buying from reliable crystal shop is one method to prevent being scammed. The following is a list of places in Singapore where you may buy high-quality crystals.


Crystal For Sale

ServicesAmethyst Cave, Amethyst Geode Money Bag, Agate Treasure Basin, Crystal Kistler, Crystal Ball, Crystal Bracelet
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9882 2208
AddressBlk 116 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh #01-156 Singapore 310116

Crystal for Sale was created with a creative attitude and a high goal in mind: to offer the holistic advantages and therapeutic characteristics of gemstones via the creation and design of gemstone jewelry that is suitable for both leisure and luxury. They think that when you open your jewelry box, you should find something that expresses who you are, how you feel, and what you value most.

They have had the honor of assisting many lovely folks from all around Singapore and the world throughout the years. Their clientele are energetic and spiritual people who want to live a balanced life and continue to grow. They are happy to state that their clients frequently become friends as a result of their personal approach and real connections.


  • Free Shipping and Return
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Online Support 24/7
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted
Customer Reviews

New Age FSG

ServicesCrystal Library, Birthstones, Cleansing
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6238 8978
Address60 Orchard Road Atrium@Orchard, #B2-04, Singapore 238889

NewAge FSG is a crystal and mineral SME that has won numerous awards. The organization has been providing holistic guidance to loyal consumers since 2006, integrating old traditions with modern technologies to provide balance to the body, mind, and spirit. The company is also known for its birth chart knowledge and on-site readings. Founder Christina Jee has thoroughly trained its advisors, who are effectively bilingual, to provide sensible advise on how the year’s planetary placements affect customers’ birth charts.

Christina, who is trained in Feng Shui, specialized meditation, reiki healing, and crystal treatment, explained that the founding of NewAge FSG was motivated by people’s natural desire to feel good, be balanced, and live a life that is joyful and meaningful.

Crystals are Mother Nature’s precious gifts to mankind. They have been used since ancient times for healing, health, and protection.


  • Variety of Crystals
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Free Shipping
Customer Reviews

Bought a selenite tower online, Tower is nice and of good quality. Had some troubles initially with the purchase, but great shout out to Darren for the swift follow up and delivery! Thank you so much! 🙂 – Joanne Jo

First time buying from Newage fsg and the people there were so friendly! Will definitely buy again. Thanks for the great service😊 – Badrun Zulkafri

Loved my purchase! Bought a fluorite keychain online and it was cute with the charms! Prompt and smooth delivery too! – E Heng


Love for Crystals by Audrey’s Wellness

ServicesPSYCHIC Reading Session, Andara Matrix Energy HEALING, Home & Office Space Clearing, Akashic Reading, Past Life Reading, Inner Harmony Sound Healing, TAROT Card Reading, Spiritual Energy Healing, Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8498 7653
Address228A Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574360

Audrey Agcaoili founded Love For Crystals Online & Retail Shop, which she co-owns with Joni Yang. Audrey has 18 years of experience as a Psychic, Angel Intuitive, and Energy Work Practitioner. Audrey and Joni are Crystal Advocators, Wellness Advocates, Animal Advocates, and Nature Lovers!

Both believe in the healing and balancing powers of crystals and gemstones in all aspects of their lives and body systems, including our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Love For Crystals sources its crystals and gemstones from renowned miners and suppliers in Brazil, Tucson, South Africa, Texas, Pakistan, India, New York, Arizona, and the United Kingdom. Before being displayed on the shelves, the crystals and gemstones at Love For Crystals are carefully picked, cleansed on a physical and energetic level using incense and Crystal bowl sound cleaning, and charged by quartz clusters.


  • Wide Variety of Crystals and Gemstones
  • Free Shipping
Customer Reviews

I was welcomed by the polite staff. They checked on me from time to time to ensure that I wouldn’t have any difficulty finding the crystals and pendulums I wanted to buy. Truly and amazing experience. – Angelia Anime Edits

I always come here to get the crystals I want. There’s a very wide selection of crystals here and the staff are very helpful. The atmosphere of this place is something that I very much like! – Damith Peiris

helped me cleanse the crystals i bought and the place was vry comfy bc i rarely ask qns when im buying smth but the atmosphere was so comforting i forgot anxiety exists LMAO 10/10 exp, wld def go again for more crystals lol – del


Qi New Age Healing

ServicesHealings, Readings, Crystal Care
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9711 6843
Address42 Kandahar St, Singapore 198896

Qi’ New Age & Healing – They created this online website for those who, like us, are interested in spirituality and are looking for NEW AGE items. They attempt to provide a diverse range of products and services, such as crystals, books, pendulums, Oracle cards, wands, crystal jewelry, and more. They also desire to collaborate with other Spiritual Individuals who want to show off their artistic abilities. If you wish to promote your wands, books, crystal jewelry designs, arts/paintings, and so on… They wish to assist you in developing your amazing natural abilities here. As much as you love yourself, you should also love others.


  • Wide Varieties of Crystals
  • Free Shipping
  • Online Payment and Credit Cards Accepted
Customer Reviews

First time visit today, the lady who worked there was very helpful and kind. I will definitely be returning. – Kelly H

Excellent spot to buy crystals, incense, new-age books, tarot cards, figures, etc. Friendly and knowledgeable service. – Cynthia Ronchetti

The lady in the shop is most kindest and beautiful person I met in Singapore. She is very kind and helpful. – Teena Gupta perera


TAMZA House of Crystals & Lifestyle

ServicesCrystals and Minerals, Lifestyle
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6337 1446
Address#01-61,64,65 Sunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189652

AMZA House of Crystals and Lifestyle primarily deals with ornamental crystal and rough minerals; their current collections are mainly from South America, with other unique selections such as Canadian Auralite Amethyst.

Crystals and minerals have long been prized for their aesthetic appeal, historical relevance, and archetypal significance derived from metaphysical interpretations. In recent years, there has been an increase in interest among individuals of many ethnicities and walks of life, particularly among the younger generations. They are committed to giving the best and most genuine products to their clients and customers. They are able to offer their items at affordable and competitive pricing since they deal with wholesale exports and direct imports.


  • Variety of Crystals
  • Low and Competitive Price
  • Authentic Products
Customer Reviews

A safe abode where you can just walk in and leave feeling re-energized. – Patricia Yeo

I was recommended to look for Kheyton to purchase my first crystal and he was excellent in recommending crystals pertaining to needs and not pushing sales. – Jac

5-star location to learn more about crystals and also potentially find some quality pieces to accompany you on your journey. – Max Teong

Finest Crystal Shop in Singapore

Moon Crystal Tarot

ServicesChanneling, Tarot Reading, Positivity Spray
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8892 0411
Address76 Telok Blangah Dr, Singapore 100076

Moon Crystal Tarot is administered by Reiann Riviera, who is currently based in Singapore’s Little Red Dot. Her business began to take off in November 2019 with the help of her partner Aaron, her friend Kellie, and devoted customers.

Their goal is to teach innovative therapeutic methods that will bring you closer to nature because their works primarily with their hands. They also donate to and participates in green movements in the environment and wildlife conservation.

Witchcraft, Tarot, Chakra, Egyptian Gods Bastet Isis Osiris, Moon Phases, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Insect Totems, Crystals, and Herbs are all part of her healing practice. Some people refer to her as a Green Witch, while others refer to her as a friend. They’re also a proud Plant Mom to her herbs and a proud Fish Mom to Venus, the goldfish.


  • Shipping Worldwide
  • Variety of Crystals
  • Tarot Reading
Customer Reviews

Have always enjoyed Reiann’s live sales. They are always chill and she often shares a lot of interesting information about crystals. Expect a fun yet relaxing pace during her live. – Charlotte Toh

Beautiful session, Reiann energy is great and very affirmative. A safe cosy space to have a detailed tarot reading. Thanks for the guidance along and provide a deeper reading !! 💕 Very interesting experience. – Atman Lim

Had a good and comfortable session with Reiann. Tarot cards resonated with my questions and provided honest advice too! Will definitely come back again for future tarot readings! – lim micheal


Crystal Moments Pte Ltd

Services2D/3D Laser Engraving, Customizing Gift, UV Direct Printing, 3D Modelling
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6970 7977
Address120 Lower Delta Road #01-14 Cendex Centre, Singapore 169208

Crystal Moments Pte Ltd was founded in 2006 with pride. In June 2007, they began creating personalized 2D/3D crystal portraits for tourists in Sentosa, Singapore. They have developed to become a top retailer and service provider of personalized and custom crystal items in Singapore over the last 12 years.

Personalized 2D/3D crystal portraits, bespoke corporate crystal plaques, awards, trophies, sculptures, reproductions, decorations, and jewelry are just a few of their many products. Their glistening crystal sculptures can be customized to your liking.

For both individual customers and corporate companies, they are committed to providing the best one-stop customizing services. Their customer-centric attitude and cutting-edge technology, they feel, are the secrets to their success. Their in-house designers and production team are extremely trained and dedicated to ensuring that Crystal Moments are tailored to each customer’s specific demands and wants. Their cutting-edge 3D imaging, 3D modeling, laser engraving, and UV printing technology ensures that everything they manufacture is of the highest quality.


  • Variety of Crystals
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Customization
Customer Reviews

Very detailed workmanship and excellent service by Kim. Thank you for the wonderful shopping experience. It was a breeze from start to finish. Kudos! Will definitely purchase again. – Nisa Pastrana

I highly recommend Crystal Moments. The quality of service was really good and the staff specially Kim Tan was very polite she Assist as very well.. Keep it up.. – carla may seco

Good quality design and art work with precise 3D effect which seems magical. Thanks for the efficient comms and good gift packaging and delivery. – Daniel Jesudason



ServicesCrystal Display Decor, Aroma Gems, Cleansing Kit
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9366 8836
Address231 Bain St, #01-73, Complex 180231

GEMSTORY WORLD PTE LTD began as a solo proprietorship in 2013 and transitioned to a Private Limited Company in 2018 with the goal of spreading positivism through crystals. They provide advisory services and workshops to educate and erase the traditional impression of the industry to satisfy the demands of the younger generations, in addition to evangelizing on crystals by sharing the story behind each and every piece of unique crystals with their prospective owners.

GEMSTORY in 2013 as a result of his intense interest in crystals. They began with the goal of spreading optimism to the masses through the use of crystals. They believe that each gem has its own vibrating energy that resonates with each person and will aid them in their daily life.


  • Free Shipping
  • Secure Payment
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted
Customer Reviews

The boss is very professional and approachable. He knows his products well. He also provide value added service. Staff also very approachable and friendly. Recommended. – Audree Choo

Great experience! Love the atmosphere and comfortable ambience. – Pauline Ang

A great place to shop for crystals! The price of the crystals are okay, but the people there are friendly and helpful 😀 – bela


Able N Trust

ServicesCrystal Mandala Meditation, Personalized Crystal Mandala, Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Ball Reading, Crystal Healing Course
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8726 0038
Address261 Waterloo St, #01-26 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261

Medha Tan launched Able N Trust (S) in 1993. They are one of Singapore’s first New Age Healing schools to provide holistic healing. Medha has over 25 years of experience in the field of New Age Healing. Crystal and Reiki therapy, teaching, divination, and other healing methods are all part of her professional background. The Crystal Mandala, which is created in 1995, is one of her most recognizable pieces.

Over the previous two decades, their brand has been featured on a variety of TV shows, radio shows, and magazine interviews, including Alternate State, Infusion, Capital 95.8FM, The Living Room, I-S Magazine, Her World, Elle, Urbanite+e, Female, Vaidurya, and Prestige.

They think that everyone has the potential to be the master of their own fate. They’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in harnessing natural forces to achieve their objectives throughout the years. They credit their success to the long-term consumer relationships they’ve built over the years. They take pride in the uniqueness and authenticity of their work, and they are dedicated to giving the best possible service to their consumers.


  • Variety of Crystals
  • Promotional Program
  • Authentic Products
Customer Reviews

To be honest i wasnt quite a believer of energy and crystal to enhance luck and success at first. But after trying magick candles for a month,i saw the results and the work of it. Thank u so much for your patience and advice for explaining to a beginner like me. – Ivan Tan

The owner has helped me with suitable Crystals and customised Mandala and also guided with meditations that have changed my life positively. I highly recommend their products and services. – Arunima Sharma

A great experience . The crystals are beautiful and the shop keeper is very friendly. She had help me personalised a crystal mandala, and it had been bring me good fortune since! – samuel tow


Ren Ting Trading

ServicesIncense, Lamps, Meditation, Ritual, Feng Shui
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6334 7273
Address149 Rochor Rd, #03-07/08/09 Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425

Ren Ting, founded in 1990, aims to provide a one-stop, one-of-a-kind shopping experience for those seeking high-quality Buddhist artifacts, Tibetan ritual items, a wide range of incense, offerings, meditation supplies, Hai Qing Robe, Man Yi, Feng Shui symbols, and other related products sourced from around the world.

Ren Ting Online, which features our best-selling items, was launched in June 2016 to give their customers with a hassle-free and more convenient buying experience. Their customers may now shop from the comfort of their own homes, with their purchases delivered right to their front door.

They are a GST-registered company and all prices listed on Ren Ting Online are inclusive of GST.


  • Variety of Crystals
  • Promotional Program
  • Good Quality
  • Convinient Shopping Experience
Customer Reviews

The shop atmosphere very cosy and clean! Bosses & team was very friendly! – MCW

Good customer experience, seller give a good demo and explain how to use the foldable worship pad (折叠式拜垫). Bought 2 of them, nicely packed for me easy to carry home. – alex hew

I have chanced upon this shop when I was randomly searching online for Tibetan joss sticks. I must say that I’m very impressed and happy that the products and services I received are of top-notch! – Ken Chan

You now know where to find the best crystal shop in Singapore. By browsing all items and prices on one page, you may save time comparing them. Do you have any experience shopping with them? If so, please leave a comment below and share your experience with us.

We have curated a list of the best jewelry shops in case you needed a refill in your jewelry box, whether it was for a celebratory gift or something you can treasure and pass on to your family.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a crystal?

A crystal, also known as a crystalline solid, is a solid whose constituents are organized in a highly ordered microscopic structure that forms a crystal lattice that extends in all directions.

What is a crystal in chemistry example?

Diamond (crystal carbon), salt (sodium chloride crystals), quartz (silicon dioxide crystals), and snowflakes are examples of crystals (water ice crystals). Many gems, such as emerald, citrine, ruby, and sapphire, are crystals. Other materials resemble crystals but aren’t fully made up of organized lattices.

What are the 4 types of crystals?

The sorts of particles in crystalline substances, as well as the types of chemical bonding that occurs between them, may be used to characterize them. Crystals are divided into four categories: Ionic, metallic, covalent network, and molecular networks are the four types of crystals.


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